stable operation of enterprises can not be separated from the abundant funds, start-up companies need more is the capital operation, how to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship is a concern for many investors. The following methods are expected to provide some help for venture capitalists.

method one: with the help of the park, really cheap

tracking case: Miss Zheng graduated from Tianjin, in the phase of a embroidery project. She visited many of the city’s downtown shops, but because the rent is too expensive, and have to pay a year’s rent, but had to give up. Finally, she went to the women’s entrepreneurship park. Unexpectedly, the park is not only free agent for her individual business license, but also enjoy many preferential policies, and the rent is not expensive. Miss Zheng only pay the first half of the rent and the first purchase fee, a total of 20 thousand yuan will be opened, cheaper than in other locations opened nearly $30 thousand.

results: Miss Zheng’s store opened second months after the profit. As of June 2015, her monthly profit exceeded 20 thousand yuan.

tip: at present, there are nearly a hundred cities in the country for grassroots investors in the entrepreneurial park, in the Venture Park investors can enjoy the most preferential policies (including loans).

application: suitable for all types of entrepreneurial projects.

method: two leased photo merchants, affordable in the dark

tracking case: the end of 2014, Ms. Wang in Hebei province through a friend, a good business originally leased gift shops (including business license), Ms. Wang to the gift shop operating shoes. Although the shop location is good, the rent is not low, but Ms. Wang to find the store, decoration, do cheap nearly 30 thousand yuan.

results: because the shop location is good, two months later, Ms. Wang shop began to profit, now every month nearly a million yuan of net profit.

tip: this method not only saves investors looking for the venue early, and other aspects of the time and cost for the opening of the shop, the shop also has a clear understanding of the flow of people. There are many shops can buy and sell and lease, and business license. This method is very popular in Southern China and central china. At the same time, this method is beneficial to investors in the early stage, such as: the geographical location of the store, the size of the shops, competitors, such as the intensity of the situation. At the same time, investors need to pay attention to four points, one is that the former must lease to be notarized notary office; the two is to understand why a former owner leased, to avoid unnecessary disputes; three is a must, and shops to contact the landlord, to avoid the "middleman landlord" sublet phenomenon; four, must be involved the business license of the business.

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