a good shoe stores, the impression must be neat and orderly, customers also can glance at the time of the purchase of products. You may also want to ask, how to display shoes stores? What skills do you have? Today we have to share the shoes stores display skills.

color display of lighting and shoes is very important. It can strengthen the women’s shoes and fashion theme and harmony itself together. The whole light window right will be change and unified, central position clearly, fascinating, general window is to create a unified whole, clear and attractive.

shoes and accessories with the background to have a certain contrast. But we should pay attention to the outstanding commodity. If the white shoes display background with large flowers red, can make the shoes image fade, at least to the background brightness reduced or illusory image processing; if the winter’s gaudy and thick, background color and use some green; if the "pink collar class" popular shoes, green will reduce purity that is, white or black. Shoes display, light color is more soft.