now in life, there are a lot of girls will choose to do Manicure, at the same time, the whole market, Manicure shop business is still very popular, there are many people in the business concern Manicure shop. Below, on how to manage the Manicure shop for you to introduce specific.

How to manage the

1, so that customers have a good first impression

to attract consumer, in addition to the low price strategy, the most important thing is to pay attention to quality of service and health, is a kind of enjoyment so that customers feel that Manicure shop. Service quality is the basic skill to attract customers. The decoration in the store will be warm, comfortable and self characteristics; how to manage the Manicure shop? Put jewelry must be neat and elegant; Manicure dress uniform and the normal personality, and store decoration and coordination.

2, reception art can not be ignored

3, observation is the beginning of successful communication

usually pay attention to cultivate their observation of different shape and attitude of the customers can be arranged to understand their needs and psychological. To understand what customers have done Manicure, which used products, and carefully registered to show your work rigorous, enhance customer trust.

4, perfect service

some customers do nails in other Manicure shop after damage such as nails, nail grinding too thin, then nail repair in helping them at the same time, Manicure teacher can tell them the correct nursing methods and how to get healthy nails, let the customer have a pair of healthy nails.

5. service after the end of the work is particularly important

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