both in Hongkong and Taiwan areas are all in mind the famous delicacy of all, one must have not been to the delicacy of two local people know that fish snack. Today we recommend is a very well-known brand of raw fish alley fishballs.

" original alley fishballs " Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral " alley fishballs Pu ".


"original alley fishballs" Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral "alley fishballs shop". The seventh generation, is now the "Gulangyu Islet original alley fishballs chain organization general manager Mr. Chen Yiwei, adhering to the ancestral craft, in secret, wrought" original alley "card shark pill, with its skin Q strong enough, fresh, crisp and delicious, sweet and juicy stuffing, soup and Wen Minghai.

both inside and outside the tunnel

How about the original

alley fishballs?


as a true representative of the Gulangyu Islet local snacks a hundred years old "original alley" fish shop, not only to ensure the pure taste, but also promote the long fish culture, and with the ancient history of Gulangyu Islet culture, cleverly combined together, to enrich the cultural connotation of Gulangyu Islet. The major domestic and foreign media have repeatedly reported the alley fishballs classic delicacy and promote Gulangyu Islet culture, carry forward the spirit of the original alley fish.

in order to further continue to carry forward the century old Gulangyu Islet, out of a combination of history and modern way to further promote, promote the development of tourism industry in Gulangyu Islet… Look interested in food and beverage industry, men and women with high ideals calls come to negotiate, seek new development characteristics of delicacy industry, create new brilliance!

The above is the simple introduction of

, the original alley fishballs to join the course, if you are on the original alley fishballs join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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