East building mass line eight Foundation

February 20th, held the first meeting of the party’s mass line educational practice leading group meeting. Today, the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting held. It is understood that, in order to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice in the region within the area in accordance with the party "on in the city to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice implementation opinions" spirit and requirements, plan ahead, as the initiative, solid progress, from eight aspects to build a strong foundation to carry out the party’s mass line education practice.

for the mass line build

for the mass line build

for the mass line build read more

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mprove the level of health literacy

reporter learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the province’s 2016 annual health literacy promotion action project recently launched.

reporter learned that, in 2015, the province health planning departments at all levels in accordance with the "2015 year of Qinghai province to promote health literacy project implementation plan", carefully organize the implementation of the project, and carry out the work, improve the level of health literacy of residents of the province to 5.99%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over the previous year. Complete the construction of health promotion counties pilot projects, according to the national assessment of the West District of Xining city to achieve excellent, safe city in the east to achieve good. Health education and promotion activities continue to expand the brand influence, showing the good situation of government departments, and cooperate with the masses to actively participate in the activities, has large scale and wide spread, people’s satisfaction of higher good results. This year, our province will continue to promote health promotion county construction, health literacy, health literacy monitoring of traditional Chinese medicine and the tobacco epidemic monitoring, strengthen 12320 health hotline counseling intervention, to carry out health education activities for the public, Wanlixing local disease and major diseases such as health education, to promote the work of the project to carry out further specification. To continue to carry out " 1234567" Qinghai health promotion model as the starting point to further expand the coverage of health education. The health education and health promotion in schools, into the national fitness activities, and then into the city health and health in rural construction, actively promote a healthy and civilized way of life, so that the concept of health has become an important element of social civilization. read more

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Kuang Chung in the province to establish a new forum on the subject of the market increased emphasis

10 13 July, vice governor of a line of investigation, Chung Kuang yuan part of newly established enterprises, and held the province’s newly established market players active forum, understand commercial system reform in our province since the establishment of new market of the main production and management, communication, consultation, analysis, research on the establishment of new industry in our province the main market development measures.

the meeting pointed out that since the commercial system reform, our province market access approval is greatly reduced, the market continued to strengthen supervision, the establishment of new market overall remains active and developed rapidly, aroused the enthusiasm of investors, to promote reform of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment effect is obvious. read more

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Bag pen bag toys 150 rural children received the gift of the 61

bag, pen bag, toys…… The morning of May 31st, with a deep love for rural children, the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate staff came to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Xie Gou Xiang Xie Gou primary school, 150 primary school children Xiegou send school supplies and toys, in advance for the village children Xiegou sent 61 International Children’s Day wishes and greetings.

oblique ditch village is the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the helping point. Over the years, the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate for many times to help oblique ditch village, hardening of the village of oblique Ditch Road, the construction of the primary school for oblique groove. In the 61 International Children’s Day approaching, the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate staff deliberately bought thousands of dollars worth of stationery, toys and other items, as a holiday gift to the children’s hands. read more

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Our province private investment growth stabilized for the better

reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, after nearly three months of continuous and effective implementation of the rectification, this year 1 to August, the province’s total investment in fixed assets of 226 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%, maintained a steady progress, and actively improve the situation. Among them, the private investment completed 73 billion 280 million yuan, down 5.6%, a decline over the previous 7 months narrowed 8.1 percentage points; the month of August private investment 16 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 39%, compared with July month growth of 33.5%, showing a positive trend of decline narrowed sharply, growth stabilized better, further demonstrated the vitality of private investment. read more

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n August our province high speed traffic break 6 million times traffic has been restored to normal

Reporters from the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that in August this year, the total amount of traffic of highway of our province reached 6 million 689 thousand vehicles, an increase of 13% over last year, a new record high.

data show that the number of days in 2015 seven or eight month traffic exceeded 230 thousand times up to 27 days, which in August 1st to 4 consecutive four day traffic volume exceeded 370 thousand times, in August 2nd across the board daily traffic volume is more than 418 thousand times, compared to the same period in 2014 the peak daily traffic volume rose 77.2%. read more

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Xining land tax revenue exceeded 10 billion

days ago, reporters from the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, as of the end of November, the city’s land tax system of the organization tax revenue of 10 billion 560 million yuan, has exceeded 10 billion mark, among them, 5 billion 919 million yuan of tax revenue, social security charges and fees income 4 billion 640 million yuan.

It is reported that

, the Local Taxation Bureau of Xining city through the introduction of "tax risk management concept of risk management oriented", the establishment of risk management index database, the formation of risk monitoring, risk identification, assessment, push and risk response mechanism analysis, to further promote the work of tax collection plays a good role in promoting. The installation management information acquisition software, focusing on large corporate banking, electricity, tobacco, petroleum, telecommunications and other industries to implement tax risk analysis control, improve the quality and efficiency of tax risk management, strengthen the management of key enterprises. Pay close attention to the reform of national trend of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT), actively implement replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) expanding the scope of work, conscientiously do a good job in the real estate industry, construction, life services and other industries replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) research work, timely coordinate and solve the problems of expanding the scope. Identify the tax benefit people’s livelihood and promoting harmonious focus, increase the cultural industry, high-tech industry, private economy and small and micro enterprise tax policy to support efforts to boost economic and social development, in line with the simplification of the process, standardize the management principle, strengthen tax system construction and subsequent management and filing of inspection, to further standardize the tax filing process, improve efficiency, determined to honor the preferential tax policy. Do a good job of railway transport and postal enterprises replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot work, and actively implement the coal resource tax ad valorem, and enterprise annuity and occupation pension personal income tax deferred tax, tax deduction scope, expand research and development costs to encourage consumption, support shantytowns and other related policies. Support increase small and micro enterprise development policies, improve the assessment mechanism, promote information sharing platform and department coordination mechanism construction, efforts to implement the policy to carry out the effect evaluation, timely and accurate grasp of tax policy to support economic and social development achievements. read more

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Vigorously promote health science knowledge improve the health level of the whole people

is widely publicize and popularize health knowledge, improve our people’s health awareness and health literacy level, according to the Municipal People’s Government on the organization to carry out "notice" in 2011 the city’s science and Technology Week requirements, in the period from May 15th to May 21st, the City Health Bureau organized scientific propaganda activities in various forms.
  read more

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Qinghai Ramen rooted in 280 cities across the country out of the province’s economic development of

  reporter recently learned from the provincial employment service, at present, run 2.9 Hand-Pulled Noodle 10000 stores in the country more than and 280 city of our province masses, the annual operating income of 18 billion yuan, the annual net income of 4 billion 500 million yuan, annual income of nearly 4 billion yuan, annual output of the transfer of rural surplus labor force 180 thousand people. The rapid development of ramen economy has opened up a unique way of poverty alleviation in Qinghai. read more

West Village Committee Election start

Recently, the west area of three from strengthening the height of the building, the village (community) two committees general election work arrangements. As a combination of educational practice, the west area has 10 grassroots party organizations are weak and lax to carry out special rectification, completed 13 village general risk assessment and audit work, for the village (community) the general lay the foundation work, prepared. Village (community) grassroots organizations as the party in the village (community) the basis of all work and combat effectiveness, the party and the government is closely linked to the masses of the bridge and link. The general election to big stable, small adjustment, left into backbone, new principles, by election, optimizing the village (community) committees of the cultural structure, age structure, personnel structure, and professional knowledge structure, improve the overall quality of the village (community) between the team members. At the same time, focus on selection with strong village (community) secretary of the party organization, the village (community) committee team of an efficient, full of vitality, the village (community) committee team unity and cooperation, harmonious working and coordinated work norms. It is understood that, through the general, West District, the region’s rural (community) has a good idea of scientific development, the new path of industrial development, the new face of harmonious development.   read more

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Province to clean up duplicate accounts canceled 15605

The province’s public security departments to accelerate the implementation of the reform of the household registration system to implement opinions, for the needs of the masses, the first half has been settled in the town of 41283 procedures, apply for residence permits for 41410 people, canceled duplicate accounts of 15605. To carry out the work of cleaning up the population information without photos, clean up the information 269 thousand, cleaning up to 97%. This reporter learned from the provincial public security management in July 3rd to promote the meeting.

key to fight crime, cracked 61 criminal cases, public security case 445, destroy the real casinos and gambling, pornographic website, confiscated 17 firearms, 265 bullets. This year, the province’s 96 train stations, airports, bus stations and 170 square building public security joint logistics system, further improve the quick response ability.
read more

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Xining Association of science and technology will be donated 4000 books to the Huangzhong Science As

January 7th, the Xining science and Technology Association will be worth 30 thousand yuan of the 4000 volume of popular science books donated to the Huangzhong County Association for the construction of grassroots science library.

donated books include medical care, military science, electronic science, such as young children and popular science books. Book donation activity is warmly welcomed by the masses of Huangzhong County, Huangzhong County Association staff said that they will use these books built a "mobile library", the biggest effect of popular science books play as much as possible, so that the masses benefit from. read more

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Reform of the province’s official car system to cancel the vehicle fourth live auction held

10 24, 2009, the province’s official car system reform canceled vehicle auction held in Xining in fourth. Including the red flag, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi and other brands, including 60 buses for public auction.

the entire auction on the same day at 12 am, which lasted nearly 3 hours, the successful capture of the 52 buses. Starting price of 2154600 yuan, the total price of $2887800, a premium of $733200, the premium rate of 34.03%. The highest price is a TOYOTA run, closing price of 220 thousand yuan, cruiser has become the largest single standard rounds, a total of 16 times, from 35 thousand yuan rose to 115 thousand yuan turnover. read more

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Since March 1st the United States landed in Qinghai landed hundreds of countries in the world

March 1st, tourism new revision, beautiful Qinghai classic beauty polymerization, high density, variety, landing CCTV News International, record 5 channel 13 columns, full of radiation around the country, landing more than and 100 in America and Britain, Egypt, France, India, Chile and other countries and regions.

reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qinghai tourism is a new year’s tourism campaign has been in full swing. By virtue of CCTV strong media, international publicity channels to publicize, is the focus of this year’s tourism promotion in Qinghai. From March 1st to the end of the year, consisting of Plateau Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, a Buddhist shrine sapphire blue Danshan Kanbula, Chinese water tower Sanjiang source of Qinghai famous scenic landscape of the two sets of tourism, through 1 sets of CCTV news channel, 3 sets of 4 sets of International Arts channel, channel, channel 9 sets of records, news channel 13 5 channel, "Morning News", "variety" joy, "Avenue of stars", "6+1" and other well-known columns, start up to more than 4000 times the frequency of broadcast propaganda, and domestic and foreign audiences are widely met, to attract more foreign tourists to the United States to Qinghai tourism. read more

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Three bicycle race to help the national movement

May 21st, the reporter learned from the Provincial Sports Association of the second general assembly, this year, the association will hold three closely related to the masses of bicycle race. The day of the general assembly, also elected the honorary president of the provincial Cycling Association, chairman and members of the Standing Committee, etc..

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Xining fire five to enhance the normalization

Wang Jianjun stressed the need to firmly establish the concept of large security in the province to

6 1, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the provincial leading group to maintain the stability of enlarged meeting, stressed that a comprehensive implementation of the overall concept of national security, in accordance with the provincial system to do a good job security and stability requirements, to prevent risks in a prominent position, firmly establish the big security concept, continue to do the investigation and resolve potential risks, better play to maintain the safety and stability of the responsibility, firmly grasp the initiative to maintain the stability of the dominant power. read more

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