although there is a great demand for cigarettes in the market, however, the market is currently operating the same amount of products in the store. Therefore, if you want to shop business is booming, you need to take certain business strategies, has a certain operating skills. Sun Guihong’s shop is such a successful shop, then, she is how to manage it?

sun sister, please give me a four "Nanjing" (95), for so many years, in which you buy the rest assured." A door, Wang said the customer.

, you’re looking for the right place! I this is the Jilin Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) the first "TongZhou ‘cigarette service shop, to ensure genuine goods at a fair price." Boss Sun Guihong said proudly.

is located in Jilin city of Jilin province high tech Zone Risheng road Million Star supermarket has been operating for 12 years. Walked into the shop, the reporter found that people in a continuous line to buy cigarettes.

finally, Sun Guihong busy, reporters will ask the tricks of the trade.

I do not think there is a shop skills, I have a few good habits." Sun Guihong said.

allows customers to get benefits

"boss, give me a box of mineral water." Reporters just entered the store, a customer said.

"ok! We buy things in the store more than 50 yuan to send small gifts. I hope everyone in the new year is booming." Sun Guihong said.

just a few minutes of the interview, the store sent out dozens of lighters and other small gifts, she will ask need gifts to buy goods of regular customers, and not thirsty, it has become a habit for many years she.

"I will take hundreds of lighters and other small ornaments gifts each purchase, not long to send. Things are not expensive and very popular with customers." Sun Guihong told reporters.

in addition to send small gifts, hot days, Sun Guihong will give customers water and drinks. The shop is adjacent to Songhua River, the summer a lot of tourists, Sun Guihong would put a table in front of the door, put the cold boiled water and cups for visitors to rest.

my idea is how to facilitate the customer how to do. Many people do morning exercises in the river in summer, many people used to finish this exercise I drink a cup of water to rest for a while, some way to buy a pack of cigarettes or buy some breakfast. This is not only convenient for customers, but also to bring their own business." Sun Guihong said.

carefully, but also heart width

"a few years ago, there are two recommended

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