Shopping platform reflection make the website small and make the service bigger

Chinese in this huge business environment, because the market is too big, a lot of enterprises to start layout for the spindle, apply on the Internet also is the platform, and a very interesting phenomenon, if we have several large shopping sites in a row, then the browser’s address cover, at the same time also the site of the Logo removed, the places on the website name website in mosaic, you will be surprised to discover that the site was so high a high similarity to, you may not know what is the name of the website, it also highlights all go in a safe way… read more

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News early to know what is the development plan of Nanjing in the next 5 years

Nanjing, as the capital city of Jiangsu Province, has always been the focus of attention. In recent years, Nanjing’s economy has been greatly developed, then in the next few years will be in what direction? The development and planning of Nanjing next 5 years.

"Nanjing recent construction plan (2015-2020)" yesterday by the Nanjing city planning bureau former publicity, planning the "13th Five-Year" period, Nanjing city urban planning development goals focus. With the plan released, after 5 years of Nanjing city appearance, industrial location and transportation, health care, education, pension and other livelihood "blueprint" surfaced. read more

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Try to be Bruce Lee’s Chinese stationmaster

Internet every day in the development, especially in China, the daily growth of countless websites, then followed by the growth of countless webmaster, including the old webmaster, there are new webmaster. I think most of the people would not say he is very busy, especially the new Adsense just contact site, almost always complain every day staring at the data that no time to rest, busy is a good thing, but if it is blind busy, that is the pure mixing time.

Bruce Lee, I think we are not unfamiliar, a great Chinese, the rhythm of his life too much, just like his life, perhaps, he used thirty years of time, but finished the cause of life, although his achievement is admirable, but who is not his died young and regret it so, do? A great career is busy, but we should cherish their own bodies, only in good health, in order to continue his career, otherwise everything is empty. read more

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What did you do at 6 28k station

6.28 may be for your webmaster is a nightmare, I am no exception, this morning, I was basically behaved at the site, open the webmaster tools to see a ghost, the weight of 2 did not change, the snapshot didn’t, the chain is also normal, even more exasperating is included all gone, this is the big blow for a new head of operations for the elder sister ah, originally the development of our website is very good, a month will be the weight of 2, the main keywords are the top 3 websites, and more than 40 days to maintain IP 2000, in this case, what we are doing, I do the following things: read more

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What preparations do you need to open a restaurant

open restaurant needs to do a good job of preparation, only continue to do a good job of preparation work can be carried out smoothly. If you want to shop from what aspects of the work? Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations to help you.

1, restaurant features. Specific to the restaurant, including several aspects: brand characteristics, dishes characteristics, service features… Etc.. Here is the specific characteristics of dishes and service features. On the dishes (broad concept), eight schools Chinese, according to cooking skills and so on, and barbecue food, powder, and Western-style food etc.. There are so many, but what is your restaurant is mainly based on large dishes, and what is the characteristics of this aspect you want to determine. But also to consider the current "food". read more

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Discussion on the internal construction and promotion of information websites


made a very good friend today, can often see his article in each big website, called small Qian, a nineteen year old Internet commentator, founder of nouveau riche network, and he talked a lot, really learned a lot of things. I believe there are a lot of people do website, then we may wish to listen to the small Qian is how the construction and operation of his information station, in this city only as a narrator, to share their knowledge.

refers to the main station information website, the basic form is Web.1, is one of the most representative one, early Sina to do one thing, is the traditional media news on the Internet for everyone to read, which became the biggest news portal China. Of course, it’s certainly not good to do it again, whether it’s positioning or running. read more

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Do you have a rest during the holiday

this Mid-Autumn Festival is a long awaited festival for many workers. It is rare to rest for 6 days and 8 days. But for the webmaster, I believe many people are afraid to leave without authorization. Deep fear of a few days without maintenance, snapshot will stop, ranking will fall, traffic will drop. This is the work of today’s webmaster, but also the state of life, almost a moment can not be separated from the web site. But health is the cost of life, and only the use of all kinds of available resources, work and rest in order to web sites, health double profits. Then, how can we use those methods to ease our work, read more

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British 16 year old boy running a website to win the first pot of gold

in March 17th this day, when most people are still on the weekend of hard work and earn a little pocket money, a 16 year old British entrepreneur Jonathan · Grubin had passed him the three sites dug the first pot of gold, only last year earned 75 thousand pounds ($150 thousand).

is the use of Grubin money at home, "affiliate marketing" mode, that is to open the site, to attract members, introduce the members to buy the products, finally get advertisers commission.

register for gift read more

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How do Baidu advertising alliance

site has just been done, the purpose is to study, so as to increase knowledge. If there is hope, it is best to come to the point of income is the best, just when the site is very annoying. However, Baidu’s day’s collection gives me some hope. Website operation a lot of time, you can’t stand the temperament of the affirmation, want to rely on their own site to earn a little money, at least into the space, domain name fees, as well as their own energy, many webmaster think so.

first thought about advertising. Find someone to advertise your website. Definitely not, unless you have thousands of traffic every day. Or no one will ever look at you. Then we can only think of advertising alliances, the best of which is gogle. If your domain name has not been used for more than 6 months, you won’t have to think about it. My website has been registered for more than 1 months. I just started to walk the wrong road. Be interested in and advertising to Google there, the deadly foreign dollar won’t take a head-on blow,, or to spend RMB. The Baidu advertising coalition is the second best of the ad league. This is not a foreign country so abnormal requirements. But his request is enough to make people die, for new sites is the end, leaving suspense. read more

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Lowings talk about how to make money online travel community now and in the future

/ Li Xianghao,

serendipitously venture

is a very lucky thing to be able to make your hobby into a career and become a company with great potential for development. Xiao Yi studied in Germany, just because I want to share their travel experiences, in 2004 opened a small "QiongYou European tourism forum". In a few years, the little tourist forum grew bigger and bigger and became a full-time job. Until 2008, Shaw returned to Beijing official business, made the poor travel network. read more

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Five steps to make money the most suitable for beginner learning method

in the field of online money making so long, from the novice to now on various online money making project understanding, here and share with you

for the novice, contact to make money online in this area is really difficult, difficult not to make money but don’t know where to start is the most real money, make money online advertising flying all over the sky, what day to earn a few hundred, earn tens of thousands of Web sites can be seen, this project is good, the project is also good these things all over the place, misleading Wangzhuan novice, let everyone think of making money online is easy, but you have to go on the wrong path, if you want to go, then farther deviate from the correct direction, so when the novice contact in the field better, for the novice fangpian most secure method is determined not to money, no investment, even if the ads say again good, also do not have to believe what is invalid refund, now prefer to miss a good project also can’t let The second is to get money to others, from the most basic knowledge Wangzhuan learning, from scratch is the safest way, any field once the understanding is not so mysterious, you can judge what is true and what is false, at that time and then proceed to their own project too late, so there are two advantages: first, you will not be deceived, second, you learn Wangzhuan knowledge understanding and knowledge of the field and the method of this field to make money. read more

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Earn 300 of the old station several times by K was included experience

today, an old station is my first website to be included, in particular to webmaster nets to celebrate, thank CCTV, thank you MTV, thank Adsense nets give me a platform to speak out, to teach junior master read together, can only share common progress, we will make the Income Fluctuation and have more confidence to continue to insist on doing it! Was too excited to do not know how to open the expression, the first to talk about the history, I stand and I do stand history! Etc.anyway officially entered read more

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A brief discussion on some mistakes in website construction

has been wandering on this vast network for 2 years, and when I look back on it, I find myself so much wasted. Wasted love, wasted youth, lost sight, ha ha. Playing games, hanging forums, talking about some of them do not know the so-called topic. And now, somehow I don’t know what to do, the net, my heart, but I don’t know where my heart is taken. To be honest, my level is very low, not at all a famous pointing Jiangshan, talk about the past and the present. Just tell me some of my blogging skills from the point of time saving and energy saving. read more

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From the planning and analysis of the network of Chinese agricultural talents network the prelimina

stands for agricultural, agricultural production data, including industry for chemical products, divided into fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, feed and veterinary drugs, including pesticides, fertilizers and seeds belong to the major of plant protection; feed and veterinary drugs belonging to animal protection groups, two professional independent, professional knowledge is different. China’s agricultural talent network is a professional focus on plant protection, agricultural products, talent, job search and enterprise recruitment market. read more

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Methods and ideas of website analysis

to get a web site, how to start is a problem, here with some of their own practice, to share how to analyze a web site. The previous angle was only from the point of view of SEO, and it was analyzed from several dimensions in combination with the accumulation of a period of time.

first share a software, most of the SEO compatriots may know that this is the famous "SEOquake", the official website is """. Why introduce him? Because basically all the information will appear here, and give you two screenshots: read more

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Discuss the way out of SNS website

campus network created the myth of SNS website, and then the emergence of a large number of SNS sites, of course, there are some good fun, home…… Just as hao123 was discovered by Baidu.

But the

SNS website have not fared well, almost did not see the big news reported, according to the SNS website and I feel observation, SNS website coming downhill.

SNS website is currently facing a common problem, the user viscosity by almost widget to maintain, but widget fun endurance in many online games, stand-alone game of flooding is particularly weak, more than two months of interest in the widget population of not more than 5%, then the SNS website "hot" only by new users continue to maintain. New users need a lot of publicity costs, and pull in, can not keep, publicity costs can not be a good recovery, profit is far away. read more

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Do not take corn as dry food gnoring domain names equals murder sites

core tip: domain name is a key link, is the first step in the armed site. Don’t take the domain name too seriously. Don’t take it too seriously". Do not take "corn" as dry food, note, ignore the consequences of domain names may be equivalent to the murder site.

Sina micro-blog independent enabled, the domestic portal and other micro-blog missed, eventually became the only match of sina micro-blog, micro-blog users in the occasion of people rush about telling the news around spreading, for no good domain name does not mean not success. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years to prove a truth, but it takes only three seconds to refute a truth. read more

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nventory sales at the end of the promotion of network marketing techniques

network marketing will often be accompanied by a lot of promotional tools, in this we will do the end of next year market point, see what businesses commonly used network marketing means what?

know these network marketing means, as a businessman, you can learn from it, and as an ordinary Internet users, you can rationally look at the network marketing business commonly used means.

the first method:

is a big promotion of our most common, is a fire sale, some more is facing demolition, and even write 80 percent off sell, really shocked ah, get all want to buy, do not want to buy the heart itch, want to go to see, network marketing will also adopt this way. But do network marketing and promotional products must have a corresponding price advantage can, also is that there are good sources, but as ordinary Internet users, we must note that there are a lot of bad businesses will raise the price by discount promotions, so be sure to keep their eyes open austria. read more

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Amoy King Wang one nternet allows pawning reproduce youth

pawnshop is a living fossil industry. In ancient times, pawn jewelry was exchanged for money, which was more common in the less developed commodity economy. After the business of modern bank like to do mortgage loans to the garage, unlike the traditional pawn service to the poor, the pawn industry high-end services in the affluent population, because a single amount is relatively large, although the customer is not much, but profitability is still very strong, but in the Internet + tide, the Internet can help pawn radiation to civilian areas, accelerate the speed of transactions, and to help complete the loop line of credit. read more

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