now the society is a society with a more and more attention to science and technology, environmental protection is so important, how can we do a good job of environmental protection projects, some people say that environmental protection pencil is money, this is true?

for environmental protection and low carbon lifestyle Zhang Yipeng, said many neighbors and friends can not understand. To this end, from 2006 onwards, Zhang Yipeng began to hold public lecture, join the urgency of environmental protection pencil introduced to protect the environment, establish the concept of low-carbon life, and analyzes some environmental awareness of social and psychological factors. In the past few years the Earth Hour action, just for the people in the process of cultivating environmental awareness, played a reminder and driving role. Zhang Yipeng said.

on earth hour and leading role, Wang Bo believes that green pencil can not expect this activity alone to join people can build low carbon and environmental protection habits. However, environmental pollution and resource shortage and environmental protection pencil with China joined city urbanization and industrialization and prominent, has attracted the attention of the whole society, environmental protection pencil join people improve the environment more and more urgent desire, the awareness of the environmental crisis is to cultivate power low carbon concept is the most important.


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