"the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, into all aspects of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and the whole process, and strive to build a beautiful China, realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation."

– from the party’s eighteen report

"construction of ecological civilization in the first zone,…… Promote the rise of Qinghai green civilization."

– from the twelve provincial Party Congress report

‘efforts to build national ecological civilization pilot area, for the construction of the beautiful Chinese spice."

— from "government work report"

depth interview: Beautiful China, starting from the United States, Qinghai,

"beautiful China", a poetic, warm and new concept, a "great beauty Qinghai" is full of infinite imagination of the new goal!


face the reality, we see that the environmental problem has become an important factor restricting China’s sustainable development.

beautiful China launched the action, so that China’s economic and social development on a higher level of civilization – ecological civilization, which is bound to be a great epoch-making changes in the world today.

this change, more brilliant Qinghai development, giving Qinghai a more arduous mission.

Qinghai is the country and Asia’s important water conservation and ecological protection, ecological status and irreplaceable ecological function, determine the strategic position of Qinghai in the construction of the beautiful Chinese and typical significance." Participants, the provincial environmental protection department director Yang Rukun said.

from "respect for nature, comply with nature and protect nature" concept, "into economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction in all aspects and the whole process of" guidelines "to the path of low-carbon development, green development, cycle development, the narrow scope China ecological civilization has gone beyond the energy saving and emission reduction simple, save resources, protect the environment, to realize the harmony between man and nature, to enhance the level of social civilization and enhance the production capacity of ecological product height.

there is no doubt that the rich in meaning of clean air, clean water, cover the pleasant environment "China ecological products manufacturing, as the source of Sanjiang, thousands of lakes and mountains, the ancestor of ecological assets concentration in Qinghai, as are focus on the construction of Sanjiang National Comprehensive Experimental Zone of ecological protection, the (National) Circular of Qilian mountain area economic zone, to create a national ecological civilization first district of Qinghai, called the core production base.

beautiful China, starting from Qinghai! The leading idea of ecological civilization and the characteristics of the development of Qinghai, so concise consensus.

"ecological civilization construction is the core requirement of the beautiful China, the ecological status of Qinghai is an important position in the construction of beautiful china." Provincial CPPCC members, director of the provincial housing and urban construction department, Yushu earthquake reconstruction site command;

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