– Wang Yubo four greening work supervision and inspection – continuous accumulation of city green wealth – and strive to 2-3 years, significantly enhance the Xining green quantity, Lin Meicheng Huimin

  how to Pingxi and highway greening effect on both sides of the west? Chaoyang angle to the west, the West Tower high-speed Shen area, the south of the toll station interchange angle and other important nodes to create a landscape? Xining "four sides" green work how to do? In May 11th, with a series of questions, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of Jin Jiuchen, west along the highway greening is carried out supervision and inspection work.

Wang Yubo, a line along the Pingxi highway Sita drove slowly along the way, all the way to see, listen to the "quadrilateral green work report. In Pingxi expressway, when garden workers are planting trees, Wang Yubo then rolled up his sleeves and picked up a shovel, was full of hope and a kind of green garden workers. Wang Yubo fully affirmed the greening work, the previous stage high speed road on both sides of the first stage, he pointed out that the county departments attach great importance to the organization is strong, firmly grasp the spring afforestation of this important node, at a high speed on both sides of the road as the focus, strong and orderly promote the whole city greening work, after more than a month the time, has begun to take high-speed road on both sides of the green image, forming contour.

Wang Yubo stressed that the greening work is the construction of livable Xining, to create a beautiful city an important part of the benefit of thousands of people, work in the interest of future generations, we must strengthen confidence, continue to catch down year after year. Beautify the mountains and rivers in Xining, to create a beautiful Xining, from the beginning of a good tree. First, we must seize the season, pay close attention to finishing the work, to ensure that before the end of this year’s spring, the successful completion of both sides of the highway landscaping work. The two is to raise a good tree species, to ensure a kind of a live tree, a piece of a piece, into a piece of the United States, continue to accumulate urban green wealth. The three is to take measures to co-ordinate to build high-speed road on both sides of the landscape. Continue to improve the green landscape corridor at the same time, strict planning and good control of high speed on both sides of the road construction, greening, landscaping, lighting that go hand in hand, before the end of May, the formation of city in high speed on both sides of the road landscape style coordinated and structured with. The four is to arrange for this year’s rainy season, autumn afforestation, planning next year, the roadside, riverside, mountains, farmland edge four green work. Early planning, early seedling storage, scientific and orderly and efficient manner, and strive to 2-3 years, the combination of a city, Sen, the year working, significantly enhance the Xining green quantity, Lin Meicheng huimin. Five is to promote the organization through the government to fully mobilize social resources, to play social forces, efforts to increase the intensity of greening and beautification of Xining, government organizations, community building livable eco circle. (reporter Wang Xiaofang)



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