in the first quarter of this year, Xining tax system accumulated tax revenue 488 million 470 thousand yuan, an increase of 10.54% over the same period last year, an increase of $46 million 590 thousand. Business tax, urban construction tax revenue growth stimulating effect is obvious, the total storage of 325 million 330 thousand yuan, accounting for the total revenue of $66.60%. Small taxes in addition to a slight decline in vehicle tax, the remaining taxes have maintained two digit growth, land value-added tax, resource tax increase is higher, respectively, 189.29% and 40.54%.


for this year’s economic development increased uncertainty, the pressure of the actual increase in tax revenue, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to firmly establish the overall awareness of service development, the implementation of the global mobilization, go all out to organize tax revenue, the "top leaders" personally, in-depth collection line, and effectively strengthen the organization of the work of tax revenue organization and inspection and the establishment of centralized, professional management, adhere to the principle of territorial management of tax source, construction member, branch and County Bureau of three key sources of management and monitoring system, the implementation of the "Zhou Xun, Ji Ping, month investigation, annual examination, layers of implementation of management responsibilities. In view of the actual situation of Xining special geographical location and climatic factors on the construction industry, real estate and other taxes, strengthen the monitoring of key projects, do a good job in the construction industry management.

at the same time, the city to carry out standardized tax collection basis work special inspection, focus on examination of the rental housing tax, local tax management "management information system" basic information collection, entry and usage, consolidate collection basis. Increase the tax revenue analysis and forecast analysis, work intensity, potential difficulties, problems and tax schedule etc., timely improve the means of collection, fully tap the potential income, made the first quarter tax revenue "opener".


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