in the process of rapid economic development, Fujian FTA test area adhere to break the traditional stereotyped, began the pace of independent innovation. According to the fifth meeting of the leading group shftz working spirit of Fujian province since the day before the trade office issued a notice of Fujian FTA test area 2015-2016 annual "ten major innovations, ten open measures, ten functional platform, thirty demonstration enterprise" informed recognition. Below we understand the ten major innovation in Fujian FTA test area.

approved by the provincial government, the Provincial Federation of trade unions in conjunction with the provincial government information office, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments organized the relevant selection activities.

The selection of

, enterprises to set up a photo of a code registration system, the reform of investment system of "four" and "single window", international trade enterprises to set up a "fast track" approval mechanism, customs seized a "one-stop" inspection supervision platform + mutual recognition, foreign enterprises to establish "a declaration of" free trade, innovation the test area of integrated law enforcement system, free trade zone, Taiwan on the list of regulatory risk prevention and control input area product trial rapid inspection and quarantine mode + third party inspection results, adoption of reform and simplify management of certificate of origin was named "ten major initiatives".

Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved remarkable development, but now it has encountered a bottleneck in the development of the road, to further accelerate the development of the

, only to continue to strengthen innovation and development. To explore the implementation of foreign investment access before national treatment plus the negative list management model named "ten open measures"; Fuzhou bonded port vehicle import service platform named "ten functional platform"; being considered Mstar Technology Ltd and other 30 enterprises are awarded "thirty demonstration enterprises".

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