now college students entrepreneurship is not uncommon, and college students because of limited resources, entrepreneurship is not easy. Open shop is the idea of a lot of college students, college students to open an online shop success stories are also many. Female university graduates open shop, the monthly income of 10000 yuan. How did she succeed? What experience can share with you? Let’s take a look.

suddenly shop in a residential area near the Shenyang real estate building in a building more than and 60 square apartment. The room is filled with many plastic models, and the down jacket is new.

The second grade

save living expenses to open shop

their gap in college, only invested 20% of the energy, you can monthly income thousand yuan. If after graduation 100% investment, will certainly earn more. Close to graduation, many college students are busy looking for a job, and suddenly decided to concentrate on open shop after graduation. Unexpectedly, the idea was first rejected by parents.

said suddenly, open shop of low cost, temporarily do not pay taxes, do not go to the bustling commercial street shops rent, find a house in the ordinary residential areas can be, can buy a computer shop online, but also when the warehouse. Their purchase, take photos, edit upload posts, chat with customers to communicate, their contract delivery, busy more than and 10 hours a day, the current day to send a total of more than and 50 single commodity.

she runs are special commodities, sometimes she personally went to Qingdao, Hangzhou on the goods, quality and quality assurance. Last year, 11 month sales > what

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