March 1st, tourism new revision, beautiful Qinghai classic beauty polymerization, high density, variety, landing CCTV News International, record 5 channel 13 columns, full of radiation around the country, landing more than and 100 in America and Britain, Egypt, France, India, Chile and other countries and regions.

reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qinghai tourism is a new year’s tourism campaign has been in full swing. By virtue of CCTV strong media, international publicity channels to publicize, is the focus of this year’s tourism promotion in Qinghai. From March 1st to the end of the year, consisting of Plateau Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, a Buddhist shrine sapphire blue Danshan Kanbula, Chinese water tower Sanjiang source of Qinghai famous scenic landscape of the two sets of tourism, through 1 sets of CCTV news channel, 3 sets of 4 sets of International Arts channel, channel, channel 9 sets of records, news channel 13 5 channel, "Morning News", "variety" joy, "Avenue of stars", "6+1" and other well-known columns, start up to more than 4000 times the frequency of broadcast propaganda, and domestic and foreign audiences are widely met, to attract more foreign tourists to the United States to Qinghai tourism.

it is reported that, in order to enlarge the publicity effect of investment, expand the influence of Qinghai tourism on the international market, the province has chosen a special set of 4 sets of CCTV and the turn of the show to show the colorful Qinghai original ecological beauty. At present, the CCTV program signals of the two channels have global coverage, and through access to local cable TV network, etc., to achieve a complete and effective channel landing in the global more than and 100 countries and regions as well as some foreign luxury hotel.

over the years, this year, Qinghai tourism on the internal and external propaganda is not only more intensive, and more targeted. With the CCTV broadcast a high-profile launch in Qinghai, the province is also through the door, the choice of the international metropolis of Beijing, Guangzhou and other places to carry out three-dimensional publicity. Among them, 1 January until the end of the year, "new Yushu, new homes" propaganda in the capital airport terminal two; until the end of March, intensive Qinghai many beautiful scenery in Beijing west railway station to the big screen, the metro line two, Beijing bus passenger waiting room area synchronous display. 3, in April, the United States and the United States will be a group of Qinghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Pearl River Delta and other places of marketing. (author: Zhang Lifeng)

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