HC awards ₹90 lakh compensation to minor rape victim, parents

first_imgThe Punjab and Haryana High Court has awarded a compensation of ₹90 lakh to a minor rape victim and her parents in Punjab’s Faridkot.The court in its order on August 31 had directed the Faridkot Collector to attach the agricultural as well as urban properties of both Nishan Singh, who is serving life imprisonment for rape, and his mother Navjot Kaur, and proceed to recover from sale proceeds thereof the amount of compensation.Faridkot Deputy Commissioner Rajiv Parashar on Wednesday told The Hindu: “We will follow the order of High Court in true letter and spirit. We will initiate necessary action and comply with the order without any delay.” The Bench of Justice A.B. Chaudhari and Justice Inderjit Singh, while pronouncing the order, had observed: “We are aghast to see how a middle class family of the complainant with two daughters was torn into due to rich landholder Nishan Singh and his mother’s rowdy and cruel conduct.”In September 2012, Nishan Singh along with his companions had barged into the house of the 15-year-old victim armed with pistol and iron rods. They dragged the victim’s father and assaulted him with rods causing several injuries. The victim was abducted and her sister and mother were also beaten. The victim was rescued from Goa a month later.The court in its order said Nishan Singh and Navjot Kaur shall pay the total compensation of ₹90 lakh, of which ₹50 lakh should be paid to the victim and ₹20 lakh each to her parents.last_img read more

Types of ileostomy

first_imgAlternate NamesIleostomy – types; Standard ileostomy; Brooke ileostomy; Continent ileostomy; Abdominal pouch; End ileostomy; OstomyDescriptionYou had an injury or disease in your digestive system and needed an operation called an ileostomy. The operation changed the way your body gets rid of waste (stool, feces, or poop).Now you have an opening called a stoma in your belly. Waste will pass through the stoma into a pouch that collects it. You will need to take care of the stoma and empty the pouch many times a day.What to Expect at HomeStool that comes from your ileostomy is thin or thick liquid. It is not solid like the stool that came from your rectum. You must take care of the skin around the stoma.You can still do normal activities, such as traveling, playing sports, swimming, doing things with your family, and working. You will learn how to take care of your stoma and pouch as part of your daily routine. Your ileostomy will not shorten your life.What Does an Ileostomy Do? An ileostomy is a surgically made opening on the skin of the belly. An ileostomy replaces the rectum as the place where waste of the digestive system (stool) leaves the body.Usually the colon (large intestine) absorbs most of the water that you eat and drink. With an ileostomy in place, the colon is no longer being used. This means that the stool from your ileostomy has far more liquid than a typical bowel movement from the rectum.advertisementThe stool now comes outfrom the ileostomy and empties into a pouch that is attached to the skin around your stoma. The pouch is made to fit your body well. You must wear it all the time.The waste that collects will be liquid or pasty, depending on what you eat, what medicines you take, and other things. Waste collects constantly, so you will need to empty the pouch 5- 8 times a day.Standard, Brooke, or End IleostomyThe standard ileostomy is the most common kind of ileostomy that is done.The end of the ileum (part of your small intestine) is pulled through the wall of your abdomen.Then it is sewn to your skin.It is normal that the ileostomy bulges out an inch or so. This makes the ileostomy like a spout, and it protects the skin from being irritated from the stool.Most times, the stoma is placed in the right lower part of the belly on a flat surface of normal, smooth skin.Continent Ileostomy (Abdominal Pouch) A continent ileostomy is a different type of ileostomy.With acontinent ileostomy, a pouch that collects waste is made from part of the small intestine. This pouch stays inside your body, and it connects to your stoma through a valve that your surgeon creates. The valve prevents the stool from constantly draining out, so that you usually do not need to wear a pouch.Waste is drained by putting a tube (catheter) through the stoma a few times each day.Continent ileostomies are not done very often anymore. They can cause many problems that need medical treatment, and sometimes they need to be redone.ReferencesAmerican Cancer Institute. Ileostomy guide. Last revised: 03/17/2011. Accessed 07/08/2012.Cima RR, Pemberton JH. Ileostomy, colostomy, and pouches. In: Feldman M, Friedman LS, Brandt LJ, eds. Sleisenger & Fordtran?s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease. 9th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2010:chap 113.Review Date:7/1/2012Reviewed By:Joshua Kunin, MD, Consulting Colorectal Surgeon, Zichron Yaakov, Israel. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more

From kitchen staples to replicas of clothes sported by movie stars, Hyderabad’s e-stores offer everything at the click of a button.

first_imgArt of GiftingThe one shopVamsi Koka (left) and Vasanta Chigurupati, co-owners, The One Shop. Photo: Krishnendu HalderWith more than a thousand different kinds of interesting gifts to choose from–from marble artefacts from Rajasthan to traditional Etikoppaka woodenware from Andhra, table accessories and white metalware to corporate gifts for festivals–at theoneshop.in,you,Art of GiftingThe one shopVamsi Koka (left) and Vasanta Chigurupati, co-owners, The One Shop. Photo: Krishnendu HalderWith more than a thousand different kinds of interesting gifts to choose from–from marble artefacts from Rajasthan to traditional Etikoppaka woodenware from Andhra, table accessories and white metalware to corporate gifts for festivals–at theoneshop.in,you will truly be spoilt for choice. “Our hot-selling item is custom-printed paper bags,” points out Vamsi Koka, 38, a former business consultant who started this e-store with wife, Vasanta Chigurupati, 34.”My husband wanted to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and I was always interested in handicrafts and artefacts, and so one evening we came up with the idea of a new venture,” recalls Chigurupati, who decided to quit her corporate job the very next day. The wedding season is a busy time for them, what with their client base now expanding to the Indian community in the US and Australia. “Everybody likes a beautiful keepsake and we endeavour to promote Indian crafts through this venture,” shares Koka. Contact theoneshop.inFresh StartTerra GreensThe grass is certainly greener on the organic side these days and Likitha Bhanu, 27, is leaving no leaf unturned to promote healthy eating through Terra Greens. Inspired by her mother’s passion for farming, Bhanu decided to bring her expertise in management and brand building to Terra Greens, which was started by her family in 2012. “The idea was to add a healthy twist to popular products in the market,” says Bhanu. “For instance, one of the most popular staple purchases is suji in the upma segment.advertisementWe have created a wheat daliyaor foxtail millet version of the same. We needed to build on a palate that is already developed so that more people adapt to healthier options of something that they are already familiar with,” she explains. At Terra Greens, one can shop for a variety of readyto-cook meals with all the ingredients including organic dehydrated vegetables, a spice mix and the cereal put together in one pack.”People with fast-paced lifestyles, like most of us today, would find these meals quick-to-prepare, which makes it easier for them to switch to healthy eating options,” says Bhanu. Terra Greens works with over 3,000 farmers to have them grow indigenous grains like millets to create products that are wholesome and healthy for everyone to enjoy. Contact terragreensorganic.comSugar RushMy Sweet ExperiencePadma Kalyan (left) and Ravi Vaka. Photo: Krishnendu HalderA love for all things sweet motivated IIT graduate Ravi Vaka, 31, Padma Kalyan, a former IT professional from the US, and aspiring Telugu actor, Chaitanya Krishna, 25, to start a venture called My Sweet Experience. Their website delivers unique sweets that are not easily accessible in the market. “These are traditional region-specific specialties with a good dose of history to go with each,” says Vaka, who gave up a corporate career to go in search of the original kakinada khajaand pootharekulu.”Did you know that pootharekuluhas a 200-year-old history and that the famous Mysore pak may have originated in Mysore but is made in Ongole as well?” says Kalyan, who has travelled extensively too to know more about these traditional desserts. The trio has recently included Bengali sweets to their inventory and soon intends to add lesser-known desserts from other states as well.”We are Sugar Rush My Sweet Experience Padma Kalyan (left) and Ravi Vaka striving to introduce people to unique sweets like Madugula halwa from the Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh or Tirunelveli halwa from the interiors of Tamil Nadu,” says Vaka. Besides the sweets, you can choose from a limited variety of savouries and pickles too. Contact swtexp.comCereal Entrepreneur Zip.inEveryone likes to handpick the freshest vegetables when they go out grocery shopping. But imagine if someone did it for you and delivered it too? “That’s where we come in,” says Kishore Ganji, 40, whose online venture, Zip.in is all about hassle-free grocery shopping. Order from a variety of more than 1,500 products and have them delivered at your doorstep that very day.The order is brought in their customary colour-coded baskets to ensure you don’t waste time sorting out the edibles from other items. “Unless an order has to be received at one’s workplace, we avoid packing it in a plastic bag,” says Ganji. His knowledge of technology and passion for entrepreneurship have come together for other ventures in the past too, particularly in the US, where he was based until recently.”I’m back home in Hyderabad now, almost full time with Zip.in. These are exciting times to be in India with the startup culture and e-commerce on a new high,” he says. Eventually, he is looking to take the brand pan-India, “After we have built a strong base in the city,” he adds. Contact zip.inadvertisementCity HumourI Love Being Hyderabadi’Some people spend their entire lives striving for perfection and the rest of us are born Hyderabadi,’ reads a poster at the fourth floor office of Syed Saif, 27. An animator by education, he decided to bring Hyderabadi humour on to tees, coffee mugs and posters. “It’s for passionate Hyderabadis like me who are united by humour and our distinct Deccani dialect, regardless of all other identities,” says Saif.One of his slogans reads something like this, ‘Kam aur calm, apan Hyderabadis se dono nahi hota’. Ask him how it all started, and Saif points out to his favourite Baingan Man tee, baingan being a word which could mean anything from weird to goofy and a whole lot in between. “People are crazy about Batman and Superman tees, which inspired me to come up with the character of Baingan Man,” he says.You can shop for tees or tabletop accessories printed with Hyderabadi humour attributed to Baingan Man, featuring a liberal sprinkling of nakkos and kaikus, the typical words from the colouful Hyderabadi dialect. Saif also finds inspiration in Hyderabadi movies produced in the old city; in conversations between friends; “or often on the streets.” This is his ode to Hyderabad. Contact beinghyderabadi.in Star StruckLivastarMamidi Raja (left) and Chinmay Rajula. Photo: Krishnendu HalderMovies and fashion go handin-hand and two ingenious engineering graduates decided to make a business out of it. “I quit my masters in the last semester to pursue this. The idea was to bring the star closer to the viewer and the viewer closer to the star through fashion,” says Chinmay Rajula, 25.Livastar, started in late 2014, makes replicas of the clothes sported by various actors in their films at affordable prices and across various sizes. “Initially, it was very difficult to convince movie producers and get the fashion rights from the designers, but gradually they started to see how a star’s style can make a movie more popular,” says his partner, Mamidi Raja, 24, sporting SRK’s black shirt from Dilwale (2016). It was their first tie-up with a Bollywood film and they are looking to do many more. Contact livastar.comlast_img read more

Team India won’t take Zimbabwe lightly, says Dhawal Kulkarni

first_imgGujarat Lions’ fantastic performance in the debut season was largely because of their bowlers. The finesse and accuracy at display by the likes of Praveen Kumar, Dwane Bravo and Dhawal Kulkarni was laudable. Kulkarni led Gujarat’s attack and finished as the highest wicket-taker for his franchise with 18 wickets in 14 matches, earning a call-up to the Indian team for the upcoming Zimbabwe tour.The touring Indian side led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni is relatively young. The Indian pace battery consists of Jasprit Bumrah, Barinder Sran, Jaydev Unadkat and Kulkarni. With three relatively young and new bowlers in the set-up, Kulkarni being the senior most, debuting back in 2014, has to put his hands up and perform if he has to retain his place in the squad.THE MAGIC FORMULAKeeping it simple. That’s exactly what Kulkarni  has done throughout the IPL and it paid dividends, with his return into the Indian set-up being the best.Talking about his performance before leaving for Zimbabwe, Kulkarni said: “Everywhere you go and wherever you play, you have to stick to your basics and back your stock ball and my stock ball is to hit the right line and length and that’s what I kept doing with the new ball. There has been a lot of practice behind that and that’s what helped me in this IPL. The difference was the number of wickets that I got. I have been consistent, it’s just that the hard work put in for my bowling paid off in the IPL and looking forward to the Zimbabwe tour. ” (Also Read: Mahendra Singh Dhoni sidesteps captaincy debate ahead of Zimbabwe tour )RESPECTING OPPONENTSadvertisementThe Zimbabwean side has never been the same once the likes of Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Heath Streak retired. Time and again they have tried to stand up and have got some talented players like Brendan Taylor and Charles Coventry in their ranks but none have really replicated the feats of those players back in the early 2000’s.However, talking about the Zimbabwean team and India’s new look side, Kulkarni sounded respectful and talked about performing when the opportunity arrives for the youngsters. (Also Read: MS Dhoni to lead India in Zimbabwe, uncapped Shardul Thakur in Test squad )”I feel you have to keep your mind clear and not underestimate any opposition and perform no matter what the opposition is. This is a young team and energy levels are high. There are few experienced players, they are have played a lot of domestic cricket, so won t say they are inexperienced, this is a good team, players have performed well in the IPL and the confidence will be high.”The first ODI of the three match series is scheduled to be played on June 11, followed by the 2nd match on 13th and third on 15th. All the matches will be played at Harare.last_img read more


first_imgCacic said the incidents off the field could have Cacic said the incidents off the field could have adversely affected his team. “My players lost their strengths, they might have been worried to see their relatives in the stands,” Cacic said. The late reverse undid all Croatias good work during a match it dominated with midfielders Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic dictating the tempo with their quick passes and pinpoint crosses. Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech was under pressure almost from the kickoff after failing to clear a back pass properly. Croatia forward Mario Mandzukic then went close with a header that Cech tipped over the bar. But it wasnt until the 37th minute that Croatia took the lead when Perisic picked up the ball, produced a fine step-over before firing a low angled shot into the corner of the Czech net. Rakitic made it 2-0 after beating the offside trap. After his chipped goal, Rakitic celebrated by embracing captain Darijo Srna, who returned to France this week after attending his fathers funeral. “Its a strange situation, we were a much better team and should have scored two, or three more goals to take the three points,” Rakitic said, before condemning the violent Croatian fans. “I think most of our supporters are true supporters. But just ten individuals can make problems,” he said. “The Croatian FA is fighting against this. We just have to say sorry. Hopefully UEFA can understand this. In our next qualifiers well have to play in empty stadiums because of stupid supporters.” Croatia is second behind Spain in Group D with four points, three more than the Czech Republic. Spain won its second straight game when it beat Turkey 3-0 in the groups other match. The result means Spain has qualified for the knockout stages of the competition. AP AH AHadvertisementlast_img read more

Snapdragon 653, 626 and 427 bring dual-camera support to mid-range phones

first_imgQualcomm has announced three new processors in its Snapdragon 600 and 400 series. The company made the announcement at its 4G:5G summit in Hong Kong yesterday. The three new porcessors are Snapdragon 653, Snapdragon 626 and Snapdragon 427. The new processors are aimed at “supporting enhanced user experiences and connectivity for high performance and high volume mobile devices”. Since these are successor to earlier Snapdragon processors, the new chips are designed to deliver better performance than their predecessors. The company has extended the support for dual-camera setup, that was limited to Snapdragon 800, to the latest processors too. All three processors also support Qualcomm’s Quick Charging 3.0 technology. Qualcomm is expected to commercially launch the 653 and 626 by end of this year and the Snapdragon 427 should launch by early 2017.Snapdragon 653: The successor to Snapdragon 652 now supports 8GB RAM. It is also pin and software compatible with Snapdragon 650 and 652.The 653 is using the X9 LTE modem, which is an improvement over X8 in Snapdragon 652. The new SoC also adds support for Qualcomm’s Clear Sight technology for dual-camera setup. The Snapdragon 653 also uses a combination of 4 A72 cores and 4 A53 cores like the 652. However, the company has increased the A72 core clock speed to 1.95 GHz.Snapdragon 626: The Snapdragon 626 is the successor to power efficient 625 . The new SoC promises up to 10 per cent better performance than the Snapdragon 625.  Just like the 653, the Snapdragon 626 also has Clear Sight support. It also uses the X9 LTE modem. Qualcomm hasn’t changed the core structure of the 626 compared to Snapdragon 625. The new SoC also uses an 8 A53 core configuration, with an increased clock speed of 2.2GHz.advertisementSnapdragon 427: The biggest update over the predecessor comes with the Snapdragon 427. The 425 is a low-end processor with X6 LTE modem. The new SoC has X9 LTE support, which means substantial improvement in LTE speed from Category 4 to Category 7. Qualcomm has also added the Clear Sight technology support in the Snapdragon 427, however, we don’t expect a budget phone to sport dual-camera any time soon. With the Clear Sight support on Snapdragon 626 and Snapdragon 653, we can expect to see dual-camera setup on mid-range phones soon.Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, said, “It has always been Qualcomm Technologies’ strategy to introduce industry-leading features first at the premium Snapdragon 800 tier design point, and then scale these features into our other Snapdragon products.” “A great example of this strategy is the use of dual camera for capturing high quality photos that now range across our portfolio, including our 400 series mobile solution. Doing this allows our customers and smartphone developers to reach a broad subscriber base with advanced features and great end-user experiences,” he added.last_img read more

(Rpt after inserting a word in the intro)

first_imgBairstow douses fire Stoked by Virat?s send-off By Kushan Sarkar Mohali, Nov 26 (PTI) The British medias no love lost attitude towards Virat Kohli was evident once again as they tried to ask questions about Indian captains exchange of words with Ben Stokes after the latters dismissal but performer of the day Jonny Bairstow was in no mood to fan the fire. The incident happened during the 44th over in the post lunch session. Stokes, who had played the spinners well till that point, was foxed by Ravindra Jadeja and stumped by Parthiv Patel. As he was leaving, the TV replays showed Virat giving Stokes, who is also feisty character, a send-off. The England all-rounder stopped and turned back to reply as umpire Marais Erasmus had a word with the Indian captain. Funnily, both non-striker Jonny Bairstow, closest to the ?incident?, and Indian pacer Umesh Yadav, farthest from it, said that they are both unaware as to what transpired between the two. At the end of the day?s play, Bairstow was asked about whether ?send-offs? are in good taste referring to the Virat-Stokes incident but the wicketkeeper-batsman gave a nice reply putting end to the minor controversy then and there. “It depends on what context what it is said. I actually didnt hear anything to be very honest with you with a lot of squealing people in the crowd and screaming. The exact words that were said, I wouldnt be able to put my finger on. It?s something thats probably going more out of the game,” Bairstow made it clear that he doesn?t want to indulge in the controversy. Bairstow feels that passion tends to be high when one represents the country. “Verbals and things like that if you go back ten years, it was a bigger part of the game and there has been a lot of clampdown. At the same time, you also got to respect the fact that you have got guys out there who are very passionate, representing the country in the heat of the battle and at some point there are going to be words said thats the nature of professional sport,” Bairstow gave a nice reply which was as matured as the innings that he played. “We are adults and that?s something that comes with or against playing sport and I am sure there have been some hiccups. But I don?t know what was said as I don?t get involved with all that stuff.” While Bairstow gave an elaborate reply, Umesh was evasive at best when one among the visiting media asked the same question. “Seriously, I don?t have an idea as to what happened as I was not there. I don?t know what the umpire said to Virat and Stokes. No idea, what the communication was.” This was the second instance that British media has tried to rake up controversy after veiled allegations of ball tampering against the Indian Test captain with inconclusive footages of him applying saliva to the ball during the first Test at Rajkot. PTI KHS BS PDSadvertisementlast_img read more

Next For Jets: Peyton Manning

first_imgFLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Rex Ryan already knew facing Peyton Manning is a daunting task in any week.But the fact the Denver Broncos quarterback is heading to New York five touchdown passes away from tying Brett Favre’s career record? Well, that just doesn’t sit well with the Jets coach.“Oh, God,” said a wide-eyed Ryan, drawing laughs, when informed of the impending milestone. “Let’s hope he doesn’t do it this week.”That, of course, would likely mean bad things for the Jets, who have lost four in a row and are trying to save their season before it spirals out of control. Going up against the soon-to-be touchdown tossing king isn’t exactly the ideal cure for the team’s woes.Manning, who has 503 career TD passes, threw for a career-high 479 yards last weekend with four scores in a 41-20 win over Arizona, tying Dan Marino for the most 400-yard games in NFL history with 13. Ryan was asked if the thought of Manning breaking the record against the Jets entered his mind.“No, I’m not going into the game thinking we’re going to give up five touchdown passes,” he said. “He’s beat me enough through the years. He doesn’t need to break the record against me.”Ryan is 2-5 in his career against Manning, as both a defensive coordinator with Baltimore and as a head coach with New York. One of those wins came in 2009, when Manning was pulled early to prevent injury with the playoff-bound Indianapolis Colts entering the game 14-0.And, if a five-touchdown game for Manning sounds like a stretch, he has thrown at least that many nine times in his career — eight in the regular season.That includes a seven-TD performance against Baltimore in last year’s season opener that tied an NFL record. Manning also has had five touchdown passes six times, including the playoffs, with the most recent coming against Kansas City last December.So, yeah, it’s very possible. “It’s a huge challenge for our defense,” linebacker David Harris said. “We’re facing the best quarterback of all time.”Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman laughed and shook his head when he was asked how the Jets can stop Manning.“That is really funny,” Thurman said. “Everybody has jokes. Nobody else has (stopped him), right? Has anybody else stopped him?” Well, not many.Manning is off to another terrific start, with 12 touchdowns and three interceptions in the Broncos’ 3-1 start. While the touchdown mark is the headline, he also needs just 203 yards to pass Jake Plummer (11,631) for the fourth-most yards passing in Broncos history, and 335 to pass Brian Griese (11,763) for third. And it’s only Manning’s third season with the franchise.New York’s defense is ranked No. 6 overall, in terms of yardage allowed, but has struggled against the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford and Philip Rivers in recent weeks. The Jets realize they need to get in Manning’s face and make him uncomfortable to have a shot at slowing him down. But, as Ryan knows, that’s easier said than done.“You can’t give him as clear a picture as he wants it to be,” Ryan said. “I think if he has a clear picture, he’s just going to carve you up. You’ve got to change some things on him.”That means mixing up defensive schemes, blitzing packages, pass-rushing pressure and coverage in the secondary.“We’ve got our hands full,” Harris said. It also means the Jets won’t rely much on old film of their successes against Manning.“He has probably studied all of that stuff already,” Thurman said. “From what I understand, he has a projector at home and has two or three different guys breaking down tapes for him two or three weeks ahead of time. He has already done that stuff. So if we go backward, we are probably playing in his wheelhouse.”The Jets got their first interception of the season last week, and trying to force turnovers has been a focus. New York is also tied for the league lead with 17 sacks, so the Jets’ front seven could be plenty active on Oct. 12th.“I’m certainly no expert on how to stop him,” Ryan said. “We’ve had some battles through the years and he’s gotten the better of it a lot of times. But, I’m not just going to sit in there and just play one or two coverages.”(DENNIS WASZAK Jr., AP Sports Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Leighton Baines steps up to crown epic Everton comeback against Watford

first_imgDavid Unsworth may not land the Everton manager’s job he craves but he will never receive a better endorsement of his ability to generate spirit and fight in a team than what transpired on a truly remarkable evening at Goodison Park. The first win of his temporary reign came with passion, pandemonium, a 91st-minute penalty and a 100th-minute penalty miss. “I need a lie down,” said Unsworth after a breathless encounter in which Everton refused to do exactly that.Watford deservedly led 2-0 just after the hour and Goodison was stirring in revolt against an Everton team looking every inch the relegation candidate. The team, improved by Unsworth’s substitutions, pulled them back from the brink. The indefatigable Oumar Niasse instigated the fightback, Dominic Calvert-Lewin levelled and Leighton Baines converted a high-stakes penalty in injury time, replacing Unsworth as Everton’s all-time leading penalty scorer in the process.It did not end there. In the 10th of 12 minutes added on for significant injuries to Heurelho Gomes and Christian Kabasele, Watford won a penalty of their own when Jordan Pickford fouled Richarlison. Tom Cleverley, a former Everton midfielder, stepped up in the absence of the suspended Troy Deeney. Goodison had a collective seizure. Cleverley missed. View gallery Everton Sigurdsson should have levelled when Niasse picked him out unmarked in front of goal but, similarly to Baines in the first half, he shot too close to Heurelho Gomes and the visiting keeper saved comfortably. The keeper suffered a head injury when dealing with Rooney’s cross from the rebound, colliding with Kabasele, and his departure contributed to Everton’s recovery. But the home side were two goals in arrears when the comeback began.Christian Kabasele powered in a header from Kiko Femenía’s corner to double Watford’s advantage. Goodison erupted in anger but was soon given hope by Niasse, who capitalised on hesitation between Gomes’ replacement, the debutant Orestis Karnezis, and José Holebas as they attempted to deal with Ademola Lookman’s ball down the left. Niasse nipped in and his touch trickled over the line as Kabasele fouled him from behind. The introduction of Calvert-Lewin for Rooney paid swift dividends. Watford left the striker completely unmarked as Baines swept a corner to the back post and the England Under-21 forward punished the oversight with a close-range header. Another costly set-piece lapse for Silva’s team.Goodison was now in tumult, particularly when Holebas gave Everton the chance to win the game and possibly turn their season by conceding a late penalty. Aaron Lennon, Unsworth’s third substitution, flicked the ball over the left-back and was impeded when Holebas slipped in his path. “A harsh decision,” said a visibly enraged Silva, who refused to discuss the Everton links. After a lengthy wait, and with the weight of a relegation struggle on his shoulders, Baines fired the spot-kick beyond Karnezis’ despairing dive. Cleverley failed to do likewise, leaving Unsworth to depart with a hug for each of his players and a kiss to the crowd. Share on Messenger Topics Premier League Share via Email match reports Share on Pinterest Watfordcenter_img Share on LinkedIn Álvaro Morata heads Chelsea to victory over Manchester United Share on Twitter Read more Share on Facebook It now falls to Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s major shareholder, to appoint the club’s next manager. Sam Allardyce, assisted by Craig Shakespeare, is being given serious consideration by the Everton hierarchy. Watford’s Marco Silva is also of interest. At the last, and after three demoralising defeats, Unsworth promoted his claims too. “It is difficult to say what it will mean,” said Everton’s caretaker manager on the implications of victory on his job prospects. “But what we gave in the second half was what I’d say was a real Everton performance, full of heart and character. That is how you should play.”Unsworth has been the model of discretion on the subject of the imbalanced squad bequeathed to him by Ronald Koeman and the director of football, Steve Walsh, but his selections have damned several expensive signings and senior players. Morgan Schneiderlin joined the list of expensive absentees against Watford after his woeful season reached a new low with an unprofessional red card against Lyon.There was an improvement in Everton’s pressing game during a flat first half but their lack of width and quality in the final third was again telling. Unsworth repeated the tried and mistrusted combination of Wayne Rooney and Gylfi Sigurdsson behind the hard-working Niasse. Both toiled yet again and were substituted to good effect.Watford did not recapture the form that scared Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and has produced three away wins this season, but were dangerous throughout. Richarlison should have opened the scoring shortly before half-time when released by the prominent Andre Gray but hit the side-netting having rounded the Everton goalkeeper. He made no mistake with his next opportunity.Only 30 seconds had elapsed in the second half when Silva’s side exposed Everton’s weakness against the counterattack. Michael Keane was second best in a challenge with André Carrillo and suddenly Watford had two men against only Jonjoe Kenny. Gray clipped his pass to Richarlison, who again rounded Pickford and converted from close range. A roller-coaster of a second half was under way. 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first_imgWith the Queensland Junior State Cup coming up, South East Queensland affiliates are on the move, preparing their juniors for the biggest event of the year.SEQ will be holding 3 lead up events at:Redlands on the 21st of MayToowoomba on the 11th JuneGold Coast on the 25th JuneThe 3 events are being linked into a Tri-Series (SEQ Junior Tri-Series) format and teams will accumulate points from each event with an eventual overall winner in each division.  The Tri-Series has attracted sponsorship from Delfin (Lend Lease) and great support from TFQ.  There will be some great prizes for the winning teams in each division.For more information and contact details, please read the following brochure: SEQ JUNIOR CUP INFOlast_img read more

Construction of Amsterdam Ports New Lock Gathers Pace

first_imgzoom The outlines of the new sea lock at the entrance of the North Sea Canal, a Dutch ship canal from Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden, are now becoming clearly visible from the air. In the coming months, consortium Open IJ plans to continue the construction of the two lock heads and the lock chamber walls, the Port of Amsterdam said. On the construction site, the lock chamber walls are springing up – about 7.5 meters of them are being built each day. In the ground, the first 120 meters of a total of 1,650 meters of diaphragm wall have been completed.Additionally, the cofferdam of the lock gate chamber of the inner lock head has been drained. The cofferdam of the outer lock head will follow at the end of the month. The port said that the concreting works will start as soon as the cofferdams have been drained.Aimed at improving the accessibility of the port, offering space for the ever growing ships independent of the tidal levels, the new lock will be 500 meters long.Separately, the Port of Amsterdam said it plans, together with Rotterdam-based oil storage company Vopak, to invest in additional vessel handling infrastructure at Vopak Terminal Amsterdam Westpoort.Under the plan, one jetty will be extended with one berth for seagoing vessels, and a new quay wall with two berths for barges will be built.This will bring the total number of berths to four for seagoing vessels and ten for barges by the end of 2018.Pumping capacity at the terminal will also be increased, according to the Port of Amsterdam.“The high throughput volumes at our … terminal can occasionally result in queues for vessels and barges. This investment will increase the vessel handling capabilities at our terminal,” Ramon Ernst, Managing Director Vopak Terminal Amsterdam Westpoort, explained.As disclosed, the new infrastructure will be highly automated and fully connected to the vapor recovery unit.Furthermore, the Port of Amsterdam revealed it intends to buy energy for ships mooring in the port in partnership with EXE and Senfal without the intervention of an energy supplier.“Our aim is to ultimately be able to meet the port’s energy needs through our own green energy generation. This shore power project is a forerunner of this,” Robin Schipper, Port of Amsterdam’s Sustainable Energy Programme Manager, said.last_img read more

Nova Scotia Recognizes Thirteen Firefighters

first_imgSome of Nova Scotia’s longest-serving firefighters were recognized today, Oct 5, at a special ceremony in Truro, in honour of 25 years of dedication to fire services. Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour, awarded 13 recipients from across the province with the Fire Services Long Service Medal. “Firefighters deserve the support and recognition of all of us because of their valuable contributions to Nova Scotian communities,” said Mr. Parent. “I am pleased that all exemplary service medals given out in the past and in the future will now receive provincial recognition. Our firefighters deserve it.” Since 1980, the Office of the Fire Marshal has been awarding exemplary service medals to firefighters who have helped serve and protect Nova Scotia communities. The medals had not previously been officially recognized in legislation. The award is issued to any person who serves as a firefighter for 25 years and who received a federally issued medal for 20 years of service. “Our fire-service professionals in Nova Scotia appreciate the support and recognition of government,” said Tom Bremner, president of the Fire Service Association of Nova Scotia. “Firefighting is one of the most important services in the province because it is present in every community.” Below is list of recipients receiving long service medals at today’s ceremony: Noel White, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Greg MacDonald, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Arnold Wood, Parrsboro Fire Department Wendall MacLeod, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services David MacLeod, Department of National Defence Fire Services Bernard MacKinnon, Cape Breton Regional Municipality Fire Services Joe Mannette, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Ricky Thomas Banks, Shag Harbour-Bear Point Fire Department Edward Wesley Nickerson, Shag Harbour-Bear Point Fire Department William Thompson, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Kevin Boates, Truro Fire Service Edward Paul LeBlanc, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Keith Hatchard, Annapolis Royal Fire Department Since 1980, the Office of the Fire Marshal has given out more than 2,500 long-service medals to volunteer and paid firefighters in Nova Scotia.last_img read more

Can the Liberals go bold on skills training in budget 2019

first_imgThe story below was published on Macleans.ca on Feb. 21, 2019:OTTAWA – For his last budget before next fall’s federal election, Finance Minister Bill Morneau is signalling that he plans to highlight skills training. It’s a natural policy gap for the Liberals to try to fill. They’ve made a push to help parents raise kids, through their signature Canada Child Benefit. They’ve put serious reforms in the window for the retirement years by enriching the Canada Pension Plan and boosting the Guaranteed Income Supplement. But for what comes between childhood and retirement — the working years when Canadians increasingly worry about having to adjust to technological change — they haven’t staked nearly as clear a claim to bringing in bold policy.Yet any election-ready skills announcements in Morneau’s 2019 budget, which he’ll table on March 19, are bound to raise awkward questions about what’s happened up to now — or not happened. Way back in his 2017 budget, Morneau committed $225 million over four years to establish something called FutureSkills Lab, an agency with a mandate to devise new ideas in training for a fast-evolving, technology-driven economy. The name has since been dulled down to Future Skills Centre, but its long-awaited launch isn’t expected until mid-February, when the government is also planning to finally announce the members of a long-promised advisory group called the Future Skills Council.READ MORE: Federal Liberals to release pre-election budget on March 19The ponderous pace at which these modest steps have rolled out suggests Ottawa finds moving decisively difficult when it comes to skills policy and programs. It can be a frustratingly complicated field. The provinces have the main jurisdiction over education, making any federal incursion into it a test of federal-provincial diplomacy. Still, pressure for Ottawa to act is mounting as the pace of workplace change, especially with the spread of artificial intelligence, accelerates. “We’re going to have an increasingly large challenge to retrain or upskill existing workers in our workforce,” says Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute at Ryerson University in Toronto.Mullin’s think tank on innovation has estimated 42 per cent of Canadian workers are at risk of seeing their jobs eliminated or dramatically changed by automation over the next two decades. And Morneau has repeatedly cited this as a pressing problem. But what to do about it? Mullin casts the challenge in sweeping historical terms. The public school system arose to teach millions what they needed to move from farming to industrial work. As more jobs demanded more sophisticated skills, universities and colleges expanded rapidly. “But we don’t have the system right now to take someone who’s 35, 45, whose occupation or even entire sector is being eliminated, and make sure they continue to be productive members of society,” Mullin says.Some of the most fully thought-out proposals for skills policy focus, so far, not on mid-career upgrades but on the traditional education system designed mainly for young people starting out. For instance, the Business/Higher Education Roundtable, set up in 2015 by the Business Council of Canada, is urging Morneau to make a big push in what’s called “work-integrated learning.” Building on a $73-million, four-year program to subsidize student summer jobs, which the Liberals launched in 2017, the roundtable is asking the government to put up another $320 million over three years, which would be nearly matched by about $300 million from employers, to give more than 80,000 students a chance at that key early work experience.Another idea would see the federal government boost support for overseas education. The Study Group on Global Education, co-chaired by University of Ottawa professor Roland Paris, a former foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been lobbying for federal funding to send many more Canadian students abroad, which the group touts as essential — not some frill — in a globalized economy.These proposals wouldn’t address the growing anxiety about what to do when, for example, hundreds of middle-aged auto workers in Oshawa, Ont., suddenly find they need to switch jobs. Among the ideas popping up in the pre-budget chatter are so-called “wrap-arounds,” the term used to describe government financial support of, say, child care or transit costs for a working parent who enrols in retraining. There’s also talk of tax incentives for workers to save for taking just that sort of break from work to upgrade skills.None of these ideas, however, come close to Mullin’s concept of a whole new institutional framework for retraining. Maybe concepts as sweeping as Mullin’s will emerge eventually from the Future Skills Centre or the Future Skills Council — but they’ll be too late for this spring’s budget or the fall election to follow.last_img read more

Annual Rush HeARTS Education Valentines Luncheon To Take Place In New York

first_imgThe Annual Rush HeARTS Education Valentine’s Luncheon will take place on February 13.This year’s event will honor Daymond John (CEO & Founder of FUBU, star of ABC’s Shark Tank), Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers, CC and Amber Sabathia, and featured artist Shantell Martin for their careers and philanthropic achievements, and their unyielding dedication to youth, arts and education initiatives. Kimora Lee Simmons and Tim Leissner will serve as the Event Chairs. The event will celebrate The Amazing Rush Kids, feature a special guest performance and music by DJ M.O.S. & DJ Kiss.The Annual Rush HeARTS Education Valentine’s Luncheon raises funds for Rush’s Education programs for New York City’s inner city youth. Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation programs (Rush Galleries in the Schools, and Rush Little Kids, Rush Kids, Rush Teens and Rush Movers) are designed to inspire students, provide positive alternatives to high-risk behaviors, and support increased academic performance, by filling a void and providing arts education programs in public schools and through afterschool and weekend sessions.Now celebrating it’s 20th year Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation was founded in 1995 by brothers Russell, Danny and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, as a 501c3 organization, dedicated to providing inner-city youth with significant exposure and access to the arts, and to offering exhibition opportunities for emerging and underrepresented artists. Over the past 20 years, Rush has developed a broad base of friends, collaborators and supporters dedicated to supporting its mission. In addition to the 3,000 students served annually in its education programs, each year Rush exhibits the work of over 100 emerging and community-based artists in its galleries, and welcomes over 10,000 gallery visitors to its spaces in Chelsea, Manhattan (Rush Arts Gallery) and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (Corridor Gallery). For more information, visit www.rushphilanthropic.org.WHEN: Friday, February 13, 2015WHERE: The Plaza Hotel – The Grand Ballroom768 5th Avenue at Central Park South New Yorklast_img read more

Woman Suicide Bomber Injures 9 in Tunisia

Rabat- A 30-year-old female suicide bomber blew herself up Monday afternoon in Tunis, injuring nine people.Habib Bourguiba Avenue, in the center of Tunis, was shaken by a “terrorist explosion” that wounded eight policemen and one civilian, Tunisian interior ministry spokesman Sofiene Zaag told Agence France Presse (AFP).Officials say the explosion took place near police vehicles and Le Palmarium shopping center in the city’s busiest location which is often frequented by tourists. Mohamed Ekbal bin Rajib, an eyewitness, told Reuters, “I was in front of the theatre and heard a huge explosion and saw people fleeing.”Photos of the suicide bomber’s corpse at the scene have circulated social media. Tunisia, especially its capital city has been haunted by terrorist attacks since 2015, when a mass shooting by Islamist terrorists claimed the lives of 21 foreign tourists at Bardo Museum in Tunis. read more

AsiaPacific nations wrap up UN forum with plan to advance progress on

The agreed action plan comes at the end of three days of high-level talks by representatives of 34 Asia-Pacific nations, organized by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the UN Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and other UN co-sponsors.The meeting marked the first time that officials from national health, justice, law enforcement, social development and drug control agencies in the region came together at a single forum, according to a news release issued by ESCAP. They were joined by people living with HIV as well as representatives from populations most affected by HIV, including sex workers, people who use drugs, men who have sex with men and transgender people, to review the region’s progress towards commitments on AIDS. “This is Asia-Pacific at its best – showing leadership, fore-thinking and spirit of collaboration, underlining the powerful force of this region,” the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on HIV, Nafis Sadik, told delegates. The action plan calls for increased collaboration between government ministries, including health, justice, public security, police and drug control in genuine partnership with civil society and key affected populations. The meeting also reviewed strategies to move from a punitive to a more rights-based approach with regards to legal and policy barriers impeding access to HIV services. It also emphasized the importance of protecting the manufacture, export and import of life-saving generic medicines.Participants reported significant progress in a number of areas, including reduction of new HIV infections, an increase in the number of people receiving anti-retroviral treatment and expansion of programmes to reach key affected populations most at risk. An estimated 4.9 million people were living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific in 2009, according to a UNAIDS report launched last year. The majority of them are living in 11 countries: Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Viet Nam.The report found that the region has seen a 20 per cent drop in new infections between 2001 and 2009, and a three-fold increase in access to antiretroviral therapy since 2006. At the same time, it warned that this progress is threatened by an inadequate focus on key populations at higher risk of HIV infection and insufficient funding from both domestic and international sources. 10 February 2012Asia-Pacific nations at a United Nations meeting in Bangkok have agreed to boost cooperation and to develop regional accountability mechanisms and financing modalities to accelerate progress towards global HIV/AIDS commitments. read more

Darfur UNAfrican Union mission calls for unhindered access to site of recent

The mission, known as UNAMID, has received reports of looting, arson and civilian casualties as a result of the violence over the past several days in the vicinity of Um Gunya, located approximately 50 kilometres south-east of the South Darfur capital of Nyala. The violence has also led to the arrival of newly displaced populations into the Al Salam and Kalma camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs), the mission said in a press statement. “Peacekeepers have attempted to access the affected areas on several occasions, but have been denied passage by the authorities,” it stated.“UNAMID calls upon the authorities to allow the mission unhindered and immediate access to these areas, so that it can carry out its core activity for the protection of civilians as mandated by the African Union and the United Nations and as consented to by the Government of Sudan.”While the number of displaced is believed to be in the thousands, the mission is not currently in a position to provide any numbers. “Until we can get in there, it’s going to be hard for us to determine specific numbers of those displaced or the extent of the damage done,” UNAMID spokesperson Christopher Cycmanick said in an interview with UN Radio. The security situation has deteriorated over the course of last year and remains volatile in Darfur, which has witnessed fighting since 2003 between rebel groups and Government forces and their allies, militiamen known as the Janjaweed. Senior UN officials have repeatedly called on all sides to join negotiations aimed at achieving a permanent ceasefire and comprehensive peace for the people of the strife-torn region. read more

Advanced Stats Love Jackie Robinson

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day, honoring the 67th anniversary of Robinson eradicating baseball’s color barrier. The eponymous event, which fills baseball fields with the spectacle of countless players sporting No. 42, is a great reminder of Robinson’s legacy. It’s also a prime occasion to remind people that — despite his legendary small-ball artistry — yes, sabermetrics thinks he was an awe-inspiring ballplayer, too.The topic recalls a great Rob Neyer post from more than a decade ago. Writing during the height of baseball’s culture wars (“Moneyball” had been published a month earlier), Neyer attacked the notion that sabermetrics wouldn’t have appreciated the skills of Robinson and other speedy African-American players (such as Rickey Henderson, whose playing style and tremendous value made him, in many ways, Robinson’s spiritual descendant).“You can accuse Bill James and sabermetrics of many things, but you cannot accuse them of not appreciating Jackie Robinson and Rickey Henderson,” Neyer wrote. “Those two brilliant players — not to mention Joe Morgan and Willie Mays and Cool Papa Bell and Barry Bonds, and hey let’s not forget Henry Aaron and Frank Robinson and Tony Gwynn and Eddie Murray — could play for any general manager.“If you think that sabermetrics doesn’t have a place for them,” he continued, “then you don’t understand sabermetrics. Because there’s not yet been a sabermetrician born who wouldn’t drool at the thought of Rickey Henderson and Jackie Robinson at the top of his imaginary lineup.”Yes, Robinson ranks just 108th all-time among position players in lifetime wins above replacement. But that’s a function of the late start he got to his career (he was a rookie at age 28) and his relatively short playing stint. Robinson was the National League’s seventh-best position player by WAR in 1948, his second season, then led the senior circuit in the statistic in 1949, 1951 and 1952, while also finishing second in 1950 and fifth in 1953.By 1954, Robinson was 36 and his quickness was on the wane (that year he posted a career-low speed score of 4.6, the only time he was ever below the league average of 5.0). He would retire after two more seasons. But that 1948-53 peak was as good as anybody’s ever been. Literally. Only four position players in MLB history — Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner and Lou Gehrig — had more WAR between the ages of 29 and 34. Numbers like that are why, despite Robinson’s short career, James ranked Robinson as the fourth-best second baseman ever in “New Historical Baseball Abstract.”So much for sabermetrics underappreciating Robinson’s skills.WAR can measure Robinson’s terrifying impact on the basepaths (he generated 31 more runs than an average player). WAR also takes into account his defensive value — total zone data estimates that Robinson saved 81 more runs than an average defender (primarily at second base, but with a little third base, first base and outfield mixed in). According to defensive WAR, Robinson saved the Brooklyn Dodgers 10 wins with his defense, combining his contributions relative to position and the importance of those positions in the overall structure of the defense.Most importantly, though, WAR accounts for the fact that Robinson was 261 runs better than average with his bat. Because of the highlight-reel baserunning plays, people often forget that Robinson was also an incredible hitter. He topped a .295 batting average eight times, winning the NL batting crown in 1949 with a .342 average. He also had the majors’ seventh-highest on-base percentage during the course of his career (1947-56), drawing a walk on 12.8 percent of his plate appearances in addition to his outstanding ability to hit for average. And his isolated power was 19 points better than the league average, so Robinson had some pop (even if his slugging percentage was driven in part by 54 career triples).In sum, Robinson was an all-around sabermetric star. There isn’t an area of the game where the advanced stats don’t consider him very good, if not one of the best ever. The notion that somehow Robinson has lost his luster as we learn more about what makes for winning baseball couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, sabermetric stats help us appreciate Robinson’s greatness even more. read more

First ever image of chemical bonds being broken and formed

first_imgChemical bonds and molecular structure have proven experimentally accurate in organic chemistry research labs all over the world, but few suspected the models would look so close to reality. A team of researchers from The Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab have acquired images of bonds breaking and forming during a chemical reaction, and the real molecules look like they’re copied out of the textbook diagrams.Scientists have been using mountains of data and complicated models to come up with a working understanding of molecular bonding, and it’s served us well for a good long time. This new discovery again validates the rigors of the scientific process, much like the recent paper showing the hydrogen atom’s electron orbital looking very much like quantum wave functions predict.The images published in Science show several molecules, starting with oligo-(phenylene-1,2-ethynylenes), which is a cluster of three benzene rings linked with carbon chains. Placed next to the skeletal diagram, it’s a stunningly good match. After initiating a temperature-dependant organic reaction, the experiment was imaged again. The reaction products were present, and they too looked exactly as predicted by the models.Most imaging of molecular-scale objects is done with a scanning tunneling microscope, but not this time (it wouldn’t have been nearly sensitive enough). The Berkeley team used a device called the noncontact atomic force microscope (nc-AFM). The reaction took place on a flat silver substrate, which was then probed with the nc-AFM. Unlike an electron microscope, the nc-AFM measures faint atomic forces with a “needle” consisting of a single carbon monoxide molecule.The oxygen atom hangs down and is mechanically deflected by the electronic forces present in the sample. It’s a little bit like a record player needle running along the grooves of a 45. The nc-AFM needle can detect not only the atoms themselves, but the forces representing the bonds holding molecules together.Perhaps the most interesting thing about this procedure is that the reaction did not work exactly as expected. The ratio of products was off, and sometimes the most interesting result in science is an unexpected one. The researchers believe nc-AFM technology has a lot to tell us about how chemical reactions work in practice.last_img read more

La Coupe du Monde sera verte

first_imgLa Coupe du Monde sera verteAfrique du Sud – C’est demain que sera donné le coup d’envoi de la Coupe du Monde 2010 en Afrique du Sud. Et cette coupe prendra une importante dimension écologique via plusieurs projets visant à réduire les émissions de dioxyde de carbone engendrées par l’événement.L’initiative émane du Programme des Nations unies pour l’environnement (Pnue) associé au Fonds pour l’environnement mondial (FEM), et au Département des affaires environnementales du gouvernement d’Afrique du Sud.À lire aussiJournée mondiale de l’environnement : Quelques astuces pour un mode de vie plus écolo au bureauTrois projets principaux visant à faire de la Coupe du Monde un événement à la fois sportif et tourné vers la protection de l’environnement ont été mis en place. Le premier consiste en l’implantation de systèmes d’énergies renouvelables dans les six villes qui accueilleront des matchs de la Coupe du Monde. Douze panneaux d’affichage seront ainsi alimentés à l’énergie solaire, comme soixante feux de signalisation et soixante-dix-huit lampadaires.Une vaste campagne de sensibilisation sur le tourisme vert sera par ailleurs lancée, financée comme les installations de production d’énergie renouvelable par le FEM. Une brochure de 32 pages baptisée Le Passeport, contenant des informations sur le tourisme responsable dans chaque ville hôte de l’événement sera distribuée aux 100.000 spectateurs attendus.  Enfin, le Pnue a mis au point un programme pour compenser les émissions de carbone de onze des équipes participant à la Coupe du Monde comme l’Algérie, le Cameroun, la Côte d’Ivoire, le Ghana, l’Uruguay, l’Italie et la Suisse. A noter que les équipes du Chili, d’Angleterre, de Corée du Sud et de Serbie se sont elles-aussi engagées à compenser leurs émissions.”L’Afrique du Sud en tant qu’hôte de la Coupe du Monde doit construire un héritage durable pour le peuple sud-africain. Le secteur de l’environnement souhaite qu’une partie de cet héritage soit un héritage ‘vert’. À cet égard, nous avons lancé plusieurs programmes qui devraient bénéficier aux Sud-Africains de tous les horizons, maintenant et bien après le départ de nos visiteurs” a souligné Buyelwa Sonjica, le ministre sud-africain de l’Eau et de l’Environnement.Le 10 juin 2010 à 18:29 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more