union is the home of the majority of workers.

Union, is also difficult to rely on workers.

Xining Federation of trade unions, difficult workers to help the center is the city’s trade unions to fulfill the rights of the window, is the implementation of the trade union to send warmth project, helping needy workers’ home". The center since its establishment in September 2002, working for the state government for the employees in problem-solving, difficult to carry out legal aid and assistance, employment assistance and other "one-stop" services, open up channels, expand the platform, serve the workers in difficulties, give full play to the trade union "pick up the residual Que" role, especially for the masses of workers it is difficult to set up a staff full of sunshine, warm and harmonious "home of workers".

legal aid: a ray of sunshine in the minds of difficult workers

difficult workers are vulnerable groups, get legal assistance, is their hearts desire.


staff assigned to Xie Yanjun in 1991 three a work shop. 1999 due to part of the handling of the loan failed to recover, the Qinghai state grain company to terminate the labor relations. Since then, the workers for many years to reflect the interests of the relevant departments to be infringed, but has not been given to solve, because Xie Yanjun has no long-term work, coupled with his wife unemployed, family life in trouble. January 2006, the workers petition to the City Federation of trade unions to help the center, the center after the analysis of the situation, Qinghai grain companies suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

July 2006, the center in the case of unsuccessful coordination to give Xie Yanjun legal aid. After the city intermediate people’s court and the Xining City District Court of first instance, two after the verdict, revoked Qinghai state grain grain company people green country (1999) No. 35 "on Xie Yanjun’s expulsion decision" to restore the Xie Yanjun and Qinghai state food company labor relations; at the same time, by the Qinghai state grain company paid Xie Yanjun in December 1999 October 2005 – 71 months of wages, and bear part of the employee pension, medical, unemployment, housing provident fund shall be paid by the unit during this period, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

to migrant workers in Minhe County Ning Mu Jianqing, November 1, 2007, in Qinghai Qing Feng equipment company project contracting a demolition site operation, fell 7 metres injured in hospital. Company in November 3, 2007, in December 5th, respectively, to pay 20 thousand yuan and Mu Jianqing medical expenses of $5000, then no medical expenses paid. But because Mu Jianqing falls seriously, medical expenses, payment of 25 thousand yuan is not the medical expenses, so he to Qinghai Qing Feng equipment companies require an additional compensation for medical expenses. Over the next few months, Mu Jianqing and relatives repeatedly made claims to the company, but the company has not been given compensation. In May 26th this year, Mu Jianqing appeal to the Union City Center helping the center, after verification, Qinghai Qing Feng equipment company did not provide labor protection in safe conditions, resulting in Mu Jianqing seriously hurt, and hospitalization costs have been more than 30 thousand yuan, mu;

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