Say hello Trump invites N Koreas Kim to DMZ meet

first_imgOsaka: US President Donald Trump on Saturday invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet for a historic handshake at the demilitarised zone that divides the Korean peninsula, and said he would have “no problem” stepping over the border. The invitation issued on Twitter caught observers by surprise. If Kim accepts, it would be the third meeting between the leaders of the two wartime enemies amid efforts to contain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Also Read – Turkey preparations for Syria offensive ‘completed’The North’s official KCNA news agency quoted Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui as saying the offer was “a very interesting suggestion” but that no official request had been received. Trump lobbed the shock invitation on Twitter from the G20 summit in Osaka, saying: “if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!” He later said he would have “no problem” stepping into the North with Kim — in what would be a dramatic gesture re-enacting an extraordinary 2018 scene when the young leader invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to walk over the Military Demarcation Line that forms the border between the Koreas. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi Jinping”Sure I would, I would. I’d feel very comfortable doing that. I’d have no problem,” Trump told reporters. The US leader said the invitation was spontaneous, but it comes amid a recent flurry of diplomacy over North Korea’s nuclear programme after a Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi collapsed without an agreement. Speculation grew that something was afoot when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo skipped a G20 dinner Friday without giving a reason. “We’ll see. If he is there, we will see each other for two minutes,” said Trump, adding: “I just put out a feeler because I don’t know where he is right now, he may not be in North Korea.” “We seem to get along… That’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” added the president. North Korea’s Choe said if a meeting took place it would be “another meaningful occasion in further deepening the personal relations between the two leaders and advancing the bilateral relations”. The North’s speedy response to Trump’s offer, and from such a senior figure, was seen by analysts as an indication that Kim would agree to the meeting as soon as Washington followed up with an official proposal. Cheong Seong-chang, a senior researcher at the private Sejong Institute in Seoul, said Kim had “practically accepted” Trump’s invitation. “If he (Kim) isn’t interested he would not release such a statement to begin with.” Twitter is not available to ordinary North Korean citizens, who have no access to the global internet, but Trump told reporters that Kim “follows” his account and they had received a “quick” response after his offer. But there was scepticism that a fleeting frontier photo opportunity, no matter how symbolic, would bridge the two sides’ differences over denuclearisation. “For talks to have real legs, either Kim must credibly commit to denuclearisation or Trump must credibly agree to allow Kim to keep some of his nuclear weapons,” said Scott Seaman, director of Eurasia Group Asia. “Without a shared end goal, creating a viable roadmap to reaching it will remain impossible.” After several months of public silence, an exchange of letters between the leaders appears to have thawed the deep-freeze and raised hopes for a third summit after a historic first tete-a-tete in Singapore on June 12, 2018 and the second in Hanoi in February. Trump arrived in Seoul from the summit in Osaka, where on Saturday he held a highly anticipated meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping that produced a truce in trade tensions between the world’s top two economies. Last week, Xi visited Pyongyang for a highly symbolic summit with Kim. Analysts say that diplomatic breakthroughs often follow on from such meetings. The Trump-Kim Hanoi summit foundered amid disagreements on what the North would be willing to give up in exchange for relief from sanctions that weigh on its economy.last_img read more

NS pharmacist sanctioned for baking medical marijuana into cookies

first_imgHALIFAX – A pharmacist in Cape Breton has been fired and temporarily stripped of her licence for baking marijuana cookies for a patient and packaging them in a prescription bag.The Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists says it has reached a settlement agreement with JoAnne Andrews, who agreed that her actions last September amounted to professional misconduct.In a decision last week, the college says a patient gave Andrews medicinal marijuana at the pharmacy where she was practising in Sydney and that she took it home to bake into cookies.The agreement says Andrews brought the cookies to the pharmacy for the patient to pick up, but left them in a bag when the patient didn’t show up before her shift ended on Sept. 7.Andrews gave the cookies to the patient at the pharmacy on Sept. 8, and was fired the next day.“Ms. Andrews acknowledges and agrees that her conduct … amounts to professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming contrary to the Pharmacy Act and regulations,” says a decision from a hearing committeeUnder the agreement, Andrews was given a letter of reprimand, fined $1,000, had her licence suspended for 30 days, ordered to take an ethics course and notify the college of where she’s practising for three years.last_img read more

Orange is the new white Unique amber wine creates buzz

first_imgBURDETT, N.Y. – The sloping vineyards of New York’s Finger Lakes region known for producing golden-hued rieslings and chardonnays also are offering a splash of orange wine.The colour comes not from citrus fruit, but by fermenting white wine grapes with their skins on before pressing — a practice that mirrors the way red wines are made. Lighter than reds and earthier than whites, orange wines have created a buzz in trendier quarters. And winemakers reviving the ancient practice like how the “skin-fermented” wines introduce more complex flavours to the bottle.“Pretty outgoing characteristics. Very spicy, peppery. A lot of tea flavours, too, come through,” winemaker Vinny Aliperti said, taking a break from harvest duties at Atwater Estate Vineyards on Seneca Lake. “They’re more thoughtful wines. They’re more meditative.”Atwater is among a few wineries encircling these glacier-carved lakes that have added orange to their mix of whites and reds. The practice dates back thousands of years, when winemakers in the Caucasus, a region located at the border of Europe and Asia, would ferment wine in buried clay jars. It has been revitalized in recent decades by vintners in Italy, California and elsewhere looking to connect wine to its roots or to conjure new tastes from the grapes. Or both. Clay jars are optional.Aliperti has been experimenting with skin fermenting for years, first by blending a bit into traditional chardonnays to change up the flavour and more recently with full-on orange wines. This fall, he fermented Vignoles grapes with their skins in a stainless steel vat for a couple of weeks before pressing and then aging them in oak barrels.Orange wines account for “far less than 1 per cent” of what is handled by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the nation’s largest distributor with about a quarter of the market, according to Eric Hemer, senior vice-president and corporate director of wine education.Hemer expects orange wines to remain a niche variety due to small-scale production, higher retail prices — up to $200 for a premium bottle — and the nature of the wine.“It’s not a wine that’s going to appeal to the novice consumer or the mainstream wine drinker,” Hemer said. “It really takes a little bit more of, I think, a sophisticated palate.”The wines have caught on in recent years among connoisseurs who like the depth of flavours, sommeliers who can regale customers with tales of ancient techniques and drinkers looking for something different. Christopher Nicolson, managing winemaker at Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn, said the wines hit their “crest of hipness” a couple of years ago, though they remain popular.“I think they’re viewed by these younger drinkers as, ‘Oh, this is something new and fresh. And they’re breaking the rules of these Van Dyke-wearing, monocled … fusty old wine appreciators,’” Nicolson said.It’s not for everyone. The rich flavours can come at the expense of the light, fruity feel that some white wine drinkers crave. And first-time drinkers can be thrown by seeing an orange chardonnay in their glasses.“Actually I wasn’t sure because of the colour, but it has a really nice flavour,” said Debbie Morris, of Chandler, Arizona, who tried a sip recently at Atwater’s tasting room. “I’m not a chardonnay person normally, but I would drink this.”last_img read more

NAFTA In new phase of talks search starts for solutions to break

first_imgWASHINGTON – NAFTA negotiations are approaching a new phase of talks after early rounds marked by acrimony, inflexibility and finger-pointing.It’s the search for solutions.Negotiators gathered at an informal session in Washington this week are considering ways to work around a main impasse of the talks so far, a U.S. demand on auto parts deemed unfeasible by Canada, Mexico and the industry.The other countries intend to ask the U.S. whether there might be a way to rework the proposal in a manner palatable to everyone, while still achieving America’s goal of bolstering domestic auto production.Time constraints are intensifying pressure to find solutions: Rounds are currently scheduled only into March, Mexico and the U.S. have national elections thereafter and President Donald Trump has threatened to start the withdrawal process to get a quick deal.One Canadian official said that a spirit of problem-solving has permeated this informal round.“The mood has lightened a bit since the Mexico round (last month),” he said.“It was a bit acrimonious.”The main goal this week was to chip away at less-controversial chapters. But the Canadian side has some ideas for a new path forward on automobiles, a key priority for the Trump administration, elected on a promise to strengthen manufacturing.The Canadian side thinks that goal can be achieved by moving away from the traditional method of calculating the content of a car. For instance, the current NAFTA says that a car’s pieces must be 62.5 per cent North American to avoid a tariff and the U.S. called for a ramp-up to 85 per cent, plus a U.S.-specific 50 per cent requirement, with virtually no adjustment phase-in period, to the dismay of other parties.But what if the formula were completely overhauled?Canada is weighing a new calculation method that takes into account the full cost of a vehicle, including the most valuable components of modern cars — which, increasingly, are new digital technologies, light-weight composite materials and other intellectual property, for which the United States is a world-leading hub.“Evaluating the entire value … rather than some of the components that are currently spelled out. (Things like) digital inputs,” is how one official explained it.“It’s important to recognize that what goes into a car has changed since NAFTA was signed.”Canada has not yet presented the proposal to the U.S., its side said late Thursday.The context for the idea is outlined in a recent paper by the government-and-industry-funded Center for Automotive Research in Michigan, which describes how a technological revolution is already underway, spurred by autonomous cars; new fuel-efficiency standards; improved safety and computer connectivity.It says the accelerated rate of innovation will last at least three decades.It estimates that while mild steel and high-strength alloys made up 80 per cent of a car’s materials in 2010, that fell to barely 60 per cent in 2015; will fall to barely 30 per cent in 2020; just over 20 per cent in 2030; and less than 10 per cent in 2040.A Canadian auto-parts representative said these changes are partly driven by tough new international fuel standards.Flavio Volpe said companies are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to double fuel efficiency through everything from lightweight materials to internal components: “Start-stop technology. Hybrid technology. Batteries, electric, fuel cell… Material sciences.”He said the U.S. is currently a hotbed of these technologies. And he said it might make sense to design incentives to keep production of emerging technology on this continent, so that the research and production are clustered here.He called the tracing requirements in NAFTA a tool designed for the cars of 1994.“I think we have to have a fresh look at the way that works,” Volpe said.“(So) can you devise a formula that captures the hundreds of billions of dollars currently being spent to meet advanced fuel-efficiency and safety regulations? If you can, then we can all negotiate the numbers (later).”There might not be much time.Trump has repeatedly said he might start withdrawing from NAFTA to press the other countries into making concessions; Mexico has said that, if that happens, it would leave the negotiating table and some decisions will need to be made by March, when the current schedule of talks ends.That places extra pressure on countries to make progress at the January round scheduled in Montreal.There are other small, emerging slivers of potential compromise: insiders familiar with U.S. negotiating positions said they anticipate room for negotiation on the controversial idea of a five-year review clause. The part deemed a non-starter by Canada and Mexico is the idea that NAFTA should end in five years, unless everyone extends it.Both Mexico and Canada have said they’re willing to live with a less-aggressive review clause.last_img read more

Liz Weston Retire right — plan to do it twice

by Liz Weston, The Associated Press Posted Mar 20, 2017 8:30 am MDT Last Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 9:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Liz Weston: Retire right — plan to do it twice There’s the retirement that looks like the commercials: biking, travel, enjoying the family.And then there’s the one where you can’t get up the stairs anymore.Most of us happily plan for the first, when our health is good and energy high. The second can be hard to contemplate, when health falters and medical crises can change lives in an instant.Yet a focus on just the active part of retirement can shortchange your quality of life once you begin to decline, which is why financial advisers suggest you also look at how you’ll live in that later phase. Here’s what you should consider for that second stage.Certified financial planner Dana Anspach of Scottsdale, Arizona, doesn’t want her clients to prematurely give up their homes or make other moves that may not suit them. One couple she advised, for example, moved into a continuing care community — one that includes independent living, assisted living and nursing home care — in their 80s and moved back out again a year later because they couldn’t entertain or decorate their apartment the way they wanted. (They used their refunded deposit to buy a condo and had enough money to pay for in-home care.)Anspach also has heard horror stories of elders who stayed too long in unsafe conditions until health crises propelled them into the hospital — and left their families scrambling to deal with the costs, their care and what to do with the family home.The key, planners say, is to start thinking and talking about how you want to cope when your health begins to fail.“You have so many more options if you plan earlier and set up the trajectory of where you’re wanting to go,” says Danielle Howard, a CFP in Basalt, Colorado.Howard starts with the somewhat easier decisions, such as whom the clients want to make medical and financial decisions should they become incapacitated. Then the discussion moves to the harder topics — imagining life when they can’t navigate stairs or drive or handle daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, dressing or bathing themselves.Could they stay in their current home? Would it need to be modified? Who will provide their care, and how will they pay for it?Anspach advises clients who don’t have long-term care insurance or family members willing to provide care to save their home equity for such expenses, rather than using it to boost their retirement income. (Home equity can be tapped with lines of credit or reverse mortgages or by selling the home.)If parents do expect children to help, Anspach says, they need to make sure the kids are on board and that those kids’ lives are stable enough to provide care if the parents move closer.“You don’t want to move across the country and have them get transferred somewhere else,” Anspach says.Parents also should consider how they can make things easier for their caregivers, says Ed Vargo, a CFP in Cleveland. Vargo encouraged his in-laws to move from a home that was 20 minutes away to one that was five minutes away.“That 20 minutes can turn into an hour back and forth, and you may be going multiple times a day,” Vargo says.His mother-in-law, Rose Forrester, understood those dynamics well. Before she retired three years ago, Forrester was a physical therapist who provided in-home care to older patients — and a caregiver to her mother, who also lived 20 minutes away. Eventually, Forrester and her husband, Dan, moved the elderly woman into their home, where she lived for three years until her death.Then the couple began to talk about what they should do to make things easier for themselves and their kids in coming years. Neither wanted to leave their home of four decades, but both realized its stairs and layout would be tough to navigate someday.“I could have stayed 10 more years, but in 10 years I knew I wasn’t going to have the energy to move,” Forrester says. The couple moved to a one-level, ranch-style home three years ago, when he was 68 and she was 66.Vargo is now talking with his father about moving closer. The older man initially rejected the idea but after a few years of discussions has said he’s now considering it.“There’s a tendency for people to tell other people what they should do. That doesn’t really work,” Vargo says. “Have a discussion, share your concerns, but be patient.”_________________________________This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet.Liz Weston is a certified financial planner and columnist at NerdWallet. Email: Twitter: @lizweston.RELATED LINKS:NerdWallet: Long-Term Care Insurance Explained read more

Senior marines encouraged junior ranks to engage in reefing game where losers

first_imgSenior marines “encouraged” junior ranks to engage in a game where the losers were punished by being hit with a keyboard wrist support so hard that they could not sit down without pain for weeks, a court martial heard.The four decorated senior marines failed to stop younger marines from taking part in a “reefing” game, which saw participants take it in turns to stand on a table with their trousers and underwear around their ankles, surrounded by their peers. Lieutenant Colonel Victoria Phillips, prosecuting, described, how the person in the middle would have to tell a story or sing a song to the others, but if they were not deemed entertaining enough they were subjected to a “reefing” – being hit on the bottom with a 2ft gel keyboard wrist support nicknamed “Big Red”. Robert Pawson, representing 33-year-old married father Arnett, who has since left the forces, said: “Each of these four defendants have been let down by the system.”This shouldn’t be dealt with as scapegoating four men because someone panicked that this was an initiation ceremony, which it wasn’t.”Christopher Hill, representing, 33-year-old Melia, of the City of London marine barracks, said that his client had just joined the unit as troop sergeant the previous day and was unaware of the injuries being inflicted but had “lacked the moral courage” to stop it.Bob Williams, representing Spence, 37, who has also left the forces and is formerly of Lympstone, said his client had a “sparkling career” but said his client “never had the intention to encourage” the others.Gareth Evans, representing Wake, 30, of 40 Commando near Taunton, Somerset, said: “He thought this was no more than a laugh and states that he did nothing that was intended to injure.”The case was adjourned for sentencing to be announced on Friday. The focus in this case is, and should be, the conduct of those non-commissioned officers presentLieutenant Colonel Victoria Phillips, prosecuting The game, known as “spin a dit”, left four marines with bruising and cuts that meant they had difficulty sitting down and lying on their backs for two weeks. Sergeants Richard Melia and Ian Spence, and Corporals Robert Wake and John Arnett, have each pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to perform their public duty during celebrations of the Royal Marine Corp’s 350th anniversary on October 28 2014.The court martial at Portsmouth Naval Base heard that the four defendants “encouraged” the activities involving up to 50 marines at a bar at the 42 Commando barracks at Bickleigh, near Plymouth, Devon. Lt Col Phillips said the junior marines had not been subject to any criminal charges because “the focus in this case is, and should be, the conduct of those non-commissioned officers present”.center_img The court heard that Spence also poured vodka on to the injuries of Marine William Gibson after he had asked for some form of antiseptic. Spence has also pleaded guilty to ill-treatment of a subordinate in connection with this act. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Space Tourism on the Cheap Send Your Photo Into Orbit for 495

first_imgWho want’s to go to space!? Me too! Too bad the cost of experiencing even a few minutes of spaciness via the new breed of space tourism companies is prohibitively expensive for most of us. Thankfully, one enterprising company has a makeshift solution to sate your extraterrestrial wanderlust: send your picture into space! And they will be able to do it for the price of a foot-long at Subway.AdChoices广告 For a mere $4.95, Photos To Space will secure a spot for your image on board SpaceX‘s upcoming Falcon 9 rocket launch scheduled for April 12, 2011.There is of course, a slight caveat you should be aware of. You see, sending actual photos along for the ride would be too heavy. It cost $70,000 to get a piece of cargo onto the Falcon 9 and physical photographs can add up to a few grams a piece. So, it would be way too heavy to send the thousands of photos you would need to still turn a profit. So, for now, the only way to get your face into space is to send up a digital version which will be stored on “a device” on board the rocket. Basically, Photos to Space allows you to send your Facebook profile pic to where no profile pic has gone before. But $4.95 doesn’t just get your photo on a flash drive stored in a rocket ship’s glove compartment (probably an exaggeration?), you will also receive a certificate and “launch image.” So, if you’re still holiday shopping for the geek in your life, this would probably make a lousy present, but a wonderful stocking stuffer.last_img read more

NBA Superstar in Five Cays Community Center

first_img Related Items:beaches resort and spa, Deayne wade, five cays community center, nba Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp PNP Party says it led wooden pier removal by Beaches Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, Sept. 20,2014 – NBA SUPERSTAR Dwayne Wade in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos at Five Cays Community Center courtesy of Beaches Resort Villages and Spa.Two foundations connect for this up close and personal training experiences for scores of young basketballers in Provo.Wade’s World Foundation and the Sandals Foundation scoring big with the surprise event.Dwayne Wade, his sister T Wade and his two sons not only giving basketball lessons but advice on volunteerism. Buddy high on NBA best Rookie list Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pierlast_img read more

Coronado bridge suicide prevention

first_img June 19, 2019 Updated: 4:52 PM KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO ( KUSI ) – Actions are being taken to prevent suicides on the Coronado bridge. KUSI’s Dan Plante speaks with survivors and more Posted: June 19, 2019center_img KUSI Newsroom, Coronado bridge suicide prevention Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Food for thought for employees in space

first_imgSomething for the weekend…Earlier this summer, the Employee Benefits’ team was drooling over the Michelin-starred fare that Heston Blumenthal was cooking up for British astronaut Major Tim Peake to eat on his six-month mission to the International Space Station.Now NASA has announced that astronauts have successfully grown fresh food in a microgravity environment on board the International Space Station.The project, named ‘Veg-01’, has produced a crop of ‘Outredgeous’ red romaine lettuce. Half of the crop will be served up with dinner in space, and the other half will be scientifically analysed on its return to Earth.The ability to grow fresh produce in space could have a far-reaching impact on future missions, particularly NASA’s Journey to Mars project. However, it could also enhance astronauts’ wellbeing.Recreational activities such as gardening could have a positive impact on the moods and performance of those sent on space missions, while the presence of plant life on board the astronauts’ home and workplace could also boost wellbeing.Alexandra Whitmire, behavioural health and research scientist for NASA’s human research programme, said: “Future spaceflight missions could involve four to six crew members living in a confined space for an extended period of time, with limited communication. We recognise it will be important to provide training that will be effective and equip the crew with adequate countermeasures during their mission.”Dr Ray Wheeler, lead for advanced life support activities at the Exploration Research and Technology Programs Office, added: “There is evidence that supports fresh foods, such as tomatoes, blueberries and red lettuce are a good source of antioxidants.“Having fresh food like these available in space could have a positive impact on people’s moods and also could provide some protection against radiation in space.”At Employee Benefits, we’re wondering whether the experiences of the green-fingered astronauts will encourage more employee gardening activities down here on Earth…last_img read more

Congress on Poru Bata to save Secretariat

first_imgHyderabad: The State Congress has launched ‘Poru Bata’ against the construction of new State secretariat and Assembly buildings. Strongly opposing Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s decision to demolish the existing secretariat and also historical Errum Manzil Palace for the construction of Assembly complex, Congress senior leaders on Monday inspected the secretariat and also the old Assembly buildings to ascertain the durability of existing buildings in the two premises. Also Read – District Collector Bharathi Hollikeri inspects Model School in Mancherial Advertise With Us Minor scuffle took place at Assembly and secretariat when the police did not allow some Congress leaders to enter the premises. Congress senior leader and former MP VH Hanumantha Rao took strong exception for denying him entry into the Assembly. However, he managed to go along with other leaders after heated argument with the police forces. Congress senior leaders Bhatti Vikramarka, T Jeevan Reddy, D Sridhar Babu, and MP A Revanth Reddy are among the senior leaders who inspected the offices. Also Read – Good response to police health camp in Nirmal Advertise With Us Vikramarka said they have visited the secretariat to tell the people about the actual status and truth about the secretariat. Noting that the State has been formed to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of Telangana people, the Congress leader felt that it would have been better if the government had focused on construction of double bed-room houses, recruitment for government jobs and boosting agriculture. Advertise With Us Stating that the present Secretariat was constructed to meet all the requirements of previous undivided Andhra Pradesh, Bhatti said the secretariat and the legislature building complexes have all required infrastructure to meet the needs of undivided State. He alleged that the State government was misleading the people on the issue. He said all the blocks in the secretariat were constructed between 10 years to 30 years ago. Revanth alleged that K Chandrashekar Rao was misleading the people due to his superstitions. He said all the blocks in the Secretariat are sufficient for the next 100 years, but they were not used for more than 30 years. He said the total market value of the existing Secretariat building complex was Rs 1,000 crore. He alleged that the Chief Minister would increase the cost of the proposed Secretariat complex from Rs 400 crore after completion. He made it clear that the Congress party would not accept the decision of the State government to construct a new secretariat and legislature building complexes in the city. The Congress leader demanded that the Chief Minister build buildings to provide LKG to PG education. Stating that he had filed a writ petition in High Court opposing the demolition of the Secretariat building complex, Revanth demanded that the State government withdraw its decision immediately.last_img read more

Offline smartphones sales plummet in India Micom grows faster than Amazon and

first_imgThe logo of India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart is seen on the facade of the company’s headquarters in Bengaluru on July 7, 2017. REUTERS/Abhishek N ChinnappaDriven by attractive promotions and exclusive launches of popular brands, Smartphones sales in the e-commerce zone continues to flourish in the Indian market.Data from a market research firm Counterpoint shows that online smartphone segment captured a whopping 38 percent share of total smartphone sales during the first quarter of 2018 whereas last year in the same quarter, the online sales stood at 34 percent. Offline smartphone sales declined by 3 percent year-on-year in the first quarter.Xiaomi, which has disrupted the Indian smartphone market in the mid-segment, continues to grow and consolidate its position. Strikingly, has grown faster than big rivals Amazon and Flipkart. Xiaomi which already has created its market by offering exclusive deals on Amazon and Flipkart is now growing its own portal by active media strategy and engaging MI fan community.Data presented by Counterpoint reviles that in online space increased its market share to 14 percent in first quarter of 2018 up from 10 percent during the same quarter last year. While, Flipkart increased its online market share from 51 percent to 54 percent in Q1, 2018 as against Q1, 2017. Amazon recorded a fall of 3 percent in its market share of 33 percent from last year; however, it continues to dominate the e-commerce market in the premium smartphone segment chiefly because of its exclusive partnership with OnePlus.Xiaomi also maintained its lead in India’s online smartphone market with 57 percent share in the first quarter of the current year, followed by Samsung at 14 percent and Huawei that captured 8 percent share. In recent years, Chinese mobile companies have dominated the Indian smartphone segment by launching series of models in the mid-segment bracket.Apple’s push to start a manufacturing plant in India also shows Tim cook’s aggressive plans to capture the emerging cell phone market in India. In order to maintain its market share, companies are tying up with e-commerce players to give exclusive deals to the customers. The battle is expected to grow tighter with the entry of Walmart in the Indian market and Jio phone with cheap data plans.last_img read more

Indian national detained for entering Bangladesh illegally

first_imgAn Indian citizen was detained from Chapainawabganj district’s Shibganj upazila on Saturday morning, reports UNB.Banirul Sheikh, 33, was held after entering Bangladesh illegally through Maksudpur border around 8:00am, said Sazzad Sarwar, director of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) 53 Battalion.It is unclear why he had come to Bangladesh without valid travel documents.Meanwhile, three Bangladeshis – Abdullah, 42, Al Mamun Reza, 35, Suman, 20 – were detained with 300 bottles of contraband phensedyl in the early hours of the day. All of them are residents of Shibganj’s Ghughudanga village.Two separate cases were filed at Shibganj police station, Sazzad said.last_img read more

Schools colleges asked to form committee to prevent sexual violence

first_imgMembers of the Transparency International Bangladesh group stand in a human chain during a protest in Dhaka on 21 April, 2019, following Nusrat Jahan Rafi`s murder by being set on fire after she had reported a sexual assault. Photo: AFPThe government has ordered some 27,000 schools to set up committees to prevent sexual violence, an official said Sunday, after a teenager who accused a teacher of sexual harassment was burned to death.The killing of 19-year-old Nusrat Jahan Rafi has sparked outrage across the South Asian nation of 165 million people and put police action in the case under the spotlight.Protesters in the capital Dhaka staged demonstrations for an 11th day on Sunday, seeking “exemplary punishment” for the killers of the girl.Police say she was lured to the rooftop of the Islamic seminary she attended in Feni, south of the capital, where her attackers ordered her to withdraw a police complaint against the head of the school.When she refused, she was doused in kerosene and set on fire.Nusrat died in hospital on 10 April after suffering 80 per cent burns. At least 20 people, including the head teacher, have been arrested.Activists say the murder has exposed a “culture of impunity” surrounding sex crimes against women and children, and that fact that those who report harassment often suffer a backlash.Amid nationwide protests, the Bangladesh government has ordered more than 27,000 schools and colleges to form five-member committee to prevent sexual violence, an official said.”The committee will be led by female teachers. They will take steps to prevent sexual harassment and take up any complaints,” the director of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Shahedul Khabir Chowdhury, told AFP.He said the committees were being formed by an order from the country’s high court, which in 2009 laid down a set of guidelines to prevent sexual harassment of women and children at workplaces, schools and on the streets.Nusrat went to police in late March to report the harassment and a leaked video shows the local police station chief registering her complaint but dismissing it as “not a big deal”.Police said at least five of those under arrest, including three of Rafi’s classmates, tied her up with a scarf before setting her on fire. They had planned to pass off the death as a suicide.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed that all those involved will face action and police say they are investigating why more was not done to protect Nusrat.More than 100 protesters at the country’s elite Dhaka University held hands to form a human chain as part of continued demonstrations over the grisly murder.”I joined the protest because Nusrat Rafi’s murder was a wake-up call for all our women,” Dhaka University student Antara Labiba told AFP.”I am also a victim of sexual harassment. I think most women in Bangladesh face sexual harassment in their families, schools, markets and workplaces,” she said.The Manusher Jonno Foundation, a non-government group, says there have been at least 39 cases of children under 18 being raped in Bangladesh since 2 April.Another eight have been subjected to sexual harassment, the group says.last_img

Domkal Superspeciality Hospital turns saviour for critically injured 8yrold

first_imgKolkata: Domkal Superspeciality Hospital in Murshidabad has given a fresh lease of life to an 8-year-old boy who had an iron rod piercing his body.A doctor from the hospital said Jakir Hossain (8), a resident of Domkal had been playing with his friends outside his house when an iron rod somehow pierced his lower back. He was profusely bleeding from his injury when the Jakir was brought to the hospital by his mother. After checking the injury, doctors felt the need for an immediate surgery, as any delay in the removal of the iron rod might have led to his death. The doctors acted on a war footing and took him to the operation theatre. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedClinical tests performed on the patient showed that the rod was touching his paraspinal region. The surgery was not easy for the doctors as they had to keep various factors in mind while conducting the same. Notably, the surgery was done completely free of cost. A team of doctors headed by surgeon Dr Sabyasachi Chakraborty conducted the surgery for nearly an hour and removed the iron rod. The patient has been kept under observation for 72 hours. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThe doctors were worried about Jakir developing neurological problems. According to the doctors, such patients often develop neurological complications. But in this case, the victim has not developed any such complications so far. His condition is stated to be stable now. “The patient was brought to the hospital in a very critical condition. We decided to conduct the surgery despite some infrastructural problems. The patient could not be shifted to the city from Murshidabad, as he might have bled to death. We had taken all the precautionary measures while conducting the surgery. The patient is out of danger and will be released from the hospital soon,” a senior official of the hospital said.last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories This story was originally published May 5, 2014, in preparation for that year’s NFL Draft. It has since been edited to reflect new information.The Arizona Cardinals are not exactly used to waiting a while to hear their name called on draft day.Such is life when you’re perennially one of the league’s lesser teams.However, things have changed in the desert, as under head coach Bruce Arians and general manager Steve Keim the Cardinals won 11 games and reached the postseason last season despite suffering more than their fair share of injuries. 2010: No. 26 overall 1976: No. 22 overall Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires As players continued to fly off of the board — many of them from the defensive side of the ball — people started to wonder what the Cardinals would do. Set to pick 20th, they decided to trade down a few spots while adding a third-round choice. Good call.At 27, Arizona took Washington State safety Deone Bucannon. Some viewed it as a reach, but mainly because the talented defensive back had languished on some bad Wazzu teams. He ended up being a key member of Arizona’s defense as a rookie, playing a lot of dime linebacker for their unique defensive sets. In all, he finished with 81 tackles — 65 solo — two sacks, one fumble recovery and one forced fumble. Oh, and that third round pick the Cards added in the trade? It turned out to be receiver John Brown. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact No doubt the Cardinals would have rather been picking one stop lower, the second-to-last pick is reserved for the team that loses in the Super Bowl. But alas, that’s where the Cards were in 2009 after falling to the Steelers 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII, using the 31st pick to select Ohio State running back Beanie Wells. Their good season has led to another low draft pick.Barring a trade, the Cardinals will be the 24th team to pick on April 30. Including this year, the Cardinals franchise — including its time in Chicago and St. Louis — will have had its first-round selection fall in that range or lower just seven times.Here’s a look at the previous six: 1975: No 21 overall The 2009 Cardinals finished with a 10-6 record but lost in the divisional round to the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. This earned them the 26th pick, which they used on Tennessee defensive tackle Dan Williams. Williams has had a somewhat inconsistent four years in Arizona, battling weight issues and injuries to the tune of 54 games played. However, he seemed to come on strong in 2013, recording 23 total tackles along with his first career sack and interception (which he returned for a touchdown). He stepped up even more in 2014, tallying 32 total tackles and another sack, parlaying his effort into a four-year, $25 million contract, with roughly $15 million being guaranteed.2014: No. 27 overallcenter_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The 1975 Cardinals reached the postseason for the second straight year with an 11-3 record along with another NFC East title, but saw their season come to an end by way of a 35-23 loss to the L.A. Rams in the divisional round. That left them with the 22nd pick in the draft, and they spent it on defensive tackle Mike Dawson out of Arizona. Dawson lasted nine NFL seasons — seven of which were spent in St. Louis. He appeared in 88 games with the Cardinals, including 84 starts. He tallied 3.5 sacks in 1982, which was the first year the NFL kept track of the statistic. And after a rookie season that saw Wells rush for 793 yards and seven touchdowns, it appeared like the Cardinals may have found something. But injuries slowed his progression and while Wells ran for 1,047 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2011, he failed to establish himself as an every-down NFL back. Wells rushed for just 234 yards and five touchdowns in eight games in 2012, and was waived the following offseason. He has not gotten back on the field since. 0 Comments   Share   The 1998 season saw the Cardinals rally to earn a Wild Card berth, getting them to the postseason for the first time since the franchise moved to Arizona. They even knocked off the Dallas Cowboys 20-7 in the Wild Card round before losing to the Vikings 41-21 in the divisional round. This earned them the 21st pick in the draft, which they used on Eastern Michigan tackle L.J. Shelton.Now to be fair, Shelton was not the first player the Cardinals took in 1999. By way of a trade they made the previous draft with the San Diego Chargers, they also held the eighth pick, which was used to take Ohio State receiver David Boston. But that was San Diego’s pick, not Arizona’s. Shelton was supposed to be Lomas Brown’s replacement, but those plans were delayed when a contract holdout led to him missing the first two games of the regular season. Once with the team, however, Shelton proved to be a pretty solid acquisition. In all, Shelton spent six seasons with the Cardinals, playing in 82 games with 77 starts. Mostly a left tackle, 2004 saw the lineman move to the right side. 2009: No. 31 overall Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 1974 St. Louis Cardinals won the NFC East with a 10-4 record but lost in the divisional playoff round to the Minnesota Vikings. This left them with the 21st pick in the draft, and they used it to select defensive back Tim Gray out of Texas A&M.Gray lasted just one season with the Cardinals, though, appearing in all 14 games but failing to record an interception. He returned one kick for 20 yards 1999: No. 21 overalllast_img read more

TEMPE Ariz — Its been six months and two days s

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. — It’s been six months and two days since Carson Palmer underwent surgery to repair a torn right ACL.Not that the Arizona Cardinals’ starting quarterback has been counting or anything.“I don’t know, I don’t want to get into particulars,” he said with a smile, drawing laughter from reporters.Tuesday morning, the Cardinals held the first of their 10 organized team activities (OTAs) of the offseason and there was Palmer, albeit in shorts, on the field, throwing to receivers covered by defensive backs. “Felt rusty, like I expected,” he said. “It just felt good to not be around cones and hurdles and step-overs and all the different on-field things that we’ve been using, bags and all the different stuff. It felt good to be around other humans and going (through) 7-on-7 and have that competition, that speed, that quickness of the game because I got a lot of work to do, long way to go.“Just a good first step for me.”The action Palmer saw wasn’t much, and really there’s no need for either him or the team to push the envelope, not with the regular season still some four months away.Yet, it was good to see that No. 3 uniform back in its customary spot, leading the first-team offense.“I thought he was fantastic,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “He’s been throwing the ball really well in Phase 2 (of offseason workouts). He’s only doing 7-on-7 right now. We might put him back out there in mini-camp in team drills. He could go right now; it’s just me being cautious.“He’ll try to talk me into something here probably by next week because he’s back there (watching and getting) real antsy in blitz drill today.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Admittedly, Palmer would like to see more time on the field — “I’ve been politicking with the trainers and the physical therapists. His 12 plays just isn’t enough for me,” the QB said, referring to Arians — but he’s smart enough to know it’s better to be healthy come September, even if that means missing out on a few reps here and there.“I’ve got plenty of time to do that,” he said about knocking off the rust.When Palmer took the field, he was greeted by a few long-drawn-out chants of “Carson Palmer” from several members of the secondary.“Yeah, there was a lot of trash talking going on early,” he said. “That’s the stuff that you miss, too. That’s the stuff that I couldn’t wait to get back in for. They took one on the chin today, defensively, and tomorrow is a new day and we know they’ll come back hard tomorrow.”Palmer is coming off a season in which he missed 11 games, three with a shoulder injury and then the final eight, including the playoff loss at Carolina, due to the knee injury suffered in Week 10.Prior to getting hurt, Palmer was 6-0 as a starter, completing 62.9 percent of his passes for 1,626 yards, 11 touchdowns and three interceptions. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img He noted after his first real on-field work since undergoing surgery Nov. 18 that he’s still another two months away before he’s “fully cleared to be able to do everything.”The knee brace Palmer, 35, wore Tuesday will be with him throughout the upcoming season — “It’s like part of my body. I don’t even notice it,” he said — which will mark his 13th in the NFL.“I feel great,” he said. “Physically, I’m in phenomenal shape. My knee is strong, my leg is strong, my body is strong, so I’m in a good spot.” – / 12 Top Stories Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

15 Live it up at Connaught Place The business cen

first_img15. Live it up at Connaught PlaceThe business centre of New Delhi, there’s an eclectic mix of cultures also thriving at Connaught Place or ‘CP’ for short. An open-plan shopping arcade built by the British in the style of Georgian Bath, CP is now filled with contemporary brands and the hip Delhi crowd. There’s also two contemporary art galleries, vintage cinemas showing Bollywood and Hollywood movies and cultural venue the ICCR Auditorium. Modern Delhi in a nutshell, you can spend a pleasant day shopping and then dropping at one of the ‘My Bar‘ venues just in time for happy hour.How to get to DelhiDirect flights to Delhi go from London Heathrow several times a day, with airlines like Air India, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic. You can also fly non-stop from Birmingham and there are further connecting flights from UK airports like Edinburgh and Manchester.Delhi’s airport is officially called Indira Gandhi International Airport, the busiest airport in India, and is about an hour from the centre of New Delhi via Metro rail or shuttle bus.Book your flights to Delhi here, and start planning your trip!ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 8. Humayun’s TombIf you don’t get a chance to travel the 200km to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, this is the closest you will get to it. Humayun’s Tomb was built in 1565 and is an impressive example of Persian architecture, believed to the inspiration behind the Taj itself. You’ll find the beautiful Lodi gardens nearby; visit in the late afternoon for those perfect, Instagram-worthy shots.Opening times: Sunrise to sunset.Location: Mathura Road, opposite the Nizamuddin Dargah.Price: Rs.250. 9. Learn some Indian dance at the India Habitat CentreIf you come to Delhi, you should definitely make the effort to learn some authentic Indian dance moves. Visit the Habitat Centre where you can watch music, dance and theatre recitals or take part in workshops yourself. Check the website for local art and photography exhibitions as well.Opening times: Daily, 10am – 7pm.Location: Lodhi Road, New Delhi.Price: Varies depending on event. 6. Get some HennaHenna (also known as mehndi) is a dark brown paste that is applied to the skin in intricate patterns and leaves a (non-permanent) stain. There are hundreds of henna artists outside Hanuman Temple in Connaught Place, as well as at Lajpat Nagar market, who will decorate your skin for a small fee so why not embrace a local tradition? Beats that ill-advised tribal tattoo you got whilst drunk in Thailand… 14. Breathe in The Garden of Five SensesIf the hassle of the crowds in Delhi gets too much, this is the place to escape. Popular with couples, this pretty complex of landscaped gardens is a dream to walk around on a hot afternoon, shaded by fragrant trees and surrounded by sculptures, a blaze of colourful flowerbeds and gently trickling water features.Opening times: (Apr to Sept) Daily, 9am – 7am. (Oct to Mar) 9am – 6pm.Location: Said-Ul-Azaib village, Mehrauli-Badarpur Road.Price: Rs. 30. Search for flights to Delhi1. Find the heart of Old DelhiDelhi is not one but two cities, with New Delhi built by colonial British rulers in the early twentieth century and the walled seventeenth century Old Delhi some 6km from the centre of present-day Delhi. Of course, what’s known as Old Delhi is not actually the oldest part of the city either, but that’s another story… Confused? That’s half the fun! Step through one of the 14 crumbling gates and go back to the time of the Mughal emperors, with many of Delhi’s most fascinating historic sights contained within, as well as riotous bazaars, colourful characters and secret snickelways. Take a tour with a local guide to get a full grasp on this area – and to get the best recommendations on what to eat! 13. Visit Gurudwara Bangla SahibA temple virtually glowing with golden decoration, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is an important holy site for Delhi’s Sikh population, and a peaceful, welcoming place for everyone else. Food is still prepared in the kitchens and given as charity for those who need it and there’s a small art gallery dedicated to Sikh history in the basement. Wander the beautiful grounds with their calm glassy pond, and find your perfect meditation spot.Opening times: Sun – Sat 12am – 11:45pm.Location: Ashok Road, New Delhi.Price: Free. 12. Get a tailor-made suit or sareeIf there’s one thing to in Delhi, it’s kit yourself out with some fine clothes. Not only is the quality of fabric excellent here, but the prices are unbelievable compared to Western equivalents. Khan Market is renowned for its talented tailors who will create a custom-made suit from scratch. For sarees, check out Lajpat Nagar market which has a huge range of colourful materials adorned with jewels and beautiful designs. 11. Eat street food at Chandni ChowkAs soon as you arrive at Chandni Chowk, you’ll smell the enticing aroma of freshly-cooked food. This area in Old Delhi has the best street food in the city. Be sure to buy some chaat, which are delicious fried savoury snacks stuffed with different vegetables and spices. Papri chaat are fried dough wafers filled with chilli, chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind chutney and spicy potatoes. Go to Karim’s Hotel on Jama Masjid, a local chain known for its tender meat kebabs. Save room for dessert though: there’s jalebi (swirls of sweet batter) and kulfi (ice cream stuffed into frozen fruit) to try! 2. Visit the Red FortA top Delhi attraction and unmissable landmark, the Red Fort or Lal Quila, is the spectacular former royal palace fort of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and the citadel of Old Delhi. This red sandstone masterpiece, built between 1638 and 1648, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Look out for the evening sound and light shows which transport you back through Delhi’s history, with the help of music, historical narration and light displays.Opening times: Sun to Sat, 9:30am – 16:30pm.Location: Netaji Subhash Marg, New Delhi.Price: Rs.500.3. Haggle at Dilli HaatIf you’re a pro at haggling, this is the place to go. Dilli Haat is an outdoor local handicraft village that sells beautiful clothing, handmade slippers, embroidered tablecloths, traditional paintings, incense, jewellery and much more. There is also a great open-air food plaza with speciality dishes from different regions of India.Opening times: Daily, 10am – 10pm.Location: (opposite INA Market), Sri Aurobindo Marg, Laxmi Bai Nagar, New Delhi.Price: Small fee. 7. Pay your respects at the India GateThe centrepiece of Delhi, the India Gate is a symbol of New Delhi, built to pay tribute to the soldiers who died during World War I and the Afghan Wars. Visit at night to see the 42-metre-high arch brilliantly lit up. The lush green grounds surrounding make a fab place for a picnic during the day. 10. Listen to Qawwali musicContinuing your musical education, don’t miss the chance to listen to the devotional music known as Qawwali. Go to the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin on a Thursday at sunset. The air fills with incense and rose water, as well as the energetic vocals, and the crowd all join in this spiritual chanting experience. 4. See the Lotus TempleThe Lotus Temple (also known as the Bahá’i House of Worship) is a stunning white marble building. It’s made up of 27 petals that form the shape of a sacred lotus flower, a symbol common to the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Janeism, although Baha’i is a distinct religion in itself. Surrounded by gardens and ponds, it took over 10 years to construct and welcomes visitors of all faiths.Opening times: Tue to Sun, 9am – 5:30pm (Mondays closed).Location: Near Kalkaji Temple, East of Nehru Place.Price: Free.5. Look up at Qutab MinarBuilt in 1193 and standing at 73 metres high, Qutab Minar is famous for being the tallest brick minaret in the world. People see this as a very lucky place and believe that if you stand with your back to the pillar with your arms wrapped around it and make a wish, your wish will be granted.Opening times: Daily.Location: Mehrauli (nearest Metro Station: Qutab Minar).Price: Rs.500.last_img read more

Total deposits credit drop in April central bank says

first_imgTotal deposits in the Cypriot banking system fell by €155.4m in April to €49.2m, the largest monthly drop since June 2015, the Central Bank of Cyprus said on Monday. Total credit fell by €96.6m to €54.6bn.Total funds held by depositors at accounts in the system, however, rose 6.4 per cent last month compared to April 2016 against a 5 per cent annual reduction in total outstanding loans, the central bank said in a statement on its website.The monthly decline in deposits in April was the result of €258.6m in outflows of other financial intermediaries whose deposits fell to €6.3bn, followed by a €22.3m and €10.8m drop in deposits of the general government and insurance companies and pension funds to €942.4m and €2bn respectively, the bank supervisor said. On the other hand, deposits held by non-financial corporations and households rose by €97.8m and €38.5m to €11.4bn and €28.6bn respectively.Deposits held by domestic non-financial firms and households rose last month by €141.3m and €49.8m compared to March to €7.6bn and €23.2bn respectively, reflecting improved liquidity conditions at home, the central bank said.The total amount of outstanding loans extended to households and other financial intermediaries declined by €61m and €34m last month compared to March to €22.6bn and €9.1bn. Banks extended €1.6m in fresh credit to non-financial firms, €1.3m to the central government and €0.4m to insurance and pension funds increasing their total liabilities to banks to €22.2bn, €825.9m and €15.5m respectively.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

She was taken to a l

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Chief Joe Ndu over alleged N7 and as well as citrus-flavored fountain drinks, ” An event hosted by “Broad City”’s Ilana Glazer set to take place last night (November 1) at a venue inside a Brooklyn synagogue was canceled after anti-semitic graffiti was found at the venue, We will need to rest and maybe make some changes to give fresh legs to the team. sympathy & strength to victims. So many things. read more