With the continuous improvement of the macroeconomic environment, the steady growth of the income of residents in Xining, the gradual optimization of the consumption structure, living standards continue to improve. Xining National Bureau of investigation team recently released a sample survey data show that the first three quarters, Xining residents per capita disposable income of 13435.41 yuan, an increase of 10.89%; per capita consumption expenditure of 10259.91 yuan, up 13.45%.

from the composition of the total household income, Xining residents per capita wage income and transfer income accounted for 93.4% of total household income, is the main driver of income growth. With the macroeconomic rebound, operating net income increased by 8.63%. Diversification of investment channels for urban residents, so that residents property income grew 1.2 times. Pension or pension income to further improve, driven by the transfer of revenue growth of 9.08%.

The consumption demand of residents in Xining city

strong, the first three quarters of the per capita consumption expenditure of 10259.91 yuan, an increase of 13.45%, including food, clothing, housing, household appliances and services, medical care and education and entertainment are two digit growth. (author: Jing Ji)


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