Today is the twenty-eighth national "110 Publicity Day", Xining public security organs at all levels will be organized to "110, to protect your peace" as the theme of the 110 campaign. This reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference.

it is reported that the 110 campaign is divided into three aspects: one is the Xining city at all levels of 110 police units closely around "110, protect your peace" theme, highlighting the focus. The two is the command center at all levels and the police will be invited to the jurisdiction of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, police air police discipline supervisor and the representatives of the masses into police camps, organized public open day activities. Get to the general public to report the area throughout the year 110 alarming, basic level, police culture construction achievements, so that the majority of the jurisdiction of the masses to understand the area security situation and public security work flow, so as to understand and support the work of public security. Three is the Central Plaza in Xining in January 10th to carry out the "110 Publicity Day" activities. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the three organizations in the area to choose the appropriate place to carry out centralized publicity activities. The police will organize the police into the community, into the school, into the unit, into households to carry out promotional activities to understand the voice of the masses, to solve the needs of the masses, and promote the harmonious development of the relationship between the police and the people.

at the conference site, the police in Xining for the recent warning characteristics, to the public issued an early warning tips:

is a public during the Spring Festival to go shopping, take public transportation process, attention must be paid to the safety of property, do not reveal the rich to carry large amounts of cash, avoid property lost or stolen; two female citizens do not carry large amounts of cash and wearing expensive jewelry at night travel, try to avoid going out alone at night; the three is personal mobile phone terminal receives drugs SMS or phone credit card consumption, notify the public security departments case investigation, customs confiscated goods, money orders, delivery after the first, do not panic, do not rush to respond, do not bank card or cash remittance, secondly to consult to verify the authenticity of family, and then call the police. For the record; four in Xining recent cases of carbon monoxide poisoning deaths caused by the case, to remind the general public in Daily life in the winter heating process, must pay attention to fire safety, indoor use of coal heating, to timely ventilation, guarantee flue unobstructed, especially the use of fire direct heating; five is the recent Xining city has multiple causes of excessive drinking drunk suffocation death case, people visit relatives and friends during the festival and events are not excessive in the process of dinner and drinking excessive Quanjiu, drink as much as possible to avoid being alone, to prevent accidents.


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