July 10th, the education system in Xining City District 2013 "bright performance bid" selection of vice president of reserve cadres activities start. Xining City District Education System in 18 primary schools, 20 vice principal to participate in the president’s reserve cadre talent examination, the middle school cadres attended the vice president of the 62 talents of the examination.

This year,

City District Education System of a change in the recruitment of reserve cadres heavy written practice, but the test set light performance, bidding, interview and defense of the four links, which links to the front, open bidding to take the exam questions, each teacher in advance to get the papers, after at home or find information or ask the expert advice later, in a bid to link to the tender to explain, if it is consistent with the tender expression, that is your own work, can obtain relatively high scores, whereas the score is very low. At the same time in order to ensure the impartiality of the examination, the District Education Bureau hired by the school teachers, principals and teachers in Province Department of the 100 member expert panel of judges and the judges group, the judges are given according to different performance group staff to participate in the examination of the corresponding scores.

Xining City District Bureau of education official said, the bright performance of the final goal is to choose from these Vice Principals and schools in the middle of the real talent into the cadre reserve. Not only many links, and no additional written examination, to do so is to embody fairness from. The bright performance bidding project is the city of Xining education system following the "teacher driven" project, "intellectual talent" to introduce the project and the "outstanding principal forging project" after another education Huimin project. (author: Chen Jun)

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