As RCMP officers lawyer up families of Picktons victims express frustration

first_imgAPTN National NewIn Vancouver, family members of the victims say they’re growing more frustrated with every session of the missing women’s inquiry.An especially bizarre day yesterday as a new batch of lawyers appeared in the courthouse on hand to defend individual RCMP officers.This came even as deputy chief of the Peel regional police took the stand talking about a report she did for the commission which heavily criticized RCMP and Vancouver police for the handling of the Pickton investigation.last_img read more

Cineplex Q4 profit falls as theatre attendance declines; revenue up slightly

TORONTO — Cineplex Inc. says it had $27.2 million of net income in the fourth quarter, down from $28.8 million a year earlier, as attendance at its theatres declined.The Toronto-based entertainment company says the profit amounted to 43 cents per share, down from 45 cents per diluted share in fourth quarter of 2017.On an adjusted basis, Cineplex profit fell to 43 cents per share from 46 cents per share — missing analyst estimatesAttendance at Cineplex theatres was down 3.2 per cent from a year earlier but box office revenue per patron was up, as was concession revenue per patron.Revenue was up less than a percentage point year over year, at $428.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2018 and $426.3 million in the comparable period of 2017.Analysts had estimated 48 cents per share of adjusted earnings and $426.6 million of revenue, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon. Companies in this story: (TSX:CGX)The Canadian Press read more

Violence intensifies in Darfur as UNAfrican Union force struggles to fully deploy

19 December 2008The violence in Darfur has intensified in recent months with attacks on humanitarian workers, peacekeepers and the growing number of displaced persons sheltering in makeshift camps, with inter-tribal clashes and fighting between the Government and armed militia adding to the mayhem, the head of United Nations peacekeeping told the Security Council today. The violence in Darfur has intensified in recent months with attacks on humanitarian workers, peacekeepers and the growing number of displaced persons sheltering in makeshift camps, with inter-tribal clashes and fighting between the Government and armed militia adding to the mayhem, the head of United Nations peacekeeping told the Security Council today.Alain LeRoy, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, briefed Council members on recent developments in the war-wracked region of western Sudan, saying that violence continues unabated as the bloody conflict enters its sixth year. An estimated 300,000 people have been killed since fighting erupted in 2003 between Government forces, allied militiamen – known as the Janjaweed – and rebels, and 2.7 million others have been forced from their homes and now live as refugees or as internally displaced persons (IDPs).Almost one year on from transferring the task of quelling the violence in Darfur to the hybrid UN-African Union peacekeeping mission, known as UNAMID, Mr. LeRoy noted that while some progress has been made “it has been much too slow in providing real improvement for the ordinary citizens on the ground and inadequate in resolving the Darfur crisis.”He said that millions remain in camps for IDPs, dependent on life-saving humanitarian assistance and “over the past six months alone, an additional 100,000 people have been displaced.”The security situation for these IDPs worsens year after year and remains volatile, stressed Mr. LeRoy, saying “the past two months have been no exception.”“In the first year of its operation, UNAMID lost 21 personnel. Most recently, on 29 October, a peacekeeper was killed and another was injured after being attacked while guarding a water-point near the Kassab IDP camp in North Darfur,” he said.Some 41 men and three children were killed, while seven women were raped in seven separate inter-tribal clashes in October alone. The gunmen also burnt a large amount of cultivated land and looted livestock.“Just last week, in two separate incidents, tribal clashes in South Darfur claimed another 75 lives, including the Government of Sudan police, who tried to intervene.”UNAMID was also able to confirm reports of aerial bombardments and persistent clashes between the Government and armed rebel forces despite Sudan’s unilateral declaration of a ceasefire on 12 November.“The Government should honour its commitment to the cessation of hostilities,” stressed Mr. LeRoy. Amid this continued violence, the UN-AU operation has focused on the protection of civilians, but is hampered by a severely under-deployed force.“Over the past year, the frequency of the Mission’s patrols has increased, in order to facilitate humanitarian access and provide convoy protection, but also as a confidence-building measure and to investigate security incidents,” said the Under-Secretary-General.Earlier in the month, UNAMID averted a major crisis following clashes between nomads and IDPs in the Hassa Hissa camp in West Darfur by intervening with camp leadership and local sheikhs to stabilize the situation, and deploying troops to the area to prevent the confrontation from escalating.Mr. LeRoy stressed that “as its numbers and capabilities increase, the Mission will be able to do much more of this good work. In this context we will work with Member States to fill key gaps in the Mission’s force composition.”The number of peacekeeping troops on the ground falls far short of the 26,000 blue helmets authorized by the Security Council last year. Less than 12,500 uniformed personnel, including troops, military observers and police officers, are in place across Darfur and the mission is also short of almost half of the civilian staff it requires to be at full capacity, with just under 3,000 posts recruited.Mr. LeRoy underscored the need for Member States to provide the units and equipment previously pledged to UNAMID, including 18 helicopters and additional units dealing with logistics, heavy transport, medium transport and aerial reconnaissance.“I reiterate my appeal to Council members to urge troop and police contributing countries in a position to provide these capabilities to do so without further delay,” he said, adding that “Deploying UNAMID to its authorized strength as it endeavours to undertake its mandated activities has been, and remains, our priority.”Emphasizing that only a sustainable political settlement between the parties can bring peace to Darfur, Mr. LeRoy said, “It is therefore deeply regrettable that another year has passed while the parties continue to engage in military action rather than investing themselves fully in political negotiations.”Susana Malcorra, Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, told the Council that she believed UNAMID can reach the target of 60 per cent deployment by the end of this year, with the possible exception of around 200 unarmed police officers because of the volatile security situation in Darfur.“We have set ourselves a deadline of reaching 80 per cent deployment by the end of March and the challenges we face in reaching this goal are by now well known,” said Ms. Malcorra. “In this regard, I would like to state that the readiness of troop contributing countries and police contributing countries to deploy military and formed police units will be a particularly important factor in our collective efforts to finally bring UNAMID to its authorised strength,” she added. read more

Ban repeats call for release of kidnapped UN staff member in Pakistan

14 February 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who spoke with President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan today, reiterated his appeal for the release of a United Nations staff member abducted nearly two weeks ago in the west of the South Asian nation. According to a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson, the two leaders “agreed on the need to secure the safe and immediate release of John Solecki,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in the city of Quetta. Mr. Solecki, who has been with the UN since 1991, was kidnapped on 2 February and his driver, Syed Hashim, was killed in the attack. In today’s statement, the Secretary-General emphasized the importance of Mr. Solecki’s humanitarian work in helping the people of Balochistan. “He stresses that no cause can be served by prolonging the abduction of Mr Solecki.” Earlier this week, the UN said it is seeking information on a group called the Balochistan Liberation United Front, which on 7 February claimed in local media reports that it is holding Mr. Solecki. The world body said that he has a medical condition requiring regular medication, adding that delaying his release will lead to a deterioration of health. read more

UK visa applications go online

Applicants will then need to print off a hard copy of their application form and make an online appointment to attend their nearest visa application centre (VAC). They should bring the application form printout to their appointment at the VAC, along with the necessary supporting documentation. Applicants will need to give their biometrics (finger scans and digital photograph) at the VAC in line with the current practice. Applicants may continue to make an appointment separately to use the Premium Lounges to submit their applications, and should refer to for further guidance. (Colombo Gazette) “We along with our commercial partner, VFS Global, are committed to providing our customers with an efficient visa service, and we introduce changes to our processes with this in mind. In this case, completing and submitting applications online saves time.  We have been introducing the use of online applications gradually so that customers have been able to get used to the process. Customers already need to make online applications for visas under the points based system.  We are now extending the requirement to all categories of UK visa application,” Home Office Regional Director, Thomas Greig, said.In order to make an online application, customers need to go to: From Monday 6 May 2013, applicants and their dependants who are applying for a UK visa will need to make their applications online. From this date, manually completed application forms will no longer be accepted, the British High Commission in Colombo said.Online applications and appointments will be mandated for all applications under the points based system, visitor and settlement routes. This means applicants will need to complete and submit the application form by visiting By completing and submitting a visa application online, the customer saves time when attending the visa application centre. This is because information about the application has been received and recorded. It is also possible for the relatives of applicants to assist them to complete their application online. read more

Ganeshan holds talks in Australia with officials and diaspora

The Minister together with Sri Lankan Consul General Lal Wickrematunge and members of the Consulate staff also visited the New South Wales Parliament. (Colombo Gazette) Minister of National Coexistence Dialogue and Official Languages Mano Ganeshan has had talks in Australia with Government officials and the Sri Lankan diaspora.Ganeshan said he had a series of meetings with Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim diaspora communities and Australian authorities in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Nuclear deal could be blueprint for global relations based on mutual respect

“Today, a new chapter has started in Iran’s relations with the world,” President Rouhani said, explaining that two years ago, the people of Iran in a competitive election, had given him a mandate for consolidating peace and constructive engagement with the world, whilst pursuing national rights, interests and security.This national will, he continued, had manifested through a careful and clear diplomatic effort which resulted in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the six world powers that was immediately turned into an international instrument with the ratification of the UN Security Council.“From the standpoint of international law, this instrument sets a strong precedent where, for the first time, two sides, rather than negotiating peace after war, engaged in dialogue and understanding before the eruption of conflict,” Mr. Rouhani said, recognizing the role of all the negotiators, the leaders and the Heads of state and Government of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, and China, as well as Iran, in achieving this agreement.“We had decided to bring about a new environment while maintaining our principles and we succeeded in doing so. Where necessary we moved forward and where necessary we showed the courage for flexibility; and, at each point, we made use of the full capacity of international law and showcased the potentials of constructive dialogue,” he said. Unfortunately, Mr. Rouhani continued, it must be said that in most cases this important international institution has not been successful or effective. “This time, however, the United Nations made the right decision.” Nevertheless, he protested the adoption of unfair resolutions against Iran and the imposition of sanctions against the Iranian nation and Government as a result of misunderstandings and sometimes overt hostilities of some countries.“We consider as unfair the conduct of the Security Council in the past, and insist that Iran, due to the important fatwa of its leader and its defence doctrine, has never had the intention of producing a nuclear weapon […] we proved in these negotiations that there is nothing on Iran’s table other than logic, reason and ethics, and where necessary, legitimate and decisive self-defence against any kind of aggression,” he declared, and noted that Parallel to the implementation of the JCPOA, Iran expects the nuclear-weapon States to take necessary steps to fulfil their commitments under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). “The nuclear deal […] has managed to disburse the clouds of hostility and perhaps even the spectre of another war and extensive tensions from the Middle East,” President Rouhani said stressing that the deal “can and should” herald a new era and lead to positive outcomes regarding the establishment of sustainable peace and stability in the region. “From our point of view, the agreed-upon deal is not the final objective but a development which can and should be the basis of further achievements to come. Considering the fact that this deal has created an objective basis and set an appropriate model, it can serve as a basis for foundational change in the region,” he observed, underscoring that this opportunity can be seized in order to look to the future and avoid focusing on the past and rebuild Iran’s relationships with the countries in the region, particularly with its neighbours, based on mutual respect and our common and collective interests.Unfortunately, the Middle East and North Africa has turned into one of the world’s most turbulent regions, he said, explaining that with the continuation and intensification of the current condition, the turmoil can spread to other parts of the world. “The gravest and most important threat to the world today is for terrorist organizations to become terrorist states. We consider it unfortunate for national uprisings in our region to be deviated by terrorists and for the destiny of nations to be determined by arms and terror rather than ballot boxes,” he said, proposing that the fight against terrorism be incorporated into a binding international document and no country be allowed to use terrorism for the purpose of intervention in the affairs of other countries. “We are prepared to assist in the eradication of terrorism and in paving the way for democracy, and ensuring that arms do not dictate the course of event in the region. As we aided the establishment of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are prepared to help bring about democracy in Syria and also Yemen,” said President Rouhani.While urging a comprehensive action to tackle the root causes of terrorism, and recalling that at the heart of much of today’s war, destruction and terror, “can be found in the occupation, invasion and military intervention of yesterday,” he called for the countries of his region to launch an action plan that would see a united front against terrorism towards the overall creation of a collective and global movement to tackle regional problems in a serious manner through dialogue. read more

Mens Basketball Greg McDermott potential Matta replacement to remain at Creighton

I’m blessed and honored to be the coach at Creighton…..and am looking forward to many more great years in Omaha! #rolljays— Coach McDermott (@cucoachmac) June 8, 2017 Creighton head coach Greg McDermott embraces his son and tournament Most Outstanding Player after their Missouri Valley Conference championship game against Illinois State on Sunday, March 4, 2012, at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. (Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)The search continues. Greg McDermott, the men’s basketball coach at Creighton, said Thursday he is “looking forward to many more great years” at his school, an announcement which comes less than a day after ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported Ohio State offered McDermott the head coaching positionIn a tweet, McDermott said, “I’m blessed and honored to be the coach at Creighton.”McDermott has coached Creighton for seven years, guiding the Bluejays to a 165-81 overall record, and 86-52 since joining the Big East in 2013.The Bluejays were runner-ups in the Big East tournament last year, and McDermott enters the 2017-18 season with the 23rd best recruiting class in the country, according to the 247sports composite rankings.The Buckeyes began a search for a new head coach after now-former OSU coach Thad Matta was fired Monday afternoon. He coached at the school for 13 seasons and became the winningest coach in school history last season. read more

British man shot in the head during raid on his parents restaurant

first_imgMiss Williams, who set up the Crowdfunder appeal, said on the website: “Dear friends. Tony and Gill Tester from Boxer Shack were held up at gunpoint last night. “During the attack, their son Chris was shot in the head and critically injured. “He is now in Mount St John’s Hospital in Antigua but they do not have the facilities or expertise he needs. “We need to arrange immediate evacuation by air ambulance to the UK and need your help to fund this. Please, please give anything you can, any amount will help.” The Facebook page of Christopher Tester, who works for luxury boat firm Birchell MarineCredit:Facebook Antigua map Friends said the couple were held up at gunpoint when their business, in the Saint Mary’s area of the island, was targeted at 10.30pm on Christmas Day.However, friends fear that the hospital where he is being treated does not have “the facilities or expertise he needs” and are seeking his “evacuation” home. “Time is of the essence,” Charlotte Williams, a friend of Mr Tester told the Torquay Herald Express. “Please, please can you help us to raise funds for him.”They need to raise £90,000. It will save his life. Please help us perform a Christmas miracle.” A British man is fighting for his life after being shot in the head during an attempted robbery at his parents’ restaurant in Antigua.Christopher Tester was critically injured in a struggle with a masked and hooded gunman, who tried to rob the beachside business on Christmas Day.The 37-year-old, from Torquay, in Devon, who was on a three-week holiday to the Caribbean island, is in an induced coma in hospital.Friends have launched an appeal to raise £90,000 to fly Mr Tester, who works for luxury boat firm Birchell Marine, back to Britain for treatment. The online drive had generated around third of its target – more than £30,000 – by Tuesday afternoon.His parents, Tony and Gill Tester, who run The Boxer Shack, are described as well-loved members of the island’s expatriate community.On a trip to Antigua last December, Mr Tester posted a picture of himself on Facebook holding a fish he had caught while wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of his parents’ restaurant.The caption read: “First fish of the holiday. Since he was barely a fish fingers’ worth, he was returned safely.” Mr Tester was on a three-week holiday to visit his parents in AntiguaCredit:Google Maps Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. On its Facebook page, ABS Television in Antigua posted a police statement that said the masked gunman shot Mr Tester in a struggle.It read: “Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Tester of the United Kingdom is currently at the Mount St John’s Medical Center in critical condition after receiving a gunshot wound to his head during an attempted robbery at Old Road.”It is alleged that a man approximately 5ft 8 inches in height, slim built, wearing a black hoodie and mask, attempted to rob his family, when a struggle ensued.”During the struggle, he was shot in his head and was transported by the EMS to the hospital. The incident occurred around 10.30pm on Sunday. “He arrived on the island on Dec 10 and was due to leave on Dec 29. Investigations are currently ongoing into the matter.” Friends of Christopher Tester are seeking to raise £90,000 to return him to Britain for treatment The Facebook page of Christopher Tester, who works for luxury boat firm Birchell Marine Mr Tester’s friends are trying to raise £90,000 to fly him back to Britain for treatmentCredit:Crowdfunderlast_img read more

Michael Haas goes to SC Magdeburg

Frisch Auf Goppingenhandball transferMichael HaasSC Magdeburg ← Previous Story Podravka beats Buducnost in Bar, Lokomotiva beats Metalurg in Zagreb (WRHL) Next Story → Budget of LNH teams: “Paris is much richer than Montpellier” German NT playmaker, Michael Haas (29) will play in SC Magdeburg from the next season. Current player of Frisch Auf Goppingen will sign three years contract (until 2016) with the famous German team. Current Frisch Auf Goppingen player has missed the second part of the last season after serious injury during match at EHF EURO 2012, where he played for Germany. read more

Greece is not going to allow any challenge of its territorial integrity

first_imgIt has been a week of extraordinary tension between Greece and Turkey, following an incident in the South-East Aegean on Monday, when a Turkish patrol boat rammed a Greek one patrolling the area. Following up on a heated exchange of words between the two countries’ respective ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras made a harsh statement on Sunday, warning Turkey that his country is not playing games. “Greece is not going to allow any challenge of its territorial integrity and its sovereign rights,” Alexis Tsipras said, affirming Greece’s stance as is  “a pillar of stability and security in unstable region”. The Greek PM called for all countries in the area to show “absolute respect for international law and the principles of good neighbourliness, peaceful coexistence and regional co-operation.”  His comments followed a visit to the Ministry for Shipping where he met the captain and crew of the vessel that was rammed by the Turkish patrol boat. “You kept calm and keeping calm is bravery,” he told the captain of the Offshore Patrol Boat (OPV) Gavdos. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Second Humble Indie Bundle with Android games now available

first_imgThe last Humble Indie Bundle (not counting Notch’s 60 hour weekend effort) landed on January 31 and introduced a brand new feature: games that run on Android. It was a nice additional feature as all the game continued to work on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but there was also the option to go mobile and play away from your desk.Adding Android must have been a success as a new bundle went live today, and again it has Android-compatible games. Better yet, the four core games are all making their debut on Android, so for the moment this is the best, and probably cheapest way to pick them up for your smartphone or tablet.The four games on offer with a pay what you want price include:AvadonCanabaltCogsZen Bound 2As is usually the case, you can decide how much of your cash goes to the developers, the EFF and Child’s Play Charity, and the Humble Bundle itself to help keep it going. And if you pay more than the average there’s a free fifth game thrown in: Swords & Soldiers.In the past, new games have been added to the bundle as the days go by, but don’t put off purchasing just to see what else appears. If you buy now you still get whatever is added to the bundle over the coming two weeks.Of the five games listed, Canabalt is probably the most popular. However, purchasing this bundle version gets you a new two-player mode and a special 3D graphics mode. So if you already own it there’s still an incentive to download it again. One final bonus: Canabalt, Swords & Soldiers, and Zen Bound 2 also come with soundtracks.Read more at Humble Bundlelast_img read more

AWS reInvent 2018 Amazon announces a variety of AWS IoT releases

first_imgAt the AWS re:Invent 2018 event yesterday, Amazon announced a variety of IoT related AWS releases. Three new AWS IoT Service Delivery Designations at AWS re:Invent 2018 The AWS Service Delivery Program helps customers find and select top APN Partners who have a track record of delivering specific AWS services. The APN partners undergo a service delivery expertise related technical validation in order to get an AWS Service Delivery designation. Three new AWS IoT Service Delivery Designations are now added—AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, and AWS IoT Analytics. AWS IoT Things Graph AWS IoT Things Graph provides an easy way for developers to connect different devices and web services in order to build IoT applications. Devices and web services are represented as reusable components called models. These models hide the low-level details and expose states, actions, and events of underlying devices and services as APIs. A drag-and-drop interface is available to connect the models visually and define interactions between them. This can build multi-step automation applications. When built, the application to your AWS IoT Greengrass-enabled device can be deployed with a few clicks. Areas which it can be used are home automation, industrial automation, and energy management. AWS IoT Greengrass has extended functionality AWS IoT Greengrass allows bringing abilities like local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and ML inference to edge devices. New features that extend the capabilities of AWS IoT Greengrass including can be used now: Connectors to third-party applications and AWS services. Hardware root of trust private key storage. Isolation and permission configurations that increase the AWS IoT Greengrass Core configuration options. The connectors allow you to easily build complex workflows on AWS IoT Greengrass even if you have no understanding of device protocols, managing credentials, or interacting with external APIs. Connections can be made without writing code. The security is increased due to hardware root of trust private key storage on hardware secure elements. This includes Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). By storing your private key on a hardware secure element, a hardware root of trust level security is added to existing AWS IoT Greengrass security features that include X.509 certificates. This enables mutual TLS authentication and encryption of data regardless if they are transit or at rest. The hardware secure element can be used to protect secrets that were deployed to AWS IoT Greengrass device. New configuration options allow deploying AWS IoT Greengrass to another container environment and directly access low-power devices like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. AWS IoT SiteWise, available in limited preview AWS IoT SiteWise is a new service that simplifies collecting and organizing data from industrial equipment at scale. With this service, you can easily monitor equipment across industrial facilities to identify waste, production inefficiencies, and defects in products. With IoT SiteWise, industrial data is stored securely, is available, and searchable in the cloud. IoT SiteWise can be integrated with industrial equipment via a gateway. The gateway then securely connects on-premises data servers to collect data and send it to the AWS Cloud. AWS IoT SiteWise can be used in areas of manufacturing, food and beverage, energy, and utilities. AWS IoT Events, available in preview AWS IoT Events is a new IoT service that makes it easy to catch and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. This service recognizes events across multiple sensors in order to identify operational issues like equipment slowdowns. It triggers alerts to notify support teams of an issue. This service offers a managed complex event detection service on the AWS cloud. Detecting events across thousands of IoT sensors, like temperature, humidity is simple. System-wide event detection and responding with appropriate actions is easy and cost-effective with AWS IoT Events. Potential areas of use include manufacturing, oil, and gas, commercial and consumer products. Read next Amazon re:Invent 2018: AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Custom Key Store Amazon rolls out AWS Amplify Console, a deployment and hosting service for mobile web apps, at re:Invent 2018 Data science announcements at Amazon re:invent 2017last_img read more

Caja to invest 20 million in improvements at San Juan de Dios

first_imgNo related posts. The capital’s San Juan de Dios Hospital will receive millions in aid from the government’s Social Security System (CCSS) orCaja. The investment will of ¢10,147 million ($20 million) will go toward 47 infrastructure projects and equipment.Caja Executive President Ileana Balmaceda said that the projects will include the equipping of 15 operating rooms at the medical facility.“In addition to these works, the Caja is working in 46 additional projects, some already completed, others are in progress, including the services of neurosurgery, urology rooms, hem dialysis and chemotherapy pharmacy,” she added.According to Balmaceda, the Caja is aiming with these projects to improve the hospital services and create a safer facility. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Brisbane Airtrain brings home global award

first_imgBrisbane Airtrain brings home global awardBrisbane Airtrain brings home global awardBrisbane Airtrain has received global recognition for its work in connecting travellers to the Gold Coast following the highly anticipated launch of the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2 tram in December 2017.Airtrain has taken out the highly regarded 2018 Marketing Campaign of the Year Award at the Global AirRail Awards ceremony in London on November 29, beating strong competition from six others, including Stansted Express, Heathrow Express, Hong Kong Airport Express, and Sydney Airport Link.The Global AirRail Awards recognise excellence in improving rail access to and from airports around the world.Airtrain offers seamless travel from Brisbane Airport’s Domestic and International terminals to Surfers Paradise and all major stops in between, with one simple transfer from Airtrain to the G:link tram at Helensvale station.To promote the connection, Airtrain wrapped a tram in a unique design developed in liaison with feedback received from the local community. Judges recognised the ‘Airtrain and Tram’ campaign’s eye-catching and effective messaging that highlighted Airtrain’s position as the best transport option between Brisbane Airport and the Gold Coast.Airtrain CEO, Chris Basche, is proud of the global recognition for the incredible work the Airtrain team put in this year.“We were pleased and proud to play an important role during the Commonwealth Games, and to continue being the preferred and best option for those travelling between Brisbane Airport and the Gold Coast,” said Mr Basche.“There are a lot of people who rely on the accessibility of our service and 12 months on, communities are taking advantage of the connection and we hope to see that number grow for many years to come.“We would not have been able to achieve this award without the support and dedication of our staff, partners and stakeholders. We’ll continue to work towards strengthening our ability to help our current and future passengers recognise the convenience and affordability of the tram connection,” he said.Airtrain is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to reach Brisbane and the Gold Coast from Brisbane Airport. It is the sole rail service connecting Brisbane Airport to Brisbane CBD with more than 21 million passenger trips taken in the company’s 16 years of operation. In 2017 and 2018, TripAdvisor® awarded Airtrain its Certificate of Excellence for consistently delivering great services to travellers in Queensland.For more information on Brisbane Airtrain or the Airtrain and tram connection, visit Airtrain’s website.Source = Brisbane Airtrainlast_img read more

House approves Rep Barrett bill clearly defining firearms

first_img Categories: Barrett News,News Measure now goes to Senate for consideration 26Feb House approves Rep. Barrett bill clearly defining firearmscenter_img The Michigan House today approved a package of legislation clearly defining what constitutes a firearm, including one authored by state Rep. Tom Barrett.Rep. Barrett, R-Potterville, introduced House Bill 4156, which clarifies the definition of a firearm to be “any weapon which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of an explosive.” The clarification is needed because some BB and pellet guns may be considered firearms under current state law. It is the first of Barrett’s bills to be approved by the House. The bill passed with broad bipartisan support.“Michigan has a patchwork of bills that define firearms in different ways, and that caused confusion and, at times, arrests of people who did not think they possessed a firearm,” Rep. Barrett said. “Because of this lack of clarity, some inexpensive, non-lethal, air-powered devices qualify as firearms under current Michigan statute. Words have specific meaning, and we need to align our laws with a common-sense understanding of what a firearm means. We saw a problem and took action to correct it with meaningful legislation.”Other bills in the package include HBs 4151 through 4155. The measures now go to the Senate for consideration. The reforms are outlined in the Focused on Michigan’s Future, the 2015-16 House Republican Action Plan.#####last_img read more

Rep Yaroch Clinton Township EMS chief speak on need for first responder

first_img State Rep. Jeff Yaroch, who served for 26 years as a firefighter and paramedic in Clinton Township, called on the House Law and Justice Committee to consider legislation to improve protection for police, fire and emergency service personnel during testimony today.“I never felt, because we were the good guys, that we’d ever be targeted when responding to an emergency call,” said Yaroch, while sitting next to EMS Chief John Gallagher of the Clinton Township Fire Department. “I don’t know if I’d feel that way now.”Gallagher supported Yaroch by recounting an emergency services call that he and Yaroch responded to that led to a dangerous situation for all responding units and area residents.Yaroch is the primary sponsor for one of the three bills seeking to protect first responders with House Bill 4585, preventing intimidation or targeting of fire department and emergency medical service personnel. Partner legislation by state Reps. Klint Kesto and Brandt Iden would extend similar protection to police and corrections officials, while also setting guidelines to make violations a felony punishable by up to two years imprisonment.The committee heard testimony from four other police and fire officials, including Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig, in support of the legislation.“Unfortunately, there is a lot of frustration with government and first responders, because they have a patch on their arm that says “City of …” said Yaroch, of Richmond. “We’re sending a message that we are in support of these individuals who maintain our safety, stability and security. We need to stand behind them.”HB 4590, sponsored by Kesto, and 4591, sponsored by Iden, also remain under consideration of the committee. Categories: News,Yaroch News,Yaroch Photos 26Sep Rep. Yaroch, Clinton Township EMS chief speak on need for first responder protectionlast_img read more

Albert Grant helps expand Ionia County veteran services

first_img Categories: Albert News State Rep. Thomas Albert of Lowell cosponsored legislation Wednesday encouraging Michigan counties to establish and maintain veteran service offices through a new grant program.Each county with a veteran service office that satisfies pre-approved requirements would receive $25,000, plus an additional amount based on the number of veterans in the county under the proposed legislation. To continue receiving the grant, an established county veteran service office must meet benchmarks for staff performance and reporting while maintaining the previous year’s funding level.Under the current veterans benefit model, the state supplies the Veteran Service Coalition with a grant to provide benefit services to veterans. Lack of funding and sparse access to services has led to inadequate coverage for portions of the state. Depending on the county, a Veteran Service Officer may only be available for a few hours each month at a single location such as a city library.Currently, there are 11 counties in Michigan without an accredited county Veteran Service Officer. This could be due to the number of veterans in the area, lack of funding or because the county partners with neighboring counties.“As a veteran myself, I know just how important the services provided by a veteran service office and accredited case agents are,” Albert said. “This grant will help Ionia County build off the foundation already established and extend the reach of quality services locally.”The legislation, House Bill 5536, now moves to the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee for consideration. 08Feb Albert: Grant helps expand Ionia County veteran serviceslast_img read more

Rep Calley joins colleagues in impactful occupational licensing plan

first_img Categories: Calley News,News 29May Rep. Calley joins colleagues in impactful occupational licensing plan Legislator: Common-sense measures are employee and employer friendlyLegislation from state Rep. Julie Calley diminishing the burden on businesses, their employees and consumers today was advanced in a vote by the House Local Government Committee.Within the multi-bill plan Calley has sponsored, local governments in Michigan will not be allowed to impose licenses on occupations that already are regulated at the state level. If the state requires a license for an occupation that was previously unregulated by the state, a local government would be expected to remove or cease enforcement of its own licensing requirements for that particular profession.“When aspiring employees or entrepreneurs within these fields are deterred from entering the profession due to fees often totaling hundreds of dollars, it naturally creates less competition,” said Calley, of Portland. “Less competition means more cost to Michigan consumers. It’s a lose-lose for the state.”Currently, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) regulates and licenses 15 different occupational professions. The licensing branch is responsible for reviewing applications, processing renewals, issuing licenses or registrations and maintaining records for almost 300,000 professionals throughout the state.The proposal’s main bill, House Bill 5955, creates the Local Government Occupational Licensing Act. Calley’s bills, HBs 5964-65, are part of companion legislation ensuring cities, villages, townships and counties are in accordance with the new proposal. The bill package advances to the full House for consideration.last_img read more