Members of the CPPCC National Committee to participate in the closing ceremony of the CPPCC National


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year has a very good start, February 14th is the closing session of the CPPCC, at the same time, also in 2016 China development good start. Tiananmen square flag fluttering, solemn Great Hall of the people. Spring of Beijing, witnessed a memorable moment in the history of the live, live in Anhui members to participate in the closing session of the CPPCC National Committee, the consensus set sail again!

3 14 PM, the closing session of the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee held in the Great Hall of the people in the four. 22 members live in Anhui Province and from all walks of life, more than 2000 CPPCC members together, walking vigorous, from the city hall, the east gate of the upper and lower levels. read more

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Knee top ten brands list

knee is very easy to get hurt, like sports people will pay great attention to the protection, so, knee pads will be put in great use. Of course, because of the demand of the broad market, so that the entire market kneepad very broad, below, let Xiaobian to introduce a ten brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the market.

knee top ten brands list NO.1, LP: global sports medical leader brand, the field of sports protection is one of the most widely used as one of the professional protective equipment, general agent Sheng Sheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. read more

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Male jewelry can also make money to see how he can do

if there is also a large male jewelry business opportunities   I believe that many entrepreneurs will smile and shake his head, open male jewelry can make money? In fact, this is true, although the introduction of jewelry, most people feel that wearing such items is a woman’s patent. For a long time to the market, not only a small number of male jewelry, style is also monotonous. But below the whole business exchange Xiaobian for you to introduce the case, is a typical case of the success of male jewelry to join.

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The key to successful marketing of home decoration stores

home decoration stores in the market has great business opportunities, at the same time, people in the course of the operation, the use of a good marketing method is also an important thing. These are very important for all of us, small series to teach you how to sell more successful goods.

Home Furnishing decoration stores

1, confirm the need for

and customer agreement, once again confirmed the needs of customers. To ensure that the customer is aware of his needs and to be treated seriously. Before selling the product to the customer, the customer needs to be sure that these needs really exist. read more

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How to open a clothing store to purchase a number of points to be noted

  in the course of preparation, the purchase is an important link. Especially in the clothing store, the purchase is a live, but where is the key problem, today Xiaobian for everyone here to sum up the purchase of several key points to note:

MM, the original intention of clothing is generally romantic love, think you love shopping, clothing, clothing and so on experience, blindly opened a clothing store. In fact, many died badly clothing shop is all made a novice, the first big: purchase according to their own preferences! What can I say? You love, does not mean that other people love you; love, not love love you, on behalf of the market; it does not mean the location of your shop, shop decoration love you. Incoming goods while all selected good goods, but because the style is messy, looks like a grocery store, good goods to fire 3. Therefore, clothing has to earn all the laity, in their eyes, only the right of their own, is the best. The hardest part is to find out who you are.

siyaomianzi in the wholesale market, is the owner of a compliment a few words, took many colors, many people take? Some MM in their own shop in the wholesale market, qiaosheruhuang, a few "big eyes off," then came down, was originally a few face. This price, finally in the West confused knew handed the money to the. Life is like this, reincarnation ah. Kill people very sober, was killed when confused. Backshish can not count the ways, the wholesale market a few blocks, hundreds and hundreds of pieces, hundreds of dollars for a small shop, but also do not know how much is slobber, flicker with stickers, when a sudden death. There is a line regulation, a knowledgeable person, reasonable bargain will get the respect of others.

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Lisboa station chowhound paradise

go to a city, a bustling corner of their own to open a snack inn, 32 guests every day, smiles, reported satisfaction. This kind of life is not to give people a feeling of enjoyment. Lisboa station give you the life you want.


] station Lisboa project introduction


station to give consumers more good products, delicious and nutritious, rich variety, favored by consumers, development potential. Lisboa station agent, look forward to your joining!

Lisboa station range from Taiwan also imported snacks, snack food, mainly engaged in varieties of fish products, Lisboa small meat, dry cargo, roasted seeds and nuts, candied fruit, Taiwan food, imported food, local specialties, is committed to nutrition, health, delicious and exquisite delicacy leisure food to the masses lovers. read more

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Puff queen baking series join advantage

in the baking class, puff is one of the products are welcomed by consumers, close run delicious, that is the entrance, convenient carrying, convenient food and so on, a lot of the advantages of the product are countless. Puff in a well-known brand called puff queen, the taste really is called the queen of puff ah.

puff queen bakes the series almost swept the world classic Western delicacy delicious, authentic series puffs, Egg Tart, American doughnuts, Hong Kong Style desserts, desktop tea, Korean meal package…… The main products are 100% of the international raw materials refined, more green, healthy, diverse taste and other prominent features. Such a strong temptation to affect the moment of food consumers desire to buy, sales are rising steadily. read more

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Rotating self service hot pot to join the shop prospects

    hot pot, but the food has thousands of fans, the hot pot industry prospects for development are also obvious to everyone. And now the winter is approaching, it is a good time to enjoy the hot pot, and now open a hot pot shop has a lot of advantages! So open a rotating self-service hot pot shop, then the future development prospects? The next small series will take you to understand.

    self rotating Hot pot to fill the gaps in joining the catering industry, with a population of one billion and three hundred million Chinese market, will bring huge profits to the franchisee in return, the hot market prospects, is an ideal choice for your business to get rich. The project is still blank in the domestic market, the development of a huge future, all of which will be in the short term, to bring you money. read more

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Shop guide to teach you the location of maternal and child shop tips

baby industry is more and more popular now, maternal stores demand has increased, everywhere high streets and back lanes maternity stores, many of my friends would like to open a shop but mother, mother shop location is indeed a small doorway, the following Xiaobian take you to understand how the location.

have the idea of a shop, the first step to the site, so our first step is to open the first location on the computer, Baidu maps, for example, input keywords: maternal maternal stores, I enter here is of course not to baby shop opened in the city on the map please select the corresponding the provinces and cities. read more

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What are the methods for the first time to join the franchise

Wine joined the agency market there is a huge space for development, and vigorously promote the spirit of these years, with the development of space, great in the market at reasonable prices, a gap in the market, let us share under the first operating Wine agent stores what method is there?

to Wine consumption season, huge profits how fast? It is now many franchisees are most worried about, most want to know, in a lot of species in the market to occupy a space for one person is not easy ah! Especially Wine joined the agency to open new accumulation performance to get the hang of small from this point we analysis method Wine joined the agency. read more

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Open home textile fabric store need to pay attention to what

many people choose to open the textile shop, in fact, when the official business, the store’s sales staff should maintain communication and many consumers, should also be timely to understand many customer needs, and timely feedback information, quickly make choice of purchase. In addition, home textile shop operators should also often look at newspapers, magazines, television programs, etc., to understand the recent trends.

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Women entrepreneurs need not worry to join the children’s clothing store to clear the five core issu

children’s clothing market is now in a fiery stage of development, for entrepreneurs, this is a good time to join. Especially for female entrepreneurs, female beauty has a very unique smell of clothing, so even children’s clothing store, mostly female friends can easily operate, but for now the great pressure of competition in the market, investment or female children’s clothing shop opened to clear about the   five core issues;.

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