a lot of people in the business when everything starts from the garment industry, the garment industry is also a selective industry is very large, the clothing store lighting is very important, different light will bring different feelings, will also have a certain effect on clothing, so when the decoration is very exquisite. So, how to design clothing store lighting is reasonable? The following may wish to follow the small series.

love to go shopping friends will find, even during the day and night, clothing store also lit. Of course, not because the store is black, but the clothing store called light can make the whole atmosphere of the shop became "charm", lighting effects can give shoppers to provide a comfortable atmosphere, the same clothes with lights and no lights display effect is completely different, in contrast to the customer can easily be there light clothing store to attract.

first, the need to coordinate the lighting color

is a single special clothing display position by the model, you must use LED lamp energy saving for foil. The color of the light is appropriate, blue light gives people a feeling of cold, cold, psychedelic (summer), the yellow light gives people a warm feeling (winter). Warm and cool is the most suitable clothing store, if all is cold (which is usually seen by the white light) although the shop is bright, but it is not enough warm clothes will appear pale, not soft. With the warm light (usually see shoot like yellow light and pale) can feel, exposure of clothes more attractive.

in addition to seasonal clothing to choose a different light, in the layout, but also very particular about the different positions of the operating room should be configured with different lighting degrees of illumination, such as vertical depth of illumination should be higher than the hall.

two, clothing display area lighting

hanger display area to help customers easily find their favorite clothing styles, and calmly try and feel the texture of the clothes. In the decoration should pay attention to the lighting of the region should focus on the product, the use of natural colors to match the color of clothing, lighting to have a good color rendering. It is more effective to use embedded or hanging straight tube fluorescent lamps in the vicinity of the clothes rack.

three, clothing display area lighting

clothing display area can use a variety of art design to show the clothes worn by the model store the most perfect side. A bright light to display merchandise visibility.

in addition, regardless of day or night, and the light must be replenished, must be bright enough. First of all, the environment to light up, and different lighting design can not only make the clothes more moving, but also to achieve a different effect, to meet more people’s appreciation.

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