if you have a monthly income of 10000 yuan, and looks very easy job, you will choose to resign entrepreneurship into the market? I am afraid that many people’s answers are negative, right? However, the hero of this article Li Jinmei but resolutely chose such a path of entrepreneurship, but also achieved a great success.

1985 was born in Hunan, Li Jinmei, Chenzhou, a mother and child care store manager. 7 years ago, just graduated from the university campus, she had a look at other people can travel, go to work is not a good job, a reporter for a travel television, monthly salary of up to two yuan. In such a small town in Chenzhou, a lot of people a year’s income is not the case. However, she suddenly chose to resign from the prolactin division.

in fact, in the hearts of Li Jinmei had an entrepreneurial dream, the biggest confusion is to choose what projects to start. Just 7 years ago, home to just hit the sister-in-law of rising milk was not bad, because Chenzhou was not a prolactin division, only 300 km away from the Changsha invited a nursing sister yuesao. Maternal and child care industry in southern Hunan blank, so she saw the dawn of entrepreneurship.

in a market research, she resigned to a well-known maternal and child care institutions in Shandong to learn, and through the company’s assessment, successy joined. By the end of 2009, Li Jinmei opened the first professional maternal and child care service in Chenzhou.

however, entrepreneurship is not as simple as imagined, especially 7 years ago in the prolactin division this industry has not been y recognized when. In order to break through this difficulty, Li Jinmei only door-to-door knock on the door, and promised no effect without a penny.

in the work of free time, she will use mobile phones to learn more knowledge of maternal and child care. She believes that only continuous learning in order to better provide customers with first-class service. After marriage, because her husband worked all year round in Shenzhen, home, the store by Li Jinmei one person. For a long time, Li Jinmei slept a few hours, the brain has not stopped.

night falls, Li Jinmei holding an umbrella to go home. Today, Li Jinmei founded his own mother and child care brand, opened a branch in Chenzhou, and in Changsha, Guangzhou also have a franchise. A few years of entrepreneurial experience, let her understand a truth, that is everything in your insistence, only willing to adhere to, willing to work hard, entrepreneurial dreams and the value of life will be achieved.

has a blank market, as long as we are good at digging, no doubt you can let this market has become the focus of their own wealth. Li Jinmei is digging into the market in Chenzhou, a blank blank, thereby investing in efforts to open their own entrepreneurial path. Of course, the success of the current market to Li Jinmei is a huge return, it is worth more people envy and learning. < recommended

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