In order to strengthen the province’s traffic police team construction, to solve the traffic police violations of law and discipline, and strive to build a impartial and honest law enforcement, the people satisfied with the traffic police team, Qinghai Traffic Police Corps has formulated "strengthening police team construction ten provisions".

showed that the "Regulations", the implementation of punishment is prohibited when the illegal cash, issued the penalty decision, the bill or not to fill in the amount of a fine; it is strictly prohibited to use positions for traffic violations to eliminate traffic violations points or drop (rise), exemption from punishment, accepting property or prohibited illegal detention or for personal gain; the seizure of vehicles, motor vehicle driving license, driving license, vehicle license plate; strictly prohibited in handling cases and treatment of traffic accidents, is strictly prohibited to resort to deceit favoritism; do not meet the conditions, without driving license examination or examination unqualified staff issued by the motor vehicle driving license, driving people to reduce test project, reduce standards or participate in and assist and connivingdriving people cheat in the exam, accepting property or personal gain; no license for the vehicle does not comply with the laws, regulations and national standards. For motor vehicle inspection, without legal inspection or inspection unqualified marks, or accepting property for private lending is prohibited; motor vehicle license plate; prohibited the participation or disguised in driving training, vehicle detection, vehicle repair factory, wrecker rescue enterprises and other business activities, or the specified charge parking lot, motor vehicle repair plant is strictly prohibited; traffic management member of law enforcement right, independently to police road duty, issued in the name of the penalty decision, accepting property, personal gain, or the traffic wardens expenses and traffic violation fines, or disguised hook staff issued issued a fine index to the traffic wardens; prohibited service in law enforcement and window, treat people arrogant attitude violent, or deliberately, chinakayao.

Any violation of the "Regulations" of

, according to relevant regulations, give a warning, demerit, demotion, dismissal, demerits, dismiss treatment; staff be dismissed; constitute a crime will be held criminally responsible. At the same time, will strictly implement the provisions of leading cadres asked accountability and responsibility of the investigations, in violation of the provisions of the serious consequences and adverse effects, traffic police will written proposal of the local Party committee and government held the Party committee in charge of the leadership and the public security organs or the main leadership responsibility, proposed to pursue its superior leadership responsibility when necessary.


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