now is the jujube mature season, the Chinese in Henan province is a rich jujube area, this year, Henan Zhengzhou appeared to date of great momentum as the theme of the landscape, let’s look at the scenery.

2015 in September 5th, jointly organized by the Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, Xinzheng Municipal People’s Government of the 2015 Chinese Zaoxiang customs tour and the thirteenth red dates miss you cultural festival in the city of Xinzheng science and technology demonstration park opening scene of red dates, a huge abnormal eye-catching red dates. It is understood that the ten masters with a total of 80000 red dates done, height of up to 4.6 meters, is by far the world’s largest red jujube modeling.

is actually a cultural festival held such red dates has more than once, so far has been held in 13 games, but this can be said to be ever held in the relatively new time, but also can attract more people to visit.


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