today (September 3rd) to the end of the month, Xining city will be called on the public to carry out national hands, clean homes, create a civilized "volunteer service activities. Through the urban environment, road environment, urban and rural joint three comprehensive remediation action environment, clean up the urban environment health regulation exists in "dirty, chaotic and poor" phenomenon and health corner, driven by public participation, environmental remediation, clean homes, guide the citizens to participate in the city greening, beautification, purification, create beautiful the environment, efforts to enhance the quality of public culture and city civilization, to ensure that Xining city smoothly through the evaluation and acceptance of the national evaluation group.

street seven no chaos

in the comprehensive renovation of the main urban road environment action, Xining city will focus on environmental remediation work along the road, along the street to the "seven no", namely: no Luandaluanjian, cluttered, chaotic mess hanging led, throwing dump, scribbling, digging chaos filled, chaos chaos for planting. At the same time, in the road facilities, Xining will ensure road clean, clear and eye-catching traffic signs. Street restaurants, hotels, shops, repair shop shop clean, shop signs and billboards set norms.

back street alley no garbage dead

in the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment in Xining city operations, will be back streets, communities, restaurants, corridor, square, public toilet and units as the focus, strengthen environmental remediation, focus on cleaning up the dead angle of hygiene, ensure that there are no messy trash, dirt and odor, ensure clean and orderly.

rural garbage closed

in urban high comprehensive environmental remediation actions, Xining city will do a good job in the suburbs (Village) construction and configuration of people refuse room, garbage cans and other containers, garbage removal and implement temporary closure. At the same time, to ensure that the residents of the street, lane, road maintenance intact, no damage to the road surface, no defects in the cover, the city psoriasis treatment in a timely manner. In addition, Xining will also cooperate with the media, the timely exposure of dirty and poor phenomenon. If you do not clean up around the environment, you can also call the newspaper 96369 hotline, this newspaper will be the first time to report to the relevant departments in a timely manner to clean up. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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Lake New Area: create a new city residents feel warm

right now, the city of Xining set off a new upsurge of the creation of a national civilized city. As a new focus of Xining, sea lake district also played a leading role in the creation of urban activities, in peacetime, it is very important to focus on the overall environment on the basis of the creation of a "city war".

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