speaking of urban management, people think the inspectors truculent and unreasonable, in fact we do not know, inspectors also have the gentle side. Hangzhou urban management is on duty? The State Council issued the "implementation of the system of administrative law enforcement system of public law enforcement records the whole process of major law enforcement legal decision audit system pilot work plan", which refers to "law enforcement activities involving personal freedom, life and health, major property rights.

after the Spring Festival for the increase of the number of undocumented vendors, on the same day, Yu Jie and his colleagues on the farmers market around the unlicensed behavior to carry out special rectification.

the morning paper Street farmers market, many passers-by, more is to buy vegetables uncle aunt and workers. A man dressed in pied sixty granny pushing a tricycle at the roadside selling vegetables, see the inspectors came, the old man turned to leave the cart, or by the inspectors were caught.

"we are Xihu District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of Xixi Squadron, you are suspected of operating without a license, please follow us to the squadron to deal with." I saw Yu Jie step forward, said as he showed the law enforcement certificates to the elderly, and opened the worn on the left shoulder of the law enforcement recorder. Practitioners 6 years, he can almost every second sentenced to a variety of illegal circumstances, undocumented business is one of the fastest identified.

however, let Yu Jie and other inspectors unexpectedly, the old man suddenly began to shake violently and body, waved, and said not normal communication law enforcement team.

so, a misleading picture emerged: four or five inspectors around an old man selling vegetables, the elderly face pain. In fact, the inspectors on the spot on the proposal to take the old man to the hospital, was rejected. So only from a nearby store pour a cup of boiling water, as he handed one of the old man reminded her cool drink, and the inspectors borrowed a plastic chair, let the old man sit down to rest.

saw the scene in our text, do you have a good impression of urban management? They are the founders of our city civilization, more often at the expense of their own to protect the interests of small traders. If we can continue, it can be predicted that with the further deepening of the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system in Zhejiang, the difficult points of urban management will be better solved.

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