two years ago, Wang is still a very ordinary farmers, and then he failed to start a business, but to go to Qingdao. That is, Wang was only 800 yuan, but he still want to try entrepreneurship. When the helpless, too the United States environmental protection activated carbon for this project to help him settle down, harvest wealth.

first in the journal Wang learned now the home will have a lot of harm to the formaldehyde gas on the human body is very big. People’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, more attention to the fine home environment. Among the many environmentally friendly products, people are more dependent on the United States environmental protection products activated carbon. Wang thought, this must be a good project, but also has a good market development potential!


too the United States environmental protection activated carbon on the manufacturers Aoshima Shimatami Albert environmental protection science and technology limited company is a high quality charcoal as raw materials, through special processing refined. The United States environmental protection activated carbon into a black powder, odorless, tasteless, with large surface area adsorption, high purity, high filtration rate, stable quality, with flocculation effect and help filter effect and so on. Widely used in food, medicine, monosodium glutamate and other chemical products decolorization, impurity removal. Can also be used for water purification treatment.


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