selection of the 2015 annual hot words, there must be "entrepreneurship" of the word seats. Entrepreneurship has become the focus of the work of all levels of cities and towns, Jiangsu, Yancheng City is one of them, through policy, finance and other forms of support for entrepreneurship development, and achieved fruitful results.

held in the day before the six plenary session of the eight Yancheng Municipal Committee, Yancheng municipal Party committee proposed the construction of "entrepreneurial ecological beauty of Yancheng Houde open happiness", to promote the people business as an important starting point to boost the development of the green transformation, blue coastal development, make entrepreneurial innovation vibrant, entrepreneurial blooming flowers everywhere.

spread "sunshine" policy

Yancheng City

"nutrient" increase financial

In order to solve the problem of funds

two counties of Finance in the establishment of entrepreneurial innovation funds of 650 million yuan of commendation

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