"a number of economic indicators of growth in the national 26 provincial capital city in the forefront; completed the annual demolition area of 5 million 294 thousand square meters, a total of nearly two years, the demolition of about 10000000 square meters, more than the sum of the previous ten years; infrastructure investment reached 14 billion 300 million yuan, a total of more than 2 years ago……" In January 4th, mayor Wang Yubo made the "government work report" review of work in Xining in the year of 2013, about a bunch of boiling NPC and CPPCC joy every venue, representatives and members of the Xining digital, and triggered a wide majority of deputies and members of the hot debate.

  from the government work report number 1, a number of indicators of growth in 26 provincial capital city [], the forefront of extended interview Municipal Bureau of Statistics: in 2013 the city before the three quarter results show that our city a number of economic indicators of growth in the forefront of the country’s 26 provincial capital city. If the above scale industrial added value growth rate of 26 in the capital city ranked first, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the capital city of the 26 ranked first, GDP growth rate of 26 in the capital city ranked second, urban residents per capita disposable income growth rate ranked fifth in the capital city of the 26. [comment], on behalf of members of Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, municipal people’s Congress Yao Lin: "government work report" real summary of the work of the municipal government in 2013 last year, the provincial Party committee and the leadership of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping and the eighteen series the party’s important speech, adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, good in quickly, to overcome many unfavorable factors in the process of economic and social development, accelerate the adjustment of economic structure, and actively cultivate the market main body, the development of the development zone and the county economy, and vigorously promote employment, the report highlights frequent economic development. From the government work report number 2 air quality in the country 74 large and medium-sized city in the upper row [Extension] to interview the relevant departments: in 2013, our city energy saving capital investment amounted to 2 billion 140 million yuan, up 176.7%. Strictly implement the construction site of the "five hundred" requirement, the establishment of county environmental monitoring grid model, optimization of PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring, to further promote the construction dust, coal dust, vehicle exhaust, coal boiler and other 29 special treatment, the annual air quality and excellent rate reached more than 60%, 74 large and medium-sized city in the national ranking the upper reaches of the middle. [comment], on behalf of members of Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary, municipal people’s Congress Zhang Qiguang: some seemingly "simple" digital, seemingly "dull" narrative, but reflects the municipal government a year to work in every effort, every step of the hardships. In the air pollution control work, on the one hand to increase investment, on the other hand to strengthen the work;

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