5 19, the municipal government inspection teams to the city Bureau of transportation supervision of traffic engineering construction progress. After listening to the various units of the project report, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the office of the director of Yu Hongbin pointed out that from the current situation, smooth traffic engineering construction project started, but due to various reasons to start new projects is not ideal, the office of the leading group should conscientiously sum up the analysis, find out the reasons and correct.

for the next step, the Secretary General to put forward specific requirements: one is to open the office of the leading group should fully play a leading role in coordinating and earnestly supervise and inspect the work flow of traffic project, the construction project monthly inspection time, understand the situation, the existing problems, timely coordinate and solve. Two is to further accelerate the progress of the project, the smooth flow of the project to reverse schedule schedule, refine the progress of the project. From the proposal, review, feasibility study, approval, bidding, start the work of each stage of refinement, to the people. Three is to further strengthen cooperation and actively cooperate to ensure the smooth construction of the project. Can be approved by the national development and Reform Commission on Coordination in the project, engineering, project planning permission issues by the planning bureau is responsible for the coordination, construction permits for Construction Commission responsible for coordination, land for land bureau is responsible for coordinating. Four is the leading group office to convene a weekly project coordination meeting, master the progress of the project, timely report to the leading group of smooth engineering. At the same time, the completion of the project, the construction unit as soon as possible handover acceptance.







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