Peach network marketing should pay attention to the user experience

network marketing can not be in accordance with their own ideas at random, we must attach importance to the user experience.

in fact, any marketing approach is to attract customers to buy their own products or services, any kind of marketing if you can not get the effect of the user must be poor. Take it for granted, you will fail, it is a lot of people with their own failure to prove. Imagine, you make the way of marketing, advertising and promotional incentives to some others, even a look, how to attract users? Network marketing is even more so, the Internet economy is the attention economy, or eyeball economy, can not attract eyeball, only the corner into dust, no one came to the network marketing, is complete failure of marketing activities. read more

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Behind the network economy the heart of the network how to make money

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that in the virtual world of the Internet, they set thousands of pet in one, has a lot of fans of fans; they have a delicate face, wearing beautiful clothes diversiform around the world; from time to time they star, two rich generation sex scandal, minute on entertainment headlines; more important is that they have the amazing ability to make money, an Taobao store sales top.  

this part of the group is considered to be the 2015 world of the Internet, the most fire, the most profitable group of people, they are defined as". After all, net red is how red up and they live in the hearts of those who read more

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Online shopping promotion can no longer capricious three cases of fraud

network promotion, electricity supplier no festival will not do whatever they want. Release of provisions on the "Prohibition of price fraud before the date of the national development and Reform Commission" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") notify the relevant clause interpretation, specifically for the third party network trading platform promotion clearly three kinds of situations that it constitutes the price fraud case.

according to the notice, any of the following circumstances, should be recognized the main trading platform third party network constitute price fraud: (a) the third party network trading platform in the home or any other location marked a significant network operators merchandise sales of commodity prices lower than the network operators in the product details page marked price; (two) the third party network trading platform website claimed that all or part of the goods to carry out promotional activities, but the network operators did not actually carry out promotional activities; (three) the third party network trading platform provides the price or price promotion software software forced the network operators to make false or misleading price indication. read more

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Amazon Chinese Road market will be better and better

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States, has been in China for eight years. In China these years, it was said that the pace of China is a bit slow, a bit slow. The face of these challenges outside, but I do not think so, Amazon in today’s localization, the entire development is in a state of upward. Over the past 2012 years, its share price rose to reach a total of 40% can be seen. At least in China’s electricity supplier of the road, or from the point of the soup, the development of the whole market is booming. So in the past few years the development of the Amazon, why can have a certain market in China? read more

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The internal logic of ten years’ development of Alibaba

electronic commerce, spurred the inherent in the transaction will transfer from the traditional line to the Internet, the requirements to build a technology platform, e-commerce pioneers also need to face is how to construct the new credit system to ensure the security of transactions.

at the end of July 2009, after 4 months of trial, the Hangzhou Xihu District people’s court together on fraud litigation, the defendant is Alibaba (China) network technology limited company, and the plaintiff is the Alibaba of past clients — Shenzhen wangqianghui Trading Co. ltd.. read more

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A Taobao seller’s share will be high demand services when honed

as a Taobao seller, all the hardships and bitter sometimes only the same is the seller’s comrades clearly. It seems that our sellers on the internet shop, don’t need to open the store rental shops, like the same margin, counter staff wages, people feel there is a computer, you can run the cable, sleight of hand.

may be in the early stages of the Taobao team lucky to catch up with so comfortable period, as we take this wave of e-commerce development to these, but not so lucky. The so-called Internet wire to get a business day has gone. read more

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Dangdang threatened to close the store business operators accused of barbaric attitude

news August 11th, the day before, some businesses in the micro-blog exposure, operators forced food businesses must recharge category launched marketing tool AD train and language threatened businesses if not prepaid will be shut shop.

food category Dangdang operations group announcement


food category Dangdang operations group of the staff

this businessman posted on the micro-blog operator in the QQ operation group on the matter of the chat log. According to the chat records show that the staff stressed in the announcement, the household chores will recharge in the day, and made it clear that if you do not operate today, tomorrow all closed shop". read more

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3 days to teach you to understand the micro business do micro business

actually, I am not willing to say that they are micro business, not because of micro business not to earn money, but because the word micro’s influence is not good, because a micro business, your response is Shuabing recruit agents, boils down to two words is fooled,


so, I call myself a mobile electricity supplier entrepreneurs, or do is micro electricity supplier personnel.

the next 3 articles after reading, you will understand why call mobile electricity supplier, micro electricity supplier. read more

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Gome online and then play the price butcher low offensive or the outbreak of large scale electricity

from the completion of the two major electricity supplier platform integration, and then to senior vice president Mou Guixian in command personally penned the online business, the United States began to return to the era of electricity providers wolf.

the United States online news spokesman Peng Liang announced that from April 25th to May 8th, Gome online will be re launched the strongest anniversary month of a new round of large-scale promotion, by the hundred regiments, vied for war, race against time and stay up Hui four big shock activities consisting of a war in the end, the whole face off the golden week the largest low offensive. read more

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Dangdang next month to test the cross border electricity supplier bonded mode

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 21st news, recently Dangdang CEO (micro-blog) through micro-blog said that the current bonded warehouse mode of cross-border electricity supplier tariffs significantly lower than the import tariff, is a big opportunity.

According to Dangdang

introduction, Dangdang next month on the line of imported goods will take bonded warehouse electricity supplier model.

"goods fidelity, low price, fast delivery only direct mining to solve. Direct mining and the need to scale and squeeze risk control." Li Guoqing said: through the bonded mode, both legal compliance can be achieved, but also to reduce costs, delivery speed is also very fast. Make full use of bonded policy has become a way to use a lot of cross-border electricity supplier, and can be used for cross-border electricity supplier bonded warehouse is scarce resources." read more

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Liu Qiangdong told CNBC that even a trade war between China and the United States is not worried

[Abstract] Liu Qiangdong goes to the United States every year, he has noticed that there are some different trends in the technology industry.

Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong recently accepted an interview with CNBC, said that even a trade war between China and the United States, Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong is not worried.

Jingdong is one of China’s largest online retailers, second only to Alibaba. Jingdong sells billions of dollars worth of home appliances, electronics, clothing and groceries every year. read more

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Privacy issues on SNS website

today, a friend sent a link to scare me. A lot of information have cerebral palsy of happy net to wholly intact on his website, do not know what the cerebral palsy with collector, if artificial words, that’s the cerebral palsy.

The social networking site

or SNS website has become an important part of the entrance of Internet users, as more things in life gradually mapped to a web site, "privacy" is very important. Although privacy has always been very important.

but I said today that the privacy of the leak, not like the search engine as the machine search, but artificial violence". A bit like "human flesh search", but the source of human flesh search, there are many to a certain extent are public. And social networking sites, especially in the current popular SNS website, the object of public information, according to the truth is limited to their friends. General social networking sites will take the initiative to shield search engines, and ordinary users to enter the site to find information, but also encounter friends this barrier. read more

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CCTV 2014 advertising push the main push electricity supplier new media marketing

every reporter Zhao Chenting from Beijing

annual CCTV advertising tender will be lively still. However, in the face of the impact of new media on traditional advertising business, in China’s advertising market dominance of 20 years, CCTV has also begun to compromise".

yesterday (November 18th) held in 2014 CCTV gold resources advertising tender meeting, the new media has become the main push products. He Haiming, deputy director of CCTV advertising management center, said publicly that this year launched 67 new media products to achieve corporate TV screens and computers, mobile phones and other multi screen, multi-channel communication and interaction. read more

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The State Council issued a document on the gray sea Amoy mail will tighten

news April 20th, the day before, the general office of the State Council issued a notice issued implementing quality development program 2016 action plan (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 18). Billion state power network was informed that the "implementation of the quality development program 2016 action plan" in "cultivating quality and brand new competitive advantages" policy, clearly pointed out that "to strengthen cross-border trading network mail, express channels of supervision, crack down on the use of e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce in the mail, express channel implementation the smuggling activities and through the" ants "import and export of counterfeit goods infringing the illegal behavior." read more

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Dangdang or will be released flash purchase platform new exchange domain is not protected

renamed Chinese ( June 6th news, recently abruptly removed all micro-blog, micro-blog released a new "6.8 start", according to sources, plans to release a new flash sales platform "new sink", new sink three spell domain concern.

last May 7th, launched flash sale shopping channel Dangdang end products will enable, two and two level domain, and through the promotion of promotional price war in June. In March this year, Dangdang is the official website will be the main domain name jump to Dangdang tail goods exchange, visible Dangdang clothing category is increasing. read more

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Southern Weekend Ma how to clone Taobao

December 29, 2009, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (a pseudonym of "Feng Qingyang") the first time to Changsha, he and Alibaba controlled by Asia’s largest online shopping district President Lu Zhaoxi (a pseudonym "Tiemuzhen") to climb Mount Yuelu.

down, director of the Hunan administration of radio, Ouyang Changlin gave them a name: they contain antithetical couplet horse to be successful and happy Amoy dragon more The rosy clouds are slowly rising., Zhaoxi fast taking "Hengpi tide, majestic and grand". In the popular Hunan TV host Wang Han urged the Ma, according to Taobao practice, give Ouyang Changlin sealed the "old children" nickname. read more

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nsiders said Han clothes homes in 2016 tax break billion

February 14th news, today, a starry insiders told billion state power network, in the past 2016, the starry tax more than one hundred million yuan.

According to

billion state power network understanding, Han clothing was founded in 2006, is one of the largest Internet China brand ecological management group.

financial data show that South Korea in 2014 revenues of 830 million yuan, net profit loss of $37 million 560 thousand. By 2015, revenues of 1 billion 260 million yuan, net profit to loss of profit, to $33 million 210 thousand. Although it is still the largest proportion of women, but men’s and children’s clothing and other share gradually increased. read more

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n the face of the sensitive word fake 5 open Alibaba and embarrassment

good maneuvers of Alibaba and Ma, facing the fake accusations, always to avoid the air exhaust all the skills, and change danger into safety. But in the one behind the conspiracy behind turn calamities into blessings, embarrassment, does not want to hold high the banner of fighting to the end, or other reasons?

The word "

" fake "for Alibaba, from the date of birth is always accompanied by themselves, whether in Hongkong or the United States has listed, domestic or in the eyes of ordinary consumers, the total can not escape controversy. Recently, Forbes article "people power" and "Ma false terrorist": the Alibaba how to deal with the greedy brother and angry rogue "again in eleven before the Alibaba double up in the teeth of the storm. The previous good maneuvers of Alibaba and Ma, always to avoid the air exhaust all the skills, and change danger into safety. But behind this time, the Alibaba is overtly turn calamities into blessings, face some embarrassment behind the fake, does not want to hold high the banner of fake out, or really can not face mask read more

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B2C mall management people oriented

some time ago to communicate with friends, ask me what the Internet project is better now, we agreed that B2C mall will be a project. (B2C is the abbreviation of English Business-to-Consumer (business to customer), which is referred to as "business to customer"". "Business to customer" is a model of e-commerce, which is usually called commercial retail, direct sales of products and services to consumers. This form of e-commerce is generally based on the online retail industry, mainly through the Internet to carry out online sales activities. Google is right: when you think that something is up to the top, it’s just beginning. Internet shopping has been very popular, the competition is fierce, is said to fire Jingdong has not been profitable mall, expanding their market, began to create their own logistics; and Taobao’s big market strategy next step will be the integration of resources and the construction of express, express their system and logistics system. read more

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Jiangsu to build cross border nternet plus foreign trade ecosystem quality

lead: to further implement the State Council on the steady growth of the structure, and actively explore the new mode of "Internet plus foreign trade", build Nanjing foreign trade ecosystem quality. In April 12th, Jiangsu cross-border WoSign eCommerce Services Ltd successfully held in Nanjing Chinese · InterContinental Hotel; Nanjing Internet plus foreign trade innovation development forum.

"Internet plus" bring a new atmosphere to the foreign trade

currently, Chinese manufacturing is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, cross-border e-commerce can not only optimize the industrial chain, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to expand space, increase the rate of employment, but also has to reshape the international industrial chain and enhance the competitiveness of the brand, to establish a new order of Global trade for. read more

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