barbecue in the summer when the operation of the hot scene is obvious to everyone. More than half of the winter has passed, draw a foothold in the food and beverage market, you have to act now. If you want to open a lucrative barbecue franchise will know the ten barbecue stores have? Through a series of factors, taste characteristics, reputation, image, we combined the ten barbecue stores for your choice.

incense eight party barbecue

a hard, a harvest. In three years, the financial crisis led to the barbecue industry as a whole tends to decline under the environment, the eight party is like a barbecue incense tree in pine and cypress, crevices in rock and stubbornly stand exposed to wind and rain, and the growth of. Following the sweet eight party barbecue franchise after the establishment of the eight party in the barbecue incense Southern China, central, southwest, North China, has more than more than 2 thousand stores. Since its opening, the eight party barbecue barbecue because of its unique flavor and unique style, by the vast number of diners consistent customers. To the first half of 20011 years, the sweet side of the barbecue has become a mature, high quality, unique, strong chain enterprises, in 2010, was evaluated by the China News Agency Evaluation Center " China’s top 50 chain enterprises ".

roast emperor barbecue

baked on the imperial barbecue company made semi-finished products from raw materials procurement or processing are strict quality standards. Ten years the company always adhere to the carnivorous raw materials purchased from formal manufacturers, and conduct quality checks by the quality inspection of specialized personnel, also including peanut oil and pepper, spicy noodles, salt and other seasonings are designed according to the standard of directional production.

Xi Shi barbecue

Shi Shi barbecue stone is used in the medical stone, is a natural mineral medicine, containing human health is closely related to zinc, selenium, molybdenum, copper and other trace elements. Can meet the basic needs of human growth and development and maintain normal metabolic level.

medical stone has a strong ability to adsorb heavy metal ions, and has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria. In addition, the medical stone on the treatment of skin also has a good effect, therefore, the medical stone can not only absorb the smell of squid, squid can also increase the content of various minerals.



hi a barbecue, in the city of Liaoyang in Liaoning province hi food limited liability company, founded in 2006, the headquarters is located in the beautiful hometown of Liaoyang City, Cao Xueqin. The predecessor of 1999 is to operate a barbecue, Korean barbecue is to the characteristic point of the entity stores, with several classic Korean food items, such as: Korean barbecue boutique, Bibimbap, Korean bone soup.

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