to create a happy, peaceful and safe atmosphere of the festival, showing the results of City Cultural Development Zone, rich spring festival, the lantern festival sports activities, the city zone in the frugal festival of ideas, the government leading, community interaction, participation of the masses, organize the content rich and diverse forms, wide coverage, participation in the series a high degree of activity, to show the unique charm of folk custom, central diversification, festivals, create a warm and festive, civilized and peaceful, safe and orderly festive atmosphere, enhance the cultural activities of the "three sections" reputation, rich central culture, promote the development of tourism and cultural integration, promote the "central living city" and "city of happiness" construction.

please listen to the grassroots concert

on the evening of December 27, 2014, the Sea Lake District, Qinghai Grand Theatre staged a stylish and elegant combination of the new year’s concert in the city in 2014, the audience are 1200 ordinary people and grassroots staff. Among them, sanitation workers, community residents, ordinary teachers. In the evening, they are the identity of the guests, is the City District Committee, district government invited to enjoy the new year’s concert free of charge. That night, the city community workers, sanitation workers, education, medical workers and representatives of all ethnic groups attended the concert. Young conductor Hou Jie and the Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra artists are more exquisite skills for the people of the region presented an elegant, pure music feast. With the film "founding ceremony" theme music melody melodious echo, nearly two hours of music event in the audience of more than 1200 spectators in the applause of the successful completion of the curtain.

young people running to greet the new year

‘s new year’s day race in our city is a traditional large scale, a large number of people to participate in winter long-distance race activity, this year, when the new year’s sun to the city, the forty-first session of the Xining City Tianyi Cup "New Year’s day race in the Lake District of Qinghai Province Sports Center prelude. In this year’s new year’s day race, Chengzhong District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau actively organize the comity street, door street, Yin Ma Street, people street, South Beach, Nanchuan Nanchuan Road, West Road and other 7 office staff and fitness enthusiasts a total of 1500 people participated in the activities, issued by the municipal Sports Bureau won the outstanding organization award. The majority of fitness enthusiasts through the activities of running around the city to practice the "I exercise, my health" concept, but also through this event for the people of the city to send a healthy and happy new year wishes.

700 movie tickets free of charge to the masses

The movie tickets

one at 40 yuan and 50 yuan, so many people have not been to the cinema for many years, in order to enrich the cultural life of the masses, so that more of the sanitation workers, urban poor staff can walk into the theater, January 15th, organized by the district in the city district government organized a "cultural Huimin film week" activities officially started the curtain in Xining Xixia studios. The event lasted 9 days. Science and Technology Tourism Bureau of the city zone, in order to implement the party’s spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the policy of "cultural Huimin";

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