consumer what brand items to pay, can be said that as long as the restaurant good intentions of products, we are not afraid of no customers, remember that moment will be the interests of consumers in the first place, then you have succeeded in 1/3.

intentions to do the taste, you can eat out. The weather is cold, holding a blanket in the sofa watching the show has become the most beautiful time, whether it is full of human "late night dining room", or "full of happiness" that a lonely gourmet, poured into the post of the heart food, let us on the relationship between food and people. Have a richer understanding of the time will always want to play, there are such warm fashion snacks like this. It does not have to be gorgeous, but also like a home as well as each spicy snacks are delicate spicy good, a touch of the tongue to understand it full of sincerity…

Vegetable & Fruit steak to enjoy double cup

‘s innovative steak steak house, a new way to eat steak, steak and Western food presents a different feeling, but the same thing is: beef quality determines its taste. Shakespeare Inn House steak cup using a high-quality beef steak, or beef rib parts, meat tender and juicy, fat just. The steak was cut into pieces just entrance, butter fried to seven mature, with a thick black pepper sauce, marbled unreinforced, grease and gravy in slobber intertwined.

Mexico spicy chicken roll

Mexico chicken roll is a special feature of the club’s cup, which does not require too much attention, but there is no patience and skill to do it. In the middle of the Mexico chicken roll, the Mexico steak is wrapped in beef cubes, which makes the chicken roll not so monotonous.

hand Croissant

said the hand Croissant and ordinary bakery Croissant what is the difference. Xiaobian feel more deeply is its delicate taste, sweet and not greasy, faint hint of milk flavor. At the end of the meal is also possible in the hand Croissant eat real fruit.

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