September 9th, the thirtieth teachers’ Day is approaching, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng cordial visit to the people’s teachers. Luo Huining pointed out that in recent years, various types of education at all levels of our province has made considerable progress, which contains the wisdom of the majority of teachers and contributions. He paid tribute to the teachers and educators in the province. Luo Huining first came to Qinghai University, into the dormitory professor Shi Yuanchun. Professor, a professor at Tsinghua University, is a distinguished professor of the Changjiang scholar. Luo Huining asked her working life, seeking to deepen the reform proposals, praise her in human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, network education, technology and other aspects of the achievements, I hope she continues to play a leading role of academic leaders. Flower experts, the outstanding teachers of the Tang Dynasty for more than 30 years in Qinghai Tibet Plateau flower gardening teaching and research, has achieved fruitful results. Luo Huining cordial conversation with him to understand the development of new varieties of Plateau flowers. Luo Huining said that your research results for people to enjoy the United States, hoping to promote the development of flower industry in Qinghai and make new contributions. In the thermal simulation laboratory based industrial training center, School of mechanical engineering, Luo Huining carefully inspect the equipment and process of scientific research to understand the situation, I hope to further promote the combination of laboratory construction, become an open innovation platform. In the machining workshop, to see the students are on the experimental class, Luo Huining very happy, he said, the university should not only teach students the book knowledge, but also to cultivate students’ innovation and practical ability. In Tao Yuan Chengbei District primary school teaching building, the children draw a piece of handmade works expressed a common wish thank you. Luo Huining walked into the teaching and research section, sent flowers to the teachers, and sat around with them, to understand their work and life situation, earnestly seek advice on improving teaching work. Luo Huining said with deep feeling, the teacher is a glorious title, is a sacred profession. The greatest sense of accomplishment is to see the students grow up healthy and happy, we look forward to teaching and educating people have a greater harvest. In the morning, governor Hao Peng came to the building of Career Technical College and Beijing visit frontline staff in the condolences, and asked in detail about their work and life, listen to their ideas, wishes and suggestions. He said that for a long time, the majority of educators dedication to education, teaching and doubts, with love, knowledge and wisdom on the minds of students, is fully deserve engineers of the human soul, is the most respectable person. Hao Peng hope the teachers uphold the noble values and good morals, imparting knowledge, teaching, ladder, selfless dedication, cultivate more talents and make greater contribution to the province’s economic and social development. Hao Peng said that the development of education, the key lies in the teachers, see teachers mental state is very good, hardworking is full of vigor, we are very pleased that governments at all levels will make the greatest efforts to create a good living and working conditions for teachers, to help solve practical problems, to create a good atmosphere of respecting teachers, make concerted efforts to make our province the development of education better. Period;

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