Changing it Up: An Invitation to Explore Change

first_imgBy: Caitlyn BrownPixabay[Change Arrows by geralt May 1, 2006, CC0]Change is one of the hardest things we experience in life. We are constantly riddled with situations that require a response from us. From an early age, we learn to adapt, to grow and hopefully, to thrive. These situations can be as small as adjusting to a change in schedule, to as large as going through a huge loss or life adjustment. However, these changes are significant regardless of the relative size.Adaptation and flexibility are cornerstones for growth and progress. Our personal ability to adapt to difficult or new situations allows us to learn and further develop. Situations that are uncomfortable provide us an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. When faced with difficult situations, we have the chance to make decisions that will push us towards the person we are meant to be. Oftentimes, there is a heavy overlap between our adaptive abilities and our resiliency.Growth is unavoidable physically and in most situations, developmentally. Understandably, we often view progress and growth as parallel processes, two things that exist simultaneously. Growth and Progress are not necessarily linear, nor are they concepts that can always be tracked. Our personal growth and progress may occur in response to difficulties and challenges, however, sometimes the changes within one’s self may not always be noticeable until we are faced with an even harder situation that we manage to handle in stride.Thriving in difficulty requires adaptation and personal growth. Every difficult situation requires a response- we can adapt to the situation, grow in our ability to cope and learn, resulting in our ability to thrive and handle it successfully. Rigidity can cost us growth and an inability to grow prevents us from thriving and experiencing the most out of life.Join the Military Families Learning Network as we further explore how to THRIVE, GROW, and ADAPT to change at our Virtual Conference Learning through Change.  Check out our speakers, topics, and schedules and get registered here:  /2017virtualconference/.This post was written by  Caitlyn Brown of the  MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development team on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

Education Ministry Launches New eLibrary Project

first_img“This is another way of extending the libraries beyond brick and mortar structures and literally bringing the library from the schools. We are becoming more and more a digital society, using mobile phones, tablets and other devices to obtain information,” he added.The Minister said that the digital libraries will improve efficiencies, reduce costs and complement the Government’s Tablets in Schools Programme.“eLibrary is the way to go, and we are using technology to reduce the cost for the delivery of services. The world is changing rapidly and we have to adapt to it,” he said.The Minister also thanked representative from La Sierra University, Patrina Jamieson, a Jamaican, who worked on taking the project from the university to Jamaica.For her part, Ms. Jamieson said she decided to advocate for the eLibrary project to be taken to Jamaica, so that her team could make a positive contribution to the development of Jamaica’s youth.“eLibrary is a global initiative to address Sustainable Goal #4 for quality education. The eLibrary uses, basically, micro compression technology to bring thousands of curated curriculum-based content to communities around the world,” she said.Ms. Jamieson also noted that the eLibrary is being provided to the schools and students at no charge, and aims to reach youth who have problems with numeracy and literacy skills.She is a former student of Tarrant High School in Kingston, which was recently part of a pilot stage of the project.During his testimonial, Principal of Tarrant High School, Major Paul Hall, said the administrators have seen an improvement in students’ performance in the subject of Mathematics after using the software.“The students are also more familiar with the sciences, and I can’t get them to leave the devices alone. Every day they want to explore the sciences. Our students now can learn research skills, which are very important, and what I love about this awesome device, is that without Internet, anywhere you are, you are able to access it through your phone,” he said. Story Highlights The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, in partnership with La Sierra University in California, has launched a new eLibrary project, aimed at transforming the way school libraries are structured, with digital platforms that users can access from their personal devices, both on and off campuses.The ceremony was held on Tuesday (January 15), at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston.At the launch, the software was shared with administrators for the various regions of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, who will be sharing it with schools in upcoming weeks.The project will enable students to access thousands of current textbooks and more than 100 instructional videos, by plugging in a free preloaded flash drive into their computers and uploading the software.Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, who spoke at the launch, said this new project complements the implementation of the National Standards Curriculum and provides access to learning resources that satisfy standards of quality.“Traditionally, libraries offer support at every stage of a person’s life, where we go to study, write and research. Today, with the rapidly expanding range of digital activities, there are greater options for libraries to engage new and existing users. The electronic library system enables teachers and students in schools to gain access to multimedia resources in library services directly from their schools at any time,” Senator Reid explained.Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, speaks at the launch of the eLibrary Project, on Tuesday (January 15) at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, in partnership with La Sierra University in California, has launched a new eLibrary project, aimed at transforming the way school libraries are structured, with digital platforms that users can access from their personal devices, both on and off campuses.center_img At the launch, the software was shared with administrators for the various regions of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, who will be sharing it with schools in upcoming weeks. The ceremony was held on Tuesday (January 15), at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston.last_img read more

May Day for Workers focuses on Job Safety Health

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Apr 2015 – Coming onto May Day, May 1st and the Department of Employment says the Turks and Caicos will join the rest of the world and observe World Day for Safety and Health at work. The Department said it is all to bolster the priority which is establishing a culture of prevention. Minster Employment Hon. Donhue Gardiner explained a need to “increase awareness of on the job hazard and risks, and understanding of their prevention and control.” The goal is to equate decent work with safe work and all ILO constituents, said Minister Gardiner, “must create the partnerships that are needed…” There will be a week of activities. Nearly 1000 Participate in Immigration Bill Consultations Recommended for you PDM Chairman says North & Middle Caicos MP ignorant of law, fails to remove voters Related Items:donhue gardiner, for safety and health, may day, world day Baptist Union President Makes Recommendation on Status and Immigration Billslast_img read more

RBDF Woman Entry 2 Welcomed at Government House in Commemoration of 30th

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, September 19, 2017 – Nassau – Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, seated centre, welcomed Royal Bahamas Defence Force Woman Entry 2 at Government House in a courtesy call in commemoration of their 30th Anniversary on Monday morning, September 18, 2017.(BIS Photo/Derek Smith) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img

Leno hopes Arsenal can win more away matches

first_imgThe Gunners goalkeeper knows that the only way their team will do great things is if they can also win while visiting others.In the 2018-2019 English Premier League season so far, Arsenal has only won four of 12 away matches.This is a big contrast on what has happened at Emirates Stadium, where the Gunners have gotten a victory in 10 of 13 games.And for goalkeeper Bernd Leno, the only way Arsenal can aim high, is if it starts winning away matches.“I think the game started very badly, with a goal. And it ended with a goal for Man City and I think in the first half we played very good and we conceded two easy goals,” he told the club’s official website.“In the second half, we didn’t have the power to play against them because they had the ball all the time and we were running.”“We fought until the end but today, Manchester City did a very good job,” he added.“Yes, of course. It was very hard. But the reaction of the team was brilliant.”“We scored the goal from a corner and I think it was the worst time to concede the second goal, just before half-time,” he commented.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“Yes, of course. We need wins like today, to go back to the top four but I think we are still in a good position to go to the top four.”“We still have big games and I think we need more away wins because at home we play very good,” he explained.“We win many games at home, but I think to go into the top four again we need more away wins.”German keeper Leno is in his first season with the Gunners after being transferred to the English Premier League from the German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen.He was an important piece of the U17, U18, U19, and U21 Nationalmannschaft but has had a difficult time to play first-team football in the senior squad.Here come the teams! 🙌🔵 🆚 🔴#MCIARS— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) February 3, 2019last_img read more

Netflix highquality audio makes TV shows and films sounds better

first_img Comments High-quality audio not only delivers a higher bit rate but can adapt to the speed of your internet connection by increasing or decreasing that bit rate. Netflix video already does something similar. If you’ve ever been on a slower connection, you have probably seen video playback at a lower quality until there’s enough of a buffer for it to switch to a higher quality version. High-quality audio will do the same and move up and down in quality seamlessly as you watch a show.Currently high-quality audio is rolling out to TVs and connected boxes with support for 5.1 or Dolby Atmos. Devices with 5.1 will receive a bit rate of 192 to 640 kilobits per second. If you’re a Premium Netflix subscriber and have an Atmos device, playback will be between 448 and 768 kbps. Tags Netflix teases Stranger Things season 3 in new trailer Netflix I had a chance to experience the new high-quality audio listening to a sequence from Stranger Things. There were three versions: the original master, a low bit rate one (192 kbps) and a higher bit rate one (640 kbps). The low bit rate version sounded fine, but when compared to the original master it lacked subtle audio details and clarity. The high bit rate version, to my ears, was identical to the original master achieving a phenomena called “perceptually transparent” — don’t worry, I didn’t know what that meant at first either.Perceptually transparent — which, by the way, would be a great name for an improv group — means there are no perceived differences between a studio master and audio that has been compressed. For Netflix streaming that perceptually transparent sweet spot was 640 kbps.Netflix said that these bit rates might “evolve” over time as the company gets more efficient with its encoding. The best and wackiest high-end wireless speakers 22 Photoscenter_img If you plan to watch a show or film on Netflix Wednesday night, you might notice it sounds better. The streaming company has released a new feature called high-quality audio that makes sure what you hear is closer to what the artists behind your favorite show intended. Netflix’s improved audio came about because of the show Stranger Things’ second season.The first episode of Stranger Things season 2 starts off with a car chase. But when the Duffer brothers, the show’s creators, first heard it played back in a living room, they noticed that the sound wasn’t as crisp as the original master from the studio.”It didn’t sound quite as defined. A little bit mushy, you might say. Or like maybe there’s a napkin over it,” said Scott Kramer, manager of sound technology for Netflix. “Very subtle, but noticeable.”To address the issue, the show was streamed at a higher bit rate that sounded closer to the original studio master. This laid the groundwork for Netflix to create its new high-quality audio feature. TV and Movies Audio Now playing: Watch this: 2:50 Share your voice 24last_img read more

How Texas Could Monitor Students Social Media Posts More Closely

first_img Share Listen AP Photo/Eric GaySanta Fe students takes part in a roundtable discussion in Austin, Texas, Thursday, May 24, 2018, hosted by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott to address safety and security at Texas schools in the wake of the shooting at Santa Fe, Texas.Law enforcement plans to watch students’ social media more closely after the Santa Fe High School shooting, since Governor Greg Abbott wants to use technology to find threats online as part of his school safety plan. X 00:00 /00:52center_img In his plan released last week, Abbott wants people to use a new state developed app, called iWatch. It will be launched this month by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It lets people report suspicious behavior and then alerts law enforcement.However, some schools already monitor what students say on social media. The Spring Independent School District uses a program called Social Sentinel and Katy ISD recently decided to it as well.The technology scans for threatening words online and sends alerts to district officials. Spring’s spokeswoman Karen Garrison said in an email that the district also plans to use funds from its recent $330 million bond package to upgrade its surveillance camera system.But David McGeary with the Harris County Department of Education told News 88.7 an old fashioned approach could be more effective in “curbing behaviors that can lead to violent outbursts or that can lead to critical events.”And those, he said, are still largely face-to-face rather than social, so building positive relationships inside of the school could mitigate risk more than anonymous reporting apps or social media scanning.“To look at it as sort of  a panacea to school violence, or bullying or students at risk of suicide is kind of short-sighted. I think you do have to sort of take this multi-paneled approach to mitigating risk, but that starts with relationships in the schools and you build technology to layer on top of everything else,” McGeary said.That’s why many students and educators want to see more counselors in schools, something that Texas law doesn’t require. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: last_img read more