said that now is not good to do business, but also why some shop business is booming? Do not have their own business skills? One day in early August, I entered the Gansu province Xigu District of Lanzhou City Huarui shop, shop owner Liu Jianrong is turned to the customer with "Baisha" smoke.

"boss Liu, how’s business?" When Liu boss away satisfied customer, I greetings road. "Very good, like this kind of cigarettes are selling well." Liu boss said.

actually, I was to learn the Xigu tobacco client manager recommended to do business "sales Master", in the eyes of.

what is this "don’t smoke, to convey the culture — a ‘and’ word, and Friendliness is conducive to business success. in harmony," and "too important." Liu boss, more than and 30 year old man looks simple and honest. Unexpectedly, in the next conversation, Liu boss and have a deep understanding.

"take me this business, it depends on the community, community business is done, leaving ‘and’ can not operate." He opened the chatterbox.

In the doorway of

firm Huarui high calcium milk, sugar free cookies attracted my attention.

originally, many elderly people in the District, Liu boss in order to meet the needs of older customers, in the purchase of more for the elderly. "Old people love calcium and sugar free food, drink tea, oatmeal, low price, high degree of love to drink wine, these things although profit margins, but the old cripple, they need to buy from the door." Liu boss said.

"Liu Ke sweet, our legs inconvenient, a call to the!" Just a seventy year old aunt buy groceries to see our chat, Liu boss thumbs up.

"ha ha, I’m young, it doesn’t matter to run a leg." Liu boss embarrassed.

"young man is really good, just like our own family, a bottle of vinegar, a packet of salt, can deliver goods. Sometimes doing a meal, found no salt, a phone immediately." The woman in the words of Liu boss is very satisfied, "he was good for people, there is a space in front of his shop, near the old man love the sun here, he put on the stool, let everyone rest."

with people convenient, and convenient. Pay with this meticulous care and harvest, Liu boss good guest relations, we all love to take care of his business, small grandchildren get married to him here for tobacco.

and culture, is committed to creating a shop owner Liu culture.

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