in a large number of well-known brands in the hot and dry noodles Cai Lin hot dry noodles good reputation, a good brand is old and hot dry noodles hot and dry noodles. Wuhan Chu Feng old Hankou Restaurant Management Co., the company is headquartered in Wuhan China, dedicated to the inheritance of the old man and re Gan culture, uphold the good intentions of the spirit of hard work, combined with modern production technology, scientific management, smiling service, create a time-honored brand.

"old Hankou" was founded in 2006, from Cai Lin re Gan successor Cai Hanwen old gentleman, in early founding the street shop in the form of fragmented business, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts and hard work, into a single faction, the "old Hankou" hot dry noodles quickly swept Jiangcheng, and quickly extended to the field of many provinces and cities in succession, the traditional flavor, using a special process and unique composition, delicious hot and dry noodles will play to the extreme, the "old Hankou" brand for three people known to every family for having heard it many times, beloved! The old man mouth hot and dry noodles with Au?

old man mouth hot and dry noodles operating characteristics:

secret recipe: old man mouth hot and dry noodles selected high quality flour, a unique formula, forming from the procurement of raw materials to the noodles every step of the teacher personally check, grasp the noodle quality from the source, make the noodles entrance smooth, texture.

The preparation process of

paste: select every spice, Zuzhuanmifang, sauce fragrant and delicious, the fusion of hot dry noodles noodles and sauces better together, let the noodles taste more diverse.

sesame processing: the origin of carefully selected high quality sesame and grinding, fine workmanship, golden color, taste smooth, mellow taste, and strive to retain the original sesame.

don’t know how your impression of the old man in the hot and dry noodles? If you feel good to join, or want to know more, please leave a message below our website, let us know your general idea.

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