with the improvement of living standards, more and more consumers tend to buy imported food. However, many consumers do not have enough awareness of the safety of imported food, in order to ensure the safety of the masses of imported food, Sichuan to carry out food safety activities in the community.

for the promotion and popularization of the import and export of food safety knowledge, enhance consumer understanding of imported food safety situation and supervision, to create a good atmosphere for the import and export food safety social cohabitation, June 14, 2016 Sichuan inspection and Quarantine Bureau and sub branches in 15 communities in Chengdu, Neijiang, Nanchong and other places, a total of around the Suntech law treatment of sharing food safety topic to carry out the import of food safety community, food safety risk communication activities and the public.

set the scene through panels and booth, posters and slogans and distributing popular science books and other publicity "food safety law" and other relevant laws and regulations, food safety inspection and quarantine departments, the specific function of the supervision system in China and imported food safety situation, and organized more than 60 regulators interact with consumers to respond to hot issues of concern to the masses of people accept their advice, more than 500 times, more than 20000 copies of promotional materials.

the vast number of consumers in the food, it is necessary to carefully identify the safety of imported food! Although the price of imported food is relatively expensive, but does not mean there is no security risks. The Sichuan event, effectively increasing the masses for the import of food safety prevention awareness is very meaningful!

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