Chinese school uniforms have been due to the lack of sense of design and beauty has been criticized, the recent high school students in Zhengzhou independent design uniforms, full of strong Chinese elements. These design plans will participate in the 2016 Shanghai uniforms expo.

1 20, the reporter saw in Zhengzhou City, the school students in their own school uniforms designed by the. The new school is divided into Tibet blue, light blue two colors, a sportswear, ritual clothing and winter seasons of the year, a total of five sets of uniforms fourteen.

the design team, a high school student Yang Dongqing told reporters, five sets of uniforms, the most characteristic is usually class wearing formal clothes.

"girl uniforms into the sleeves, Pankou Hanfu elements, China embodies the traditional culture and women’s elegant and noble temperament. Boys are in the period of revolution of 1911 style tunic, small collar, show the boys masculinity. Both male and female students have plum embroidery pattern on the school uniform, meaning ‘youth when self-improvement’."

It is reported that

"may be affected by the drama, the students are mostly on the design of Han Feng, British style uniforms. We set up a uniform design team, there are 8 students involved. After repeated search data, research Chinese traditional dress clothing, according to our schools’ sunshine, upward, refined "students training objectives, we finalize the design is a Chinese characteristics, features of the school uniforms." The vice president Mao Dongwang said, the design of China wind uniforms, men’s training Hony concept has been recognized by the design team’s uniforms.

late in listen to a lot of parents and students’ views, new uniforms in sports is fashion style, ritual clothing is a baseball uniform tunic style, but more slim, the plum embroidered collar, shoulders, skirt, winter coat is in the long woolen coat, with England fan children.

for new uniforms, the students of Wang Zhiyu is full of expectations. The teacher told us that in ancient times, the class is a serious thing, wearing a tunic, we will have a sense of indomitable spirit, 54 times for the rise of Chinese reading of the mission, I believe that a new uniform such Chinese character, mental outlook of the students will take on an altogether new aspect."

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