6 1, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the provincial leading group to maintain the stability of enlarged meeting, stressed that a comprehensive implementation of the overall concept of national security, in accordance with the provincial system to do a good job security and stability requirements, to prevent risks in a prominent position, firmly establish the big security concept, continue to do the investigation and resolve potential risks, better play to maintain the safety and stability of the responsibility, firmly grasp the initiative to maintain the stability of the dominant power.

Wang Jianjun stressed that to prevent risks in a prominent position, strengthen the study survey of various sources of risk, improve the real-time dynamic monitoring and early warning capabilities, promote scientific, risk prevention and control work fine, the variety of possible risks, be aware of in the mind, strong, well shot spectrum disposal, the risk mitigation in the the source and preventive measures. To set up the concept of security, the security problem in the background of history and era and the complex reality environment to think, to examine, adhere to two points and focus on unity, strengthen the overall concept, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, it is necessary to grasp the trend, but also to fulfill the great bear. To continue to do a good job in the settlement of conflicts and disputes to resolve, according to the law to strengthen the governance of cyberspace, so that the investigation does not stay dead, do not stay away from the tail, no regrets. To better play the responsibility of security and stability, the implementation of territorial management responsibilities, the implementation of the Department of industry responsibility, strict implementation of the accountability system, security and stability responsibilities to the vertical in the end, horizontal to the edge, leaving no blind spots.

provincial Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Wang Xiaoyong informed the previous stage of the province’s investigation of the risk, the next step to resolve the prevention and control work made specific arrangements. Provincial stability and stability of the leading group members, provincial departments responsible comrades, cities and states stable leadership team leader attended the meeting.


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