Zhang Qin is a member of the Qinghai Sea Lake building materials test cement products Co. Ltd., always adhere to no matter what, do it best, fight on the first, it is necessary to make extraordinary results in the extraordinary position in the work of the spirit. In order to ensure the qualified raw materials and degraded into the workshop, the good first pass control in advance, the annual average 2640 times more than in the test, inspection and evaluation of above 7920 annual report. She is full of enthusiasm, solid work style, the spirit of dedication, won the broad masses of cadres and workers.

for the successful completion of the Qinghai Tibet railway line, pole assignment, which lay a solid foundation for the quality of the products, improve the visibility of Lake cement products in the market, can open up a new market. Severe winter, other workshop and the Department have a holiday, Zhang Qin has always insisted repeatedly in the production line test work, once again the material weighing, artificial mixing, work overload makes her cold have a fever and sore, but did not rest for a day, because she knows what it means to the task the importance of trust and leadership. Duty is higher than all, indomitable spirit of perseverance to support her, she once again successfully completed the task, and provide valuable data for the workshop practice of mass production, to ensure the orderly conduct of the production workshop. Post test is a combination of technology and physical work, deal with perennial and concrete, her body also caused some damage, long concrete specimens and concrete, which left arm ligament injury, when pain even end jobs are extremely eat force, went to the hospital for diagnosis. Is medicine called "tennis elbow" and "arthritis", at the same time with mild pneumoconiosis associated with the working environment, the doctor asked a closed needle and diathermy therapy, but she never mentioned any request to the relevant departments, nor to the leadership to reflect what, always bear his silence, continue to hard at work.  

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