is not only the land of abundance of resources in Southwest Sichuan, also belongs to the talents of the land of abundance. Sichuan launched a number of initiatives to help entrepreneurs and enterprises, to fully mobilize the young generation of innovation driven, based on the province’s innovation and development of the starting point, and comprehensively promote the accelerated development of Sichuan into a new era".

10 23, the last day of the first national public business innovation "week, Chengdu high tech Zone News: focus on the office of research and development of intelligent routers of Chengdu science and technology enterprises to get 10 million yuan investment in the near future Pre-A. This is less than a year, the second most expensive technology to get ten million financing, the valuation of a full turn up to four times.

10 21, moziqiao innovation Street open street, the Southwest’s largest computer market, the future will create a new landmark of the Midwest Chinese entrepreneurship.

clockwise ahead again, Sichuan approved a national comprehensive reform pilot area; in June this year, Chengdu high tech zone approved Chinese the first national independent innovation demonstration zone.

Drive "The Brain detonated"

in February this year, Chengdu officially launched called "Tianfu venture · Jing Rong Hui" entrepreneurial city brand activities. April 25th, "venture Tianfu · Jing Rong Department of the main activities for the first time into the University, held in the Department of electronics.

Zhu Xiaozhang the first stage roadshow, eventually 4 investment institutions to he handed out an olive branch. In this round of investment, "Hawkeye" valuation, from 13 million yuan in December last year, an increase of 100 million yuan. Within a few months, nearly 8 times. At present, the company has launched a pilot product, trial. Expected within the year is expected to receive orders from 5 million to $7 million.

The core

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