many people are tired of helping others work life, work pressure, work tedious. So many people want to go to their own business, their own work. But entrepreneurs seemingly glamorous appearance has a bitterness, today, let us see, entrepreneurs can have what kind of life.

Just like the song sung by

, "no one can casually succeed", every entrepreneur in the future to prepare their own imagination with a few years of success even beyond success, should calm down and ask yourself, do I have to prepare those winners, eat bitter suffering and bear the pressure in a few years or even double again?

entrepreneurs will not stop, I was very curious why many enterprises have done entrepreneurial work very great strength is still great, even the pressure is bigger than me. There is a Legend Holdings vice president Ning min told me, in fact, success is the man in the arena, he involuntarily "because every step forward to mobilize a lot of resources, for example, will give men promised greater stage, more income will give partners promised a reasonable return, even to the higher authorities junlingzhuang…… It is impossible to stop, once the stop of all the promises can not be honored, and everyone’s expectations will be disappointed……

entrepreneurs must give all people to account for

in the company, everyone can find the supervisor said "I tried, limited ability to request support, only the entrepreneur can not say it, all the things you can’t escape, you.

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