it is an industry in which to do business, as to spend a lot of effort to open up a store in the US, if you can get the shop to achieve prosperous, this business is undoubtedly a success. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal, we need to make more efforts. So, how to realize the florist business focused? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

, followed by floral fashion.

flower shop window is the epitome of the flower shop, so the operator should be in the design of the window more effort. If the customer can not see fresh floral products in your window, they will not be to your shop to buy flowers, so we should closely follow the trend of floral, regardless of color, shape or other elements to fashion, fashion. To do this we should pay more attention to learning courses, to observe a variety of floral floral display. In addition, pay more attention to the awareness of consumers in advance of the idea of thinking, good at using their awareness of this advance to inspire their inspiration.

two, make full use of scientific and technological means.

in the rapid development of science and technology, we should make full use of science and technology brings us convenience shop operators have a set of the best excellent computer program, it can help you know where to get the business, computer software can tell you why people spend, even the program can help you to do the monthly and annual performance comparison between statistics.

three, treat every customer sincerely.

florist to sustainable development, credibility is essential, but it is difficult to implement. Another flower shop owner in Canada is very successful. She took the people’s life rhythm, so treat floral, even from the beginning will depend on how to design to complete the florist. She installed 3 telephones in the store, she 98% orders are determined by telephone, face-to-face with customers in bag and arranging flowers in the process, she used the flowers still excellent quality good price, service is still a week after. After several off-season and peak season, she was found to have accumulated a large number of old customers to patronize.

four, into your living environment.

was founded in 1962 in Canada Trevor shop owner Jim often participate in community public welfare activities, although it takes them about 1/4 of the time, but he said: This is very rewarding, we know everyone and get in touch with them, so when you want to buy flowers will come looking for me.

five, to maintain the stability of the flower shop team.

you want to be the best stability of your flower shop team: treat employees

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