"I’m here to give you some of your own pie." November 20th morning, the streets of Xining City District Office of the Public Street Lane Lane rich and powerful community office a laugh, the residents of Li Xiangmei, he will just get a nice cake to get the community, so that staff taste. Lively and cheerful, she also from time to time for everyone to talk about the new things they encounter, make the staff laugh.

according to the community staff, Li Xiangmei a year ago is not so cheerful, every time I see her are sad, do not participate in community activities." Community director Lu Hongying recalled that the community staff asked her what difficulties, she did not answer. "Why does she always look sad? We must help her to untie the knot." Let Li Xiangmei face smile into a wish of red deer.

deer red first from her neighbors around to understand the situation. "Both of them are laid off and a child is at school." After listening to the neighbors after the bottom of my heart, red deer.

"we have to help her find a stable job." The red deer really said. In order to re employment in the community to send four (send policy, send service, send jobs, send skills) services implemented, the staff detailed understanding of the actual situation of Li Xiangmei. After a period of observation, the community staff found that Li Xiangmei is a very practical and capable people, just because of age, many employers do not have her. "Listen to her former colleagues, said her character is very cheerful, I think we can recommend her as a co manager." With a general direction, community workers began to prepare for Li Xiangmei to find a job.

to write applications, contact the relevant departments, all procedures are accompanied by the community staff with Li Xiangmei. More than a month of running, the community finally applied for Li Xiangmei to the work of the CO manager. When we put the letter sent to the hands of Li Xiangmei, Li Xiangmei took the hand of red deer, tears: "I never thought I would be able to go to work." (author: Guo Rui)

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