The earthquake disaster relief training:

fire fighting rescue

night fire drill

September 15th, Qinghai fire brigade standardization construction site will be held in the Xining fire brigade, more than 150 Representatives of the conference from the province of Xining fire brigade, fire brigade secret, Dongchuan City, north of the city, Gan River, five basic units such as standardization construction units were to observe the results of the pilot.

in recent years, the Xining fire brigade party adhere to unified planning and deployment, unified organization and leadership, effectively break the bottleneck problem in many construction units, in order to highlight the police strictly according to the law construction, highlighting the development of the culture of police education construction, prominent comprehensive ability construction, Tiejun projection team construction, highlighting security equipment and facilities construction team station, etc. "five prominent" as standard, to achieve the "duty of standardization, combat training, work process, life doctrine, police information", to enhance the new situation of fire forces standardization construction level.

outstanding police strictly according to the law construction of

regularization is the core doctrine of team management in the armed forces to rules and regulations as the benchmark, adhere to the implementation and innovation, highlighting the police according to law. Adhere to the school regulations, strong management, keep promoting formal education as a doctrine, "the implementation of the compulsory courses for officers and soldiers to carry out" doctrine, early learning month "activities, regulate the queue action, the system of life, a meeting on organizational procedures, military dress, ceremony, registration and statistics, interior setting, library room construction etc. the contents of the 8 aspects, comprehensively enhance the level of military standardization. Every year the recruits under the team, first on the "strict discipline, obey the command class, organize a quarterly warning education exhibition and interactive education discussion, hanging box in the camp area discipline motto, office building, Hall electronic screen rolling broadcast uninterrupted disciplinary regulations, set up the network learning column, making rules make comics. The officers and soldiers in the monasteries, strengthen discipline imperceptibly.

highlight the development of cultural education police building

team adhere to lead the thought and behavior of officers and soldiers to police culture, absorbing the modern culture, cultivate military culture, and strive to build "five kinds of police culture system, inject new vigor and vitality into the development of the army. First, to create a loyal culture, the ideal of the officers and soldiers into prison. In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of fire, faithfully perform their duties mission, detachment of officers and soldiers to learn history, military history, history of the development of the Chinese nation, the red resources field teaching, as the fine tradition of the fertile soil of cultivating loyal culture. Two is hong;

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