style plays a very important role in the image of a person, now people are more concerned about their hair, a lot of people regularly do hairdressing, to keep their hair to be able to keep up with the development of the times, some entrepreneurs see now hairdressing market prospect is good, Open Salon stores, business in the course of business people to do some promotional activities to attract more consumers, today Xiaobian to tell you how to do hairdressing store promotional activities.

recharge card is a common way to promote hair salon, but also the main way to promote hair salon. Hairdressing store card is divided into multiple, from time to time, can be divided into monthly, quarterly, half year card card card, the card from the card; the type can be divided into integral cards, VIP cards, membership cards and other cards; from the distinguished degree is divided into gold, silver and so on. Beauty stores by handling the prepaid card in its stable loyal old customers, so they are long-term consumption. And the general recharge card has a discount, than the cost of a single consumption to be low, there will be some discount prices, so through the recharge card can also attract more new customers.

hair salon in promotional activities, you can also choose a discount, it can be very direct to attract consumers, and stimulate their consumption. The salon can discount Haircut, perm, Hair Coloring and other business projects, such as store anniversary, or some of the holidays can be discounted, it will attract a lot of consumers to consume.

hair salon stores can also choose to send gifts to promote the way. Set points to send gifts, customers can maintain long-term consumption, but also by way of gift feedback, but also make consumers feel very warm heart, there is a vision to continue spending. Gifts can be a hair salon in relatively good reputation products such as shampoo, or hair care packages, so if a customer with good, can also be used for consumption, it is a good way to shoot two hawks with one arrow promotion.

The current

industry is very competitive pressure, if you want to do better in this industry, I hope small articles can help you, start hairdressing stores, want to have their own a place to live in the fierce competition in the hairdressing market, entrepreneurs to do promotion store, help their store to attract more consumer to consumer, promote their shops in the market development, entrepreneurship to help them better!

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